DA: B.A.!

Daily AggregationGood afternoon! As I pressed the shiny, green “publish” button on this post it was 14°C. As for the forecast, you probably have an idea what it’s like out at this point, but in case you got out of bed at noon too: in the Second Age, the gnarled oracles of Atalantë foretold today’s high to be, well 14°C I guess, with a -2 low that, fortunately, is long behind us. The sun rose at 5:40 a.m. and we’ll bask in its cloud-filtered luminescence until 8:12 for a total daylight time of 14 hours and 32 minutes. How about some news before weekend beers?

1. SOUNDS LIKE THE SASK PARTY WANTS TO SELL HALF OF SASKTEL What a bunch of duplicitous rats. No offence to rats, which can be lovely animals.

2. KINDA LOOKS LIKE THE NDP WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG, HUH? I mean, this was still a shitty ad campaign–for one thing, the wolf in the picture was cute. Still: they were right. The Sask Party is desroying and privatizing crowns.

3. PROTEST FOR A PREMIER According to a friend who was there, 300 people turned up to  rambunctiously protest Brad Wall’s dinner. My preference is for huge protests, not vandalizey ones. Also: critics like Tammy Roberts have called functions like these cash-for-access events. They have a point.

4. HOPEFULLY IN THIS CASE, CHEATERS WILL PROSPER The Riders sure are good at breaking rules and getting fined.


6. TRUMP PLANS TO TRASH NATIONAL MONUMENTS Of course he does. He’s a fundamentally corrupt and ugly specimen of humanity.

LOOKING FOR A GOOD TIME TONIGHT? I recommend Hamilton musician B.A. Johnston, who’s playing a free show at O’Hanlon’s. Check out Emmet’s interview, in this issue: it’s a hoot.

Sled Island: B.A. Johnston’s Hot Dogs

Something called “B.A.’s Hot Dog BBQ and Extravaganza” jumps off the page when you’re looking at schedule when you’re wondering how to spend your Thursday at Sled Island Festival in Calgary. When you get there, it more than delivers. The venue, called the Area, is what amounts to a rundown large wood shed with a good green space outside of it. Today, bands like Cousins, Dog Day and Shotgun Jimmie backed by the Cannon Bros — a definite highlight of the festival — rocked pretty hard, while audience members could buy two cans of beers for $5 bucks.

At the same time, B.A. Johnston, odd-ball pop-rock enthusiast, was in fact BBQing hot dogs for anyone who wanted one. Prairie dog‘s own John Cameron got the V.I.P. price on his dog, so I figured it would be appropriate to send him over to ask Johnston a few questions about everyone’s favourite tube meat.

Is this the first hot dog-related event you’ve done?

No. I’ve actually cooked hot dogs at Sappyfest for the last three of them.

Fantastic! Who is your favourite person you’ve served hot dogs to?

That’s a tough one. There was a pregnant lady. I gave her a deal. I was like, “You’re eating for two.” John Claytor, I guess he’s in charge of Sappyfest, it was his girlfriend or wife. Rick White bought one, which I thought was kinda funny because he weighs eight pounds. It’ll go through his body like an anaconda or something like that.

Are hot dogs a particularly rock ‘n’ roll suitable food?

They’re easy to cook. They’re pre-cooked, so you can’t get anyone sick. I tried to do sausages, serving a blue sausage once. They were like, “Should it be this colour?” and I was like, “Don’t eat that, dude! Noooo!”

Did he eat it?

Yeah, he ate it. It was gone. It was basically like, he unwrapped and he ate it. It was bad.

What’s your favourite brand of hot dogs?

Nathan’s Famous in the States, definitely. The American hot dogs are way better than the Canadian hot dogs. You can’t get them in Canada very often.

I’ve had Chicago dogs.

Like Lester’s? They’re so good. Chicago has great hot dogs.

You’ve been to Chicago, right?

Yeah, the place they have called the Wiener Circle is very good.

There’s something with Jack McBrayer ––

I’ve been sent the link but I haven’t watched it yet.

I’ve seen enough for him to be shouted at.

There’s a YouTube video from Wiener Circle called “Next Bitch in Line” that I highly recommend to people.

I’ll check it out. When you have a hot dog, what do you make sure to put it on it?

Pretty much hot peppers, mustard and sauerkraut. And onions.

If you had to pick a place to serve hot dogs, where would it be?

As long as they’re drunk, man. Anywhere where there’s drunk people with exact change, that’s where you want to be selling hot dogs.