Fewer Than Half Of Us Voted For The Blue Meanies

Blue Meanies-2
Ha ha ha, you suck Meanies

The Conservatives didn’t win the country 24 hours ago but they DID win Saskatchewan: 10 out of 14 ridings (71.4 per cent) and 48.5 per cent of the popular vote. Gross. The good news? That 48.5 per cent is DOWN from the Conservatives’ 2011 win, where the party got a nauseating 56.26 per cent of the popular vote. So that’s good. Fewer than half of us voted for the nasty blue meanies this time.

A couple other observations: NDP support dropped to 25.1 per cent from 32.32 in 2011, while the Liberals went up (big shock) to 23.9 per cent, a huge jump from their 8.57 per cent 2011 popular vote. Goodale led the charge with 23,562 votes for 55.2 per cent — waaay up from 15,842 votes and 40.85 per cent in 2011.

Also, our first past the post system sucked again, giving one party almost 3/4 of the seats for less than half the support.

I got my numbers from Elections Canada and from our (hopefully now semi-safe from political attack) public broadcaster’s 2011 election coverage. Check out the links and leave your observations in the comments if you like.

What’s A Very Catchy Song? Harperman, Harperman

Harperman event 2
Whose pals pee in your coffee mugs? Harperman’s, Harperman’s

This afternoon a cheerful bunch of Reginans joined Harper critics across the country for an exuberant sing-along of “Harperman”, suspended Environment Canada scientist Tony Turner’s anti-Conservative protest song. While “Harperman” is a little folksy for my taste, damned if it wasn’t charming to watch happy people sing it.

Besides, the song makes valid points. Stephen Harper does squash dissent, slash CBC budgets, harass scientists, ignore the seriousness of climate change and a whole lot more (although contrary to “Harperman’s” assertion, he didn’t gerrymander any ridings in Saskatchewan — although you may recall conservative electoral boundary commissioner David Marit quite rudely stuck up for his Conservative teammates at the expense of Sask voters). The fact is, Stephen Harper is a terrible, malicious prime minister (the idiotic opinions of a certain retired hockey player notwithstanding), and I have a hard time imagining anyone with a heart not enjoying today’s event.

One thing I thought of while I watched videos of the Harperman protests in other cities: it’s high time we see some great, contemporary graphic design at protest rallies. Unfortunately I rarely do. Too often, Canada’s lovable lefties sling around half-assed, badly designed/lazily hand-drawn signs. Where’s the good graphic design? The Canadian left needs to up its pamphlet/poster/placard game, big time if they really want to change hearts and minds.

Might be a start if some of the bigger trade unions hired top-flight staff designers. And on their end, great Canadian graphic designers/artists  should sometimes volunteer their work for political causes. I mean, unless they all support the Conservatives.