DA: Cat Vs. Wigs

Daily AggregationGood morning Regina! Holy snickerdoodle, it’s gonna get up to 16°C today. Don’t know about beer (I have a cold) but that’s patio weather that can’t be missed. The sun was up lonnng before I was awake (6:23 a.m.) and it will set lonnng before I’m asleep (7:39 p.m.) for a total of 13 hours and 16 minutes of vampireless frolic-time. It’s 13°C right now. Onward to news.

1. BEYAK BOUNCED, BUDDIES BITTER A Conservative senator who praised Canada’s residential death camps schools was punted from the Senate’s Aboriginal People’s committee. Fortunately for her, her colleagues have her back, with one calling reporters “parasites” then denying he used the word despite being caught on camera. Think it’s time political parties start disciplining their politicians for blatant lying and media-bashing. Actually, I’m pretty sure the other parties would.

2. NORTH BATTLEFORD BOUSHIE RALLY As Gerald Stanley’s preliminary hearing continues wraps up with the news he’s going to trial, the family of the young man Stanley shot in the head (according to this Globe And Mail story) called for justice. This is a few days after a Regina protest against the Saskatchewan Association Of Rural Municipalities dangerous call for American-style self-defence laws, which get people killed.

3. DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’VE GOT TILL IT’S GONE Saskatchewan firefighters have been asked by their professional association to boycott the 2018 firefighters calendar. Too little money raised.

4. ONLY REPUBLICAN SUPREME COURT PICKS ALLOWED IN AMERICA The Republican-controlled Senate that blocked a Democratic president’s nominee changed the rules to get its own shitty nominee through. Fuckers.

5. DO NOT MOCK GLORIOUS LEADER! There’s two types of people in this world: those who support dictators and those who oppose ’em. Way too many of the former in Russia, which is why crap like this is tolerated. Speaking of Russia, Gwynne Dyer’s latest column is great and you should read it if you haven’t.

6. SPEAKING OF RUSSIAN HOMOPHOBES Genocide in progress in Chechnya.

MORE LIKE HAIR-U Remember the box-loving cat Maru, from, um, the Internet? He’s up to new shenanigans and it’s adorable.

Daily Aggregation: FAK Returns!

daily-aggregation-21. A CROSS-COUNTRY NEWS JAMBOREE Quebec has the measles, former Conservative MP Vic Toews might have a scandal, a federal Conservative is acting all retro witch-hunty but instead of bashing commies she’s flinging McCarthy-style slime at Muslims and the RCMP are going after the Ontario Provincial Police Association for a bunch of alleged crooked-ass shit. In unrelated news science has discovered fossils of ancient human-sized lobster-like things.

2. HOUSE PRICES ARE COMING DOWN Well, there’s a big, hairy hock and a half.

3. UNEMPLOYMENT IS UP IN SASKATCHEWAN The province’s economic tide ebbs. Ebbs, I say. Well technically not me but Stats Canada.

4. SASKATOON ALSO LIKES DESTROYING HERITAGE People in the province are totally nuts. Are the business/libertarian/conservative types that wreck heritage buildings scared there’s socialism in beautiful old bricks?

5. GLOBAL NEWS TSUNAMI Global CO2 emissions stalled last year (!!!), Ikea closes its Russian website because Russia’s gone all bigoty, Germany says it’s not feuding with Greece, I don’t even want to write about this Middle Eastern horror and A PENIS HAS BEEN TRANSPLANTED. Also, Jupiter’s moon Ganymede has an underground ocean which could mean IT’S ALIIIIVE, IT LIIIIIVES.

FRIDAY AFTERNOON KITTY! Jeez I couldn’t even tell you when the last time I put one of these up was. Another Whitworth failure. Classic. Well, let’s get back on the horse.

Friday Afternoon Kitty: Green Day

Dog Blog commentator C Says… writes:

“Dressler’s back, there’s a game in town this weekend, EVERYONE will be wearing green or talking about it for the next four days. So, today’s Friday Afternoon Kitty really needs to be about Watermelons, and cats, don’t you think?!”

I think “sure.”

C Says… also sent a link to an old Buzzfeed post about cats fighting watermelons. Check it out. And have a good weekend!

Friday Afternoon Kitty: World Cat Day

Huh, it’s International Cat Day. Who knew? Buzzfeed has “purritos”, Canoe has a run-down of Internet cats, The Guardian talks about cats in this piece about Russia’s war on bloggers, Wired explains how cats can hack Wi-Fi networks, Boing Boing has a scary cat video, The International Business Times has a list of cartoon cats,   the Columbus Dispatch has cats terrorizing dogs, Bored Panda has a bunch of stuff, Big Cat Rescue has cute cougars  and we need a video, don’t we? And it should have music because the Folk Festival is on right now! Okay, uh, that’s an awkward segue, but how’s this?

One more thing: the Regina Humane Society has its Just For Cats festival tomorrow, in support of, yes, obviously, cats. Check it out.

Happy International Cat Day!

Daily Aggregation Double-Shot Featuring Friday Afternoon Kitty!

daily-aggregation-21. THE EVIL HAS LANDED Peter LaBarbera of the crackpot organization/designated hate group Americans For Truth About Homosexuality has, after initially being blocked from entering Canada, been permitted to bring his abominable, crazy and anachronistic ideas into our country. Yes, LaBarbera will speak at a crackpot, fundamentalist Christian convention in Weyburn this weekend. He wants a “civil debate” about stripping rights away from people because he has a religious objection to their sexual orientation. Uh huh. You know what? I’m okay with this. While the initial decision to bar LaBarbera’s entry is defensible on the grounds that his insane, unfactual ideas promote hatred against and discrimination toward an identifiable minority group that has been and still is targeted for violence, it’s kind of great for sane people to be able to see just how loony the conservative religious extremist, antigay and anti-abortion really movements are. By all means, give the anal-sex-obsessed conservative the microphone and let him hang himself. At this point in history, the LGBT movement and its allies (ahem!) are strong enough to counter such stupidity.

Might be more on the blog on this topic this weekend.

2. STANDARDIZED TESTING IS DEAD, DEAD, DEAD The Saskatchewan government listened to critics who brought their expertise to bear against this plan. Good for the government! [salutes]

3. “GIVE UKRAINE MONEY”: U.S.A. What it says.

4. A STATE FUNERAL FOR JIM FLAHERTY Story here. Read some compassionate thoughts on Flaherty and his legacy by people who think his politics stunk here and here. Though he was probably among the best of a bad lot in our horrible federal government, I’ll let the bankers and Bay Streeters mourn him. I’m busy sympathizing with the 600 CBCers who’ll lose their jobs thanks to his 2012 budget.

5. FRESH ‘N’ SWEET TELEVISION A well-reviewed downtown awesomesauce restaurant is on the Food Network tonight!

6. RYAN SMYTH RETIRES A beloved, awesome NHLer and a real old-time hockey lunk (in a good way) hangs up the skates.


FRIDAY AFTERNOON KITTY: BANECAT WILL BREAK YOU! Have a great weekend! Don’t be an ignorant bigot!

Friday Afternoon Kitty: Cat Engineering 2.0

“The purpose of this presentation is to expand an earlier tutorial for the general public and engineers about cats. These days, cats remain as popular as ever. They have nearly taken over the interwebs and are amongst the most distracting forces of productivity the world has ever seen. Many of of viewers have expressed the joy of bringing a cat into their life, and T.J. has joined the cause by adopting a cat named Sweet William The Furst.”

Much more, including details on Sweet William’s “unique optical anatomy”, below.

More fun from these guys here.