Everything Is Awful

So here’s how it looks to me today: in Canada we have a government minister calling protesters “thugs and anarchists” after his government spent two billion dollars on a party for the global ruling class. In Great Britain, a new right-wing government has whacked public services in a deficit-smashing rampage. And in America, Republicans want to make it a crime to marry same-sex couples, judges say government can’t stop to deep-sea drilling and, oh, and the U.S. Supreme Court vandalized freedom of speech and freedom of association. And also, it’s apparently worse to expose military murders than it is to commit military murders.

The planet is warming, the fanatics are praying, the oceans are dying and massive resources are pissed away in pointless regional wars that make nothing better and no one safer. Things have been getting steadily worse and worse and worse for 30 years.

And it’s all Ronald Reagan’s fault.

Oh, and the days are now growing shorter.

And now I have to get ready to be on CBC radio in an hour for fun times with Chris Kirkland and Michelle Hugli. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts…

UPDATE: Now Scott Neidermeyer’s gone and retired! Arrrgh!


Just doing fact checks and edits on Rosie’s story (out Thursday) on Sask migratory birds and the BP spill, and I came across this photo of an oiled wave crashing onto an Alabama shore. You know there can’t be anything alive in there.

The photo is on several blogs but it seems to come from here, a tumblr site called the Ecoterrorist. I can’t seem to link to specific posts so you’ll have to scroll down if you want to read more.

First Frogs, Now Snakes

Aw crap. Like free-falling amphibian populations before them, several snakes — including cutey-poo ball pythons, apparently — are in trouble thanks to habitat loss and other factors. Sucks. I love the wriggling funsters. And even if you don’t (cowards) I’m sure you agree driving animals to extinction is never good. Too bad humans are so damn good at it. (Guardian)

I need another funny video to cheer me up. This was on the Onion a few weeks back. “Keen as a Whitworth”, indeed.

Semi-Literate Former Gold Prospector Given Own Cable News Show