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Camping, You Liar!

Great.  It’s 6:00 and nothing happened.  Fantastic, you disturbed old fart.  Guess what!  I’m sending you a $16,000 credit card bill from last night and seven grown adults that I legally adopted this morning.  Deal...

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Apocalypse Preview: Signs

So I walked to the office this afternoon because if the world’s ending at 6:00 I need to be at my post. With just a few minutes to go, here’s where we’re sitting. First, I spoke to a couple of downtown service...

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Apocalypse Day Foliage Report

There’s some weird, shiny stuff on my tree! It’s like little beads of glass (kind of like small, clear marbles) and I have no idea how it got there. The stuff looks like water, actually, but how would water get to...

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Tribulation Reading List

According to Camping’s prediction, if the Rapture does indeed happen at 6 today, we’ll have five months of Tribulation before the world finally comes to a fiery end on October 21. Glad to have a little extra time...

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End Tunes: The Sequel

(Vancouver Bureau) Because, well, if we are going to go, we’re going to need something a little stronger than REM and Blondie. Here are ten songs no End of the World would be complete without. #1. Bill Callahan’s new...

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End Tunes: “Rapture”

Facebook users are rocking the apocalypse today. I’m guessing that the most obvious choice is REM’s repetitive and annoying “It’s the End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”. That song...

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Wakey, Wakey

Had my alarm set for 10 a.m. this morning. While I was having breakfast, I listened to a Day Six interview by Brent Bambury on CBC Radio with academic Nicholas Guyatt who in 2007 wrote a book called Have A Nice Doomsday: Why...

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AParkCafeolypse Update From Saskatoon

If you were in Saskatoon, and were having your last supper, you might choose Park Cafe. I did and it was sinfully awesome. Yep, the legendary Park Burger was my swan song meal. I’m happy that the last food I tasted consisted of...

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How’s New Zealand Doing?

If you’ve been following all your recent Rapture lore, New Zealand was supposed to be the first one hit. Yep, after the righteous were zipped up to Heaven, leaving clothes or Bibles or whatever else they had on their...

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