Not To Be A Nag Or Anything, But…

Have you voted in Best Of Food yet? The poll closes Friday at noon. It’s fun and you should do it, unless you hate food. Also, there’s a decent bribe: one lucky Best Of Fooder will win $500 worth of Regina food and restaurant-related prizes. In the past we’ve given out gift certificates to restaurants like Michi, The Fireside, La Bodega, the Free House… good stuff, people, good stuff. You want a shot at this action, trust me. Vote!

Best Of Food: Polls Are Now Open!

It’s March and that means three very important things: Spring is almost here, St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and prairie dog’s Best Of Food is back! Click here or on the rectangular red rectangle at the top of the page to go to the ballot (you’ll have to log in or set up an account, which is easy to do). Scroll down, read the categories, think about the food industry people and places you like and, when you’re ready, vote! But DON’T RUSH, because there are no do-overs once you hit “submit”!

But don’t put it off forever, either — you don’t want to miss out on a chance to win a prize worth $500. No you don’t.

(I’ve heard rumours there might be surprise bonus prizes awarded ¬†over the next three weeks, too — so make sure you’re registered!).

Best Of Food! It’s back! Have fun! Enjoy the democracy! Voting ends at noon March 23.