Six In The Morning: Guns, G8 Court Date, Happy Cute Bears

Prairie dog’s news aggregation post on Monday, August 23. Topics include the long gun registry, G8 protester court hearings and cute, friendly bears that the BC government wants to murder.

1 POTASH CORPORATION FORMALLY REJECTS TAKEOVER BID Read all about it (Leader-Post). They’re even talking about it on the Current on CBC national radio this morning. This post won’t make it up in time for me to give you a link but I’m sure there will be a podcast online later (CBC).

2 THE COPS WANT TO KEEP THE LONG GUN REGISTRY What do so many supposedly good Canadians who own firearms have against the police, I wonder? Maybe they have something to hide? Or maybe on this one topic, gun owners are completely fucking batshit wacky–so insane that they’ll even betray their presumed “law and order” values. (CBC)

3 EVERYBODY IN THE COURTROOM Hundreds of people–303 to be precise–have their day in court for heinous G8 protest crimes like wearing too many black clothes and having whistles and multi-tools (presumably a swiss army knife) in their backpacks. (Toronto Star)

4 GOVERNMENT WILL MATCH PAKISTAN FLOOD DONATIONS Well, good! (Globe And Mail) You can donate here (Oxfam).

5 BC MIGHT SENTENCE HAPPY, FRIENDLY POT-FIELD BEARS TO DEATH Surprisingly, when a government says it might murder cute bears, animal lovers blow 968 kinds of gaskets. (CP/Winnipeg Free Press)

6 WIKILEAKS MASTERMIND TRASHED BY INTERNET RUMOURS SAYING HE’S A RAPIST Weird. No, he’s not a rapist. But it sounds like it might not even be a CIA-orchestrated smear job. Regardless, if he’s refusing to use condoms he’s definitely a douche. (Guardian)

Zombie Vs Shark

Normally I don’t like to repost cool videos I’ve found on other people’s blogs — I prefer to greedily hoard them —  but yesterday was Zombie Day on Scienceblogs and PZ Myers of Pharyngula (one of my favourite bloggers) posted this video that is made of so many different sorts of grisly awesome I had to share…

Does anyone know where this clip is from? (Shane…..?)

UPDATE: Whitworth here. Called Shane (our film listings guy who knows everything). Shane says the movie is Zombie. It’s an unofficial Italian sequel to Dawn of the Dead. It’s quite gross say those who’ve seen it. Naturally I know at least two people who own it on DVD.

Here’s the link on the Internet Movie Database.

Your Comparatively Crappy Life

Take a moment to look back on your life and reflect on the happiest moments you’ve ever had. Done? Good. Because even if you are destined for future moments that will be thrice as happy as those in the past, it will all still pale when compared to the happiness of this pup:

Look at that little guy go! He’s missing 3/4 of his legs, but does that keep him from dancing? Goodness, no! And he’s that excited about dog food!

Dog food is the thing domestic dogs are supposed to eat. It’s got all the nutrients they need to be happy. Oh, and contrary to what the dog food ads would have you believe, dog food isn’t even sweet or tasty (trust me). It’s practically health food for dogs.

Have you ever been that excited over a bran muffin? Be honest.

Have you made the right decisions in your life? This dog has.

Do you feel like dancing a bit now? You should. It’s ok. It’s perfectly natural.

Shat’s In The House! Salmon-Farming Klingons, GTFO!

Collapsing populations of wild salmon in British Columbia have a new ally: Captain James T. Kirk. The Mighty Shat has loaned his photon-torpedo bright star power to an NDP private member’s bill that seeks to end the risk offshore salmon farms poses to the wild fish. From the Canadian Press/Globe And Mail:

Fin* Donnelly, the federal New Democrat Fisheries and Oceans critic, introduced a private member’s bill last month that would force fish farm operators to move from open nets along the B.C. coast to closed-containment systems.

Mr. Shatner joined Mr. Donnelly on a conference call Thursday in which he urged Canadians to prevent their precious resources from being destroyed.

“As a father and a grandfather [it’s my] wish that my offspring live to see the same things I did, the wildlife and the wilderness,” said Mr. Shatner, who dialed into the teleconference from Los Angeles.

Full story here. Naturally the salmon industry is all like, “maach glauch ruhh salmon cha!” which is Klingon for “we shall destroy the salmon-hugging sissies!” Yeah guys, whatever. We took you down at Archer IV, we’ll take you down here.

*Weirdly, there is also someone in the story named Ruth Salmon. Funny name for a Klingon!

First Frogs, Now Snakes

Aw crap. Like free-falling amphibian populations before them, several snakes — including cutey-poo ball pythons, apparently — are in trouble thanks to habitat loss and other factors. Sucks. I love the wriggling funsters. And even if you don’t (cowards) I’m sure you agree driving animals to extinction is never good. Too bad humans are so damn good at it. (Guardian)

I need another funny video to cheer me up. This was on the Onion a few weeks back. “Keen as a Whitworth”, indeed.

Semi-Literate Former Gold Prospector Given Own Cable News Show

Warning: This Picture is Going to Bitch Slap Your Psyche

As a little girl, I had two guinea pigs, Yum Yum and Muy Muy. My cat Max used to spend his days in the cage with them in the summer when it was outside. It was one of those big, round cornerd, half-clear plastic things with a hole in the top. Max, a very large though seemingly boneless tabby cat, would plaster himself along one side and watch the pigs as they ate and bumped into each other and purred and did their thing. Every once and a while, they would drift over to his side of the cage and bump into him. At this point he couldn’t resist and he would grab one, roll on his back and kind of pretend-gum her to death, then let her go, then everyone would go back to their corner. The guinea pigs were sweet and trusting and had a very short attention span, sort of like goldfish are supposed to have: “Hey, look at the castle!” “Hey, look at the castle!” For them, it must have been “Hey, there’s Max!” “Hey, there’s Max!” Max knew he wasn’t allowed to eat them, so this scenario would repeat itself over and over again all summer long.

So when I saw this picture I just about booked a ticket to Edmonton on the spot. A whole herd of guinea pigs! As Steve would say, Squee!

Except for they’re dead. (CBC)

Sssunday Afternoon Sssssss

There are three kinds of people: 1.) indifferent to snakes 2.) scared of/hate snakes 3.) love the smiling, slithery funsters. Guess which I am. Here’s what Sunday looks like if you’re me and fooling around with the new camera.

More photos after the jump. Apologies to the poor snake-phobics, but sometimes a guy’s gotta fly his freak flag. My freak flag has snakes. Friendly, friendly snakes.

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I was wondering what happened to Bill Murray recently …

… but I don’t remember seeing this scene in Groundhog Day (WTOP):

PUNXSUTAWNEY, Pa. (AP) – Police say they charged a Pennsylvania man with public drunkenness after he was seen trying to resuscitate a long-dead opossum along a highway.

State police Trooper Jamie Levier says several witnesses saw 55-year-old Donald Wolfe, of Brookville, near the animal Thursday along Route 36 in Oliver Township, about 65 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

Friday Afternoon Puppy

Cats? Really? You know that if you die, they’ll eat you, right?

Dogs. Now there are noble, brave and loyal creatures. As witnessed by this video from a highway security camera in Chile several months ago.

Warning: I’m a grouchy, crusty old man. I cried a little bit the first time I saw this.

Cats. They’re OK. But give me a dog any day.