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Neige Bleue

The title of this dance work translates as Blue Snow. It’s choreographed by Montreal artist Tony Chong, and will be performed by Chong and Carol Prieur at New Dance Horizons (2207 Harvey St.) on Sunday, July 6 at 6:30 p.m....

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Sara Riel: A Journey

Inspired by the life of Louis Riel’s sister Sara (pictured), this dance performance is being co-presented by New Dance Horizons and Compaigni V’ni Dansi as part of NDH’s House of Dance series. Born in St. Boniface,...

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The Listener

This is being presented by the Regina Symphony Orchestra. It’s billed as a family concert, and joining the RSO under guest conductor Alan Denike will be the Magic Circle Mime Company. The company is based in the U.S., and...

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Music Of The Ballet

Some of the most famous compositions in classical music aren’t necessarily most familiar to audiences through their performance in a symphony setting. Instead, they’re best known as part of larger operas or choral...

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Colleen Murphy

Quebec-born, northern Ontario-raised playwright, screenwriter and director Colleen Murphy is in town for two literary events in the next week. The first is Talking Fresh 12 which the Saskatchewan Writers Guild is hosting at the...

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Happy Family Day

We’re stuck in the office today doing production on our next issue which hits the streets Feb. 20. But if you’re looking for something to do to celebrate Family Day you could do worse than to check out stuff that...

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Shumka At 50

Described recently by the Globe & Mail as the Ukrainian version of Riverdance, this Edmonton-based dance troupe is on a 50th anniversary tour. While the troupe has a healthy respect for traditional folk music and dance from...

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Prairie Dance Circuit

The Prairie Dance Circuit has been around for a few years. It’s designed to help dance companies in remote prairie locations pool resources to share performances and help dancers and choreographers tour new work outside...

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Romeo + Juliet

Later this month a touring production of the Broadway musical West Side Story will be playing at Conexus Arts Centre. While it’s set in 1950s New York, the story itself, which focuses on the star-crossed lovers Tony and...

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Pick Of The Day: Extreme Gold

FadaDance was voted Best Dance Studio in our 2013 Best of Regina Reader’s Poll. Apart from the work the three principals (Misty Wensel, Heather Cameron and Fran Gilboy) do in the studio, and at various festivals around...

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Silver Bells Ball

This is a co-production of the Regina Ballroom Dancing Club and Regina Jazz Society. It goes at the Conexus Arts Centre on Dec. 14. Ordinarily, we’d have listed it in the 14 Days section of our Dec. 12 issue. But the...

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