Election 2015: Trudeau’s In The Market For Some Votes

Justin Trudeau, leader of the third-place Liberal Party, was at the Regina Farmers’ Market today, pressing palms and kissing babies (literally).

Unlike certain other party leaders <cough>StephenHarper</cough> Trudeau walked among a crowd of completely un-vetted market-goers some of whom were not even Liberal party loyalists. He then stopped in the shade of one of the plaza’s massive red light standards and, after a prepared speech which took shots at both reigning prime minister Harper and NDP leader Thomas Mulcair, Trudeau took questions from the media (who were sweltering in 30° heat).

Above is a recording of the event. Press questions start at the 12:48 mark.  He’s asked about Bill C-51 and whether he misread the public in supporting it (14:32); what he’ll do to address poverty in aboriginal communities (16:09); Nigel Wright’s testimony in the Duffy trial (18:49); what his party will do for agriculture (20:02); how the economic downturn has affected his platform (22:17); his feelings about First Nations’ education in Canada (24;48); and, if there is anything his party can do to soften the economic blow from the devaluation of the Chinese currency (26:17).

Below the fold, more pics from Trudeau’s visit.

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Getting Bribed Is Sweet, I’m SO Voting Harper This Fall*

pierep01Our family received our Universal Child Care Benefit notice yesterday. We’ve two kids — one under six — so our payout is ENORMOUS. Man, being bribed is AWESOME. I had no idea. No wonder FIFA runs on this stuff. And runs like a stallion. Do you know how much beer I can buy with the kind of scratch that’s coming my way all because I reproduced?

Friggin’ loads. Thank you, sperm.

The only disappointing thing about this UCCP mailer is that it doesn’t come with nearly enough Harper Government™ branded advertising material. Considering this payout to Canada’s breeders is costing $3 billion, I was hoping to get a foldout poster of Pierre Poilievre that I could hang on my wall.

Wotta man, that Pierre Poilievre! He’s the minister in charge of this pre-election payday and proof that there’s nothing sexier than naked, naked hypocrisy. Have you checked out his website lately? That’s a screen cap from today at the top of this blog post. But the details can be a little hard to pick out. Here, let me blow it up for you…

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