Plaza Report: March 13, 1:04 PM

Here’s a shot of the plaza taken just after the lunch hour. I’m standing on the melting skating rink, facing west. There aren’t very many people on the rink let alone the plaza. No cars, either. Also, I note that the classy white and green trim wooden shack has been removed. It was still there Sunday but it’s not there now.

Those are my observations.

Plaza Report: Friday, March 9, 4:10 PM

Here’s what our beautiful plaza looked like a few minutes ago. Note how bustling with pedestrian activity it is! Surely it’s madness to even consider opening it to vehicle traffic part time when its so clearly needed for pedestrians, buskers, performers and whatnot, 24/7.

Why, where would people even walk if there were vehicles driving on the small portion of the plaza intended for them? On the rest of the plaza? I can’t imagine how that would work.