Friday Afternoon Licky: First Lick

Yesterday, Jimmy Fallon posted a parody of that clothing commercial posing as a viral video. You know the one: it’s got models kissing each other. Anyway, Fallon’s Tonight Show team made their own version. Except instead of clothes there’s fur, and instead of kissing there’s licking.

Here it is. Have a great weekend!

Friday Afternoon Kitty: Too Many Kittens!

The Regina Humane Society has a kitten crisis! Kittens everywhere! Kittens up the wazoo! What can YOU do?

whack a kitten

Record kitten

Kitten with hat

NOOOOO! Better idea! Adopt one!

And this weekend, adoption fees have been lowered to $50! From the Humane Society’s website:

 For the second time in a month, the RHS is at capacity due to an overwhelming number of kittens which have been surrendered or abandoned at its doors. The Society is appealing to the public for help to find homes for the over 113 kittens currently in its care.

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (September 27, 28 and 29) the RHS hopes to find as many homes as possible to ensure kittens don’t face an uncertain future. To encourage as many adoptions as possible, the RHS is reducing the Adoption Fee on all felines, including kittens, to only $50.

Quick! Hurry!

Cat scamble

KITTENS! They’re waiting for you!

Need Some Cheering Up About The State Of The World Tonight? Don’t Read This.

Why, why, why do I read depressing things after sunset? From Vice, which at some point apparently assembled a collection of interesting writers (Greg Palast?!?!), comes this jolly confection:

Recent data seems to suggest that we may have already tripped several irrevocable, non-linear, positive feedback loops (melting of permafrost, methane hydrates, and arctic sea ice) that make an average global temperature increase of only 2°C by 2100 seem like a fairy tale. Instead, we’re talking 4°C, 6°C, 10°C, 16°C (????????) here. The link between rapid climate change and human extinction is basically this: the planet becomes uninhabitable by humans if the average temperature goes up by 4-6°C. It doesn’t sound like a lot because we’re used to the temperature changing 15°C overnight, but the thing that is not mentioned enough is that even a 2-3°C average increase would give us temperatures that regularly surpass 40°C (104°F) in North America and Europe, and soar even higher near the equator. Human bodies start to break down after six hours at a wet-bulb (100% humidity) temperature of 35°C (95°F). This makes the 2003 heat wave in Europe that killed over 70,000 people seem like not a very big deal. Factoring in the increase we’re already seeing in heat waves, droughts, wildfires, massive storms, food and water shortages, deforestation, ocean acidification, and sea level rise some are seeing the writing on the wall:

We’re all gonna die!

The article’s called “Some Credible Scientists Believe Humanity Is Verrrrrry Close To Destruction”. And this horrible, awful, terrifying piece reminded me of a couple of other stories I’ve read in the last few years.

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