Exciting Goings-On On Scarth St. Mall

Capt AmericaNever a dull moment in downtown Regina, it seems. I glanced out our office window just a minute ago and what should I see but two famous superheroes setting up shop on the mall. Our own in-house superhero, designer Paul “Awesome” Klassen, was dispatched to investigate, and he reported back that Captain America and Wonder Woman are promoting awareness about cystic fibrosis.

Exciting Goings-On On 19 Block Scarth!

Ohanlon patio prep-0I was out for a walk on this fine evening. It included a trip to Central Library to revisit Carol Wainio’s excellent exhibition at the Dunlop, a 20-minute bask on one of the benches by the Cenotaph in Victoria Park, and a leisurely stroll up and down Victoria Avenue from Smith St. to Broad and back.

There are still clumps of snow lingering in areas that don’t get exposed to much sunlight, but as I was sitting in Victoria Park I heard the sound of a buzz saw on the eastern edge of the park. When I investigated, I discovered a group of gentlemen hard at work outside O’Hanlon’s Pub and the Copper Kettle Restaurant.

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