Merry Christmas!

On behalf of everyone at Prairie Dog, I wish you all a terrific day filled with people and activities you love. Special extra-fond holiday wishes to our regular commentators: Barb, Brad, Chad, Ron, Dawn, Baby with a Blowtorch, Bronymous, Talbot Fresh, Jr., Cowardly Lion, MB, PC, Rusty, Riandras, Reader, Regina Mom, Anonymusses, Indy 500, anyone I forgot, and Brian and Seanbot (if you two are still out there). You guys are Heroes of Public Discourse and I hope Santa brings you extra-special presents this year.

Here’s Tim Minchin’s “White Wine In The Sun.” It’s smart, secular, pleasingly preachy and absolutely beautiful — truly one one of the great Christmas songs. Posting it has become one of my favourite annual Dog Blog traditions.

Got My Kringle Showing

Merry Xmas, Regina. I’ve been in Edmonton for the last couple weeks and tonight I’m alternating Aperol (red) and Chartreuse (green), hoping that by doubling up on my digestifs I’ll offset the damage all this holiday overeating’s done to my belly.

I’ve also been programming the music for the Dechene family Xmas Eve and this track by Dressy Bessy didn’t go over so well with the folks but I like it.

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A Christmas Playlist

In the latest issue, I put together “The Ultimate Holiday-Themed End-of-the-World Playlist” (which I’d actually titled “The Ultimate End-of-the-World-Themed Holiday Playlist” but Steve changed it). In fact, it’s a selection of the Christmas music I was playing already and I just slapped an apocalypse skin on top of it.

And seeing as it’s the holiday home stretch, I thought I’d post it here….

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After the jump, the track listing and a whole bunch of 70s neckbeard.
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