REVIEW: Jurassic World, Or Capitalism At Its Wildest

Guys, guys, GUYS! Be cool.
Guys, guys, GUYS! Be cool.

Jurassic World’s intention to be more like the original wasn’t just words thrown lightly in the heat of promotion. There  are Spielbergian overtones all over this film, not to mention a pro-science agenda and certain contempt for corporations.

Indeed, Jurassic World easily stands above the third movie and gives The Lost World a run for its money, at least in subtext (a below-average Spielberg movie is still a Spielberg movie). But among the achievements there are a number of shortcomings that make the outcome somewhat uneven.

Built over the remains of John Hammond’s original vision, Jurassic World is very much like Disneyland, including insanely long lines, extreme merchandising and teens more interested in their smartphones than in dinosaurs walking the Earth for the first time in 65 million years.

With revenues dwindling and the wonder fading, InGen powers-to-be come up with an insanely short-sighted strategy: Create a new dinosaur with DNA of different species. The outcome –Indominus rex- is different all right: A creature capable of outsmarting its handlers and anxious to find its place in the pecking order. Spoiler alert: It’s pretty high. Continue reading “REVIEW: Jurassic World, Or Capitalism At Its Wildest”

Free Willysaurus!

You know those Disney-style animal movies about the unlikely adventures of a lost li’l bear or a brave orphan raccoon or an otter with a chip on its shoulder or a flock of sheep with a lust for violence… okay, scratch that one. But you know the type of movie? Those animal movies so drenched with oppressive sentimental moments that even stony-hearted toughsters tear-up when things look the most bleak for the furry hero? Well, there’s going to be one with with dinosaurs, and it just got a new trailer.

Go, little, uh, whatevertheceratops, go! (sob)