Win Tickets To Fan Expo Regina!

Deanna TroiHey! Prairie Dog is ridiculously pleased to be giving away tickets to this weekend’s Fan Expo Regina! You can win one of four pairs of Sunday passes over on our Facebook page!  But if that’s not enough for you, we’ve saved our best ticket packages for Dog Blog readers!

Here’s what we’re giving away:

ONE (1) SATURDAY FAMILY PACK! Day passes for two adults; two children and VIP seating VIP seating at The Walking Dead IronE Singleton Q&A Panel

ONE (1) SUNDAY FAMILY PACK! Sunday day passes for two adults; two children and VIP seating at Star Wars RayPark Q&A Panel!


That’s a total of FOUR (4) prizes for FOUR (4) lucky winners! Woo!

Want to win one of these three prizes? Make up a Regina superhero or supervillain! Describe them to us in the comments — their name, costume and powers! Also, tell us which prize package you’re entering for! We’ll pick four winners at random.


Contest closes at 3:30. GO!

UPDATE: I will e-mail winners (at the e-mail address you logged in with) after 3:30. PLEASE be ready to e-mail me back ASAP!

Rob Ford Resigns, Dies Or Gets Arrested Official Pool Update

rob-fordIn case anyone’s wondering, Peakay and Aquarabbit have been eliminated from the two-week pool because their time slots passed without Ford resigning or dying. Still alive: April Bee, commentator Brad, Paul Dechene and John Cameron. I’m hanging in too but only because I bought the “Rob Ford Gets Arrested” bonus square.

Frankly, and I don’t like typing this, it’s looking pretty good for Cameron right now. He was smart to bid high on the “Ford Lasts More Than Two Weeks” bonus square.

In other Canada’s shittiest mayor news, Ford just hired his radio producer to work for him in the resignation-plagued mayor’s office. Relevant career skills include DJ-ing and being a lifeguard.

Best Of Food: Give Me Kimchi Or Give Me Death

Best of Food 2013April is the polling month for the epic democratic nonsense that is Prairie Dog’s annual Best Of Food reader’s poll! Pick up a copy of the latest ‘Dog for a list of the categories, or just head here to vote for your favourite restaurants, meals, bars and pubs, and food people right now! The more votes we get, the more fun and meaningful the results will be.

I’m so excited about Best Of Food 2013 that I’m going to showcase one category every day until voting ends next week. Today’s spotlight is a new category in 2013: Best Korean Restaurant!

Who would’ve thought that in 2013 we’d have enough Korean restaurants, and restaurants serving Korean dishes, to justify a vote for the best one? Not I! And yet here we are: we’ve got, that I’m aware of, Korea House, Life Is Good Korean BBQ, Orange Izakaya, Sake and Miso all either dedicated to Korean cuisine or at least serving some great dishes (there’s a Korean salad at Miso that’s pretty darn yummy). So if you crave bibimbap (who doesn’t?) or lust for kimchi (I do!), Regina now has you functionally covered.

And yet, we must know: what is Regina’s Best Korean Restaurant? Go forth and vote!

Thursday Night Loaded: Win A Cocktail Book And DVD!

Maybe it’s all the prairie dog birthday excitement inspiring me but for Thursday Night Loaded number 38 (that’s right, there are 37 posts worth of boozy wisdom on the blog right now), I thought it was about time I gave something away.

So I’m running a contest. And if it goes well, there may be more.

Up for grabs, a Complete Cocktails boxset. It includes a 64-page, spiral bound cocktail book by master bartender Sebastian Reaburn and a DVD featuring over an hour of mixological marvelry.

All this can be yours. And all you have to do is identify the sound clip below. Who is speaking and where does the clip come from?

The first person to post the right answer in the comments wins the cocktail boxset.

MysteryCocktailClip by Paul Dechene

To be honest, I’m worried this will be too easy but there it is. And remember, I’m looking for a two part answer, Who is speaking and where does the clip come from?

Wednesday A.M. Threesome: Polls, Prizes & Shirts

Attention please!

1.) If you missed it, there’s a new poll on our site. The question is “What should be done with Canada’s pension plan.” Yeah I know, real original. Well they can’t all be airport gropes. Besides the Canada Pension Plan is very important and I’ll bet money most Canadians would choose to have their deductions go up slightly to keep them out of poverty as seniors. So go vote! Or better yet, go vote and then contact your MLA and share your concerns.

2.) We have a contest running on the blog for a mystery prize (it’s a mystery to me, too!) In a nutshell, we got a letter from someone suggesting that, since one of our articles didn’t blatantly give free promotion to local shops, ‘well then maybe local Regina businesses shouldn’t advertise in prairie dog, so there!’ Here’s the direct link. You should enter to win whatever this prize will be. I’ll get something that’s not too stupid, probably from a local store that advertises because that’s funny.

3.) Hey if you want to give someone a prairie dog T-shirt for Christmas you’re running out of time! Our tees — designed by News Quirks illustrator Myron Campbell and beautifully printed on premium shirts by FloPrint’s rock and roll silkscreen commandos — may be purchased in our office today and Thursday (1-5 p.m.) and after that we’re closed up! (Well, I’ll be lurking but I won’t be answering the buzzer.) We’ve still got lots of tees left! (And of course, shirts are also available at the good ol’  Novia Cafe.)

Just look! So! Many! Pretty! Colours!

The Reverse Latte Factor

Anyone need some Monday morning coffee? We’ve got a contest running over on our Facebook page to win a couple bags of premium beans. The story: I buy coffee a couple times a day. Financial planners warn you against this. Financial planner David Bach, who owns the registered trademark “Latte Factor”, points out that the money you spend on things like coffee adds up over the years — and if you invested some of that cash instead of drinking it you could become rich. I have a counter-proposal: buy coffee every day and keep the change. Do this for a few years. Count it, roll it and deposit it. Use it to pay off your credit card, which you recently used to buy a fancy camera. Invest nothing. Drink coffee.

(Optional: take some pictures of snakes with that camera. Post them on your magazine’s blog, thus confusing your enemies.)

Before I rolled it, I a took a photo of my coffee change. On Friday, Terry (Morash, our publisher) posted the picture on our Facebook page. Guess how much change is in those six jars, and you could win coffee. Delicious, delicious coffee.

That is all.