The Best Of Food & Drink Final Ballot Is Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!

bof2014-bgWhat it says up there! From now until May 1, you can vote for your favourite candidates in 80 categories including Best Restaurant, Best Pizza, Best Server and of course the ever-popular Best Place For A Wicked Bender. Everything’s multiple choice, based on your nominations from the last round of voting. Multiple choice = so easy!

So register, vote, log in again and change your votes if you like! And, a bonus: one lucky voter will win $500 in gift certificates to some of these places!

And if you’re a candidate? Promote yourself with these handy graphics and posters!

Let’s do this thing and showcase the always-growing, ever-evolving Regina  drinking and dining scene!

Best Of Food & Drink 2014! It’s on!

Best Of Food 2014 Nomination Round: You Have Less Than Two Days!

Best Of Food 2014 logo

HEY! The Best Of Food 2014 nomination round, a.k.a. B.O.F. round one,  closes Monday at 5:00 p.m., SHARP! That means you’re running out of time to nominate your favourite local restaurants, meals, pubs, industry people and miscellaneous other delightful food-related things!

And you SHOULD nominate delightful food-related things! Because you LIKE food, right? You support local businesses, right? Of course you do! So go here and type in the names of these places, food people and meals you adore!

Yay for Regina restaurants!

You don’t have to fill the whole form out, but if you could hit at least 20 or 30 categories, that’d be great!

The top nominees will go on the multiple choice final ballot, which goes live Thursday. If your favourite place isn’t nominated, it obviously won’t be on the ballot! So make sure it is! Nominate it! Tell your friends to nominate it! Force your family to nominate it! Make the whole world nominate it!

Just nominate it, for goodness’ sake!

And hurry! There are only 32 hours left!

Best Of Food 2014: It Puts The Noms In Nomination!

nominate-me-200Hello, fellow food fans! Best of Food’s first-ever nomination round is open and Prairie Dog needs you to vote for your favourite Regina restaurants, menu items, places to drink and food industry people. Between three and five of the top vote-getters in every category will go on to the final round, so if you like a place, support it!

Cast your nomination votes here!

Any questions? Yes, you in the plastic “Spider-Man” bib:

I don’t understand any of this. What’s this nomination round?

Sigh. Okay, you know how the NHL has a regular season and the playoffs? This is the regular season. The top vote getters will go on to the Best Of Food  playoffs.

Okay, I sort of get that. How do we do this again?

Click here and all will be explained. It’s fun and easy! Continue reading “Best Of Food 2014: It Puts The Noms In Nomination!”

Scheming Calgary Developers And Regina

Everyone needs to see last night’s news report by Global Calgary about that city’s developers plotting to buy influence with (actually, total control of) City Hall. Really, the only thing surprising about this is that it was caught on tape, because meetings like this, where wealthy and well-organized individuals discuss controlling democratic institutions, surely occur all the time.

The question for Reginans: is this happening here? Well, I can’t think of a significant instance since Dechene started covering City Hall where our council voted against the interests of property owners and developers. In fact, our city council’s collective position seems to be that property owner and developer interests ARE Regina’s interests. This is of course nonsense. Sometimes they are and sometimes they certainly are not.

I do know that a lot of really good people are no longer with our City’s civil service–people like Bob Bjerke, suspiciously fired in 2011, who enforced city policies rather than signing off on whatever developers wanted, when they wanted it, whether it benefited the city or not.

Maybe it’s time for Regina’s amateur secret agents to shoot some video of our business community’s closed-door meetings.