DA: Bill Nye Is Back

Daily AggregationGood afternoon Regina, how are you liking this weather? It’s -22, or as the windchill says -36. Low tonight is -28. There was an extreme cold warning last night. Despite the horror of existence, the sun still came up this morning at 8:19, and it will skulk under the horizon tonight at 6:04. Now: News!

1. PIPELINE POWER, U.S.A. The U.S. Army Corp Of Engineers says okay, build a pipeline on Indigenous land I guess. Go ahead, tunnel under the Missouri River, nothing could possibly go wrong.

2. UN-HARPENING CANADA The Liberals are restoring the court challenges program, which you might be familiar with over things like the the legalization of same-sex marriage. Good. Let the Conservatives be the party of stomping on minorities and the marginalized.

3. THERE’S MORE THAN 35 MILLION OF US Canada’s population has embiggened tremendously. Much of the growth is here in the West.

4. CRISIS IN MAN-LAND Work in male-dominated trades is vanishing, and men aren’t learning new job skills.

5. TRUMP COUNTRY REFUGEES A lot of desperate, frightened people are showing up in the border town of Emerson, Manitoba.

6. WHO THOUGHT ADDING PLASTIC TO BODY WASH WAS A SANE IDEA, ANYWAY? The U.K. is planning action on microbeads but needs to go farther. In November, Canada announced a ban that will start in 2018.


8. “HOT TUB INCIDENT WITH NUDE TEEN” Now that’s a clickable headline.

9. “POLITICAL PRESSURE AND FABRICATING NUMBERS” Jeez, CBC Sask’s headline writers are on fire!

NYEW TO NYETFLIX Bill Nye is back to science the world! This show should be mandatory watching. For me, too.


TIT 1: DeVOS CONFIRMED An unqualified billionaire barely becomes America’s Secretary Of Education. More herehere, here and here.

TIT 2: WARREN SILENCED Apparently reading a letter from Martin Luther King Jr.’s widow Coretta Scott King isn’t allowed in the Senate.





DA: How To Punch The Iron Fist Way

Daily Aggregation

Good (barely) morning! It’s, yuck, -24 (feels like -33) and it’s not getting much better today. Sunrise was at 8:21 and sunset will be 6:02. But you’re here for an aggregation, so let’s.

1. #MMIW PRESS CONFERENCE The Inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women held its first press conference today. It’s planning to get things rolling in the spring.

2. DRUNKS DON’T NEED GOD Alcoholics Anonymous won’t force Ontario drinkers to submit to mythological deities anymore.

3. SASK TEACHERS: NO SLEEPOVERS WITH STUDENTS Seems like everyone should know this and yet.

4. SYRIA’S RULERS ARE STILL TERRIBLE Amnesty International says the regime hanged at least 13,000 people since 2011 at one particularly nasty prison. Can we accept the whole country as refugees?

5. BRUINS FIRE TOP COACH CLAUDE JULIEN They did! Bruins beat writer Fluto Shinzawa says it was “management’s only remaining play”.

6. THE DEADLINE IS IN ONE HOUR You can get more stuff done if you move up deadlines to “create panic”. I think we all knew this. This isn’t news, Steve. Jeez.

VIDEO: IRON FIST TRAILER Another guy who can super-punch things is coming to Netflix. Marvel’s Defenders are looking like a one-dimensional, punchy bunch.


DON’T TREAD 1: AWFUL EDUCATION SECRETARY TO BE CONFIRMED Good fight but one vote short. Hopefully this close call sends a message to DeVos that she needs to be not-deranged. LOL.

DON’T TREAD 2: A LYING LIAR WHO LIES Trump says the media isn’t reporting terrorist attacks. He shall be mocked.

DON’T TREAD 3: METHOD IN MADNESS Trump’s war on facts and truth, explained.


DON’T TREAD 5: MUSLIM TRAVEL BAN VS. U OF R Trump’s evil dumbness has local impact. More here.


DA: Stranger Things Goes Upside Down

Daily AggregationHappy afternoon, Saskatchewan! It’s -16, supposedly going down to -23 tonight. It’s supposed to warm up a lot by Thursday. In case you missed it, the sun came up this morning at 8:23 and hey, check this out: it sets at 6:00 p.m.! We’ve broken the barrier! Spring is almost here!


2. SANCTUARY CITIES Should that be us and if so, what would it mean?

3. HALIFAX POLICE POLITELY PULL OUT OF PRIDE A perceptive and sensitive move given the divisions that’ve erupted over police participation in Pride parades. Still sad, though. I think about the RCMP marchers in Steinbach, Manitoba’s first-ever Pride parade this year—you can’t tell me they didn’t send the right message to community’s bigots. Bringing police into Pride was a historic win for the LGBTQ community. Hopefully the Halifax situation is a “step backward to leap forward” thing.

4. ARKANSAS IS BONKERS Morality-of-convenience Christians get more of their ridiculous, dangerous and medically unsupported abortion restrictions passed.


6. “PATRIOTS WIN, SO EVIL WON” The Patriots are Superbowl champs again. Here’s a column by The Stranger’s Spike Friedman that uses the word “goddamn” nine times in the first three paragraphs. And here’s the trailer for Stranger Things season two, which aired during the game. looks promising.


DOSP.1 WHY DO THEY LIKE THAT ASSHOLE? There’s a good “talking to regular Americans” story on CBC. It’s easy to understand and sympathize with a lot of the frustrations that led to people voting for Donald Trump, although that said, the ignorance is massive. Plus Fox News really fucked America. When Budweiser faces boycotts because it’s not racist, you know that people who want a more civilized country have a lot of work to do.

DOSP.2 KREMLIN DEMANDS AN APOLOGY FROM U.S. MEDIA OUTLET The despicable Bill O’Reilly’s crows come home to roost.


DOSP.4 At least one Patriot won’t be going to the Trump White House.

Happy Birthday To Us!

Daily AggregationGooooood eveniiinnng! We’re getting this in a little before sunset, which lands at 5:53. Current temperature is -11, and it’s supposed to drop to -18 tonight. We’ve been screwing around with this thing’s logo lately. I like Designer Paul’s new one.

1. OLD NEWS Prairie Dog turns 24 today! Feels like… more. Our first issue was published Tuesday, Feb. 2, 1993. Yes, that’s Groundhog Day, yes, that was on purpose. I wasn’t here. I was in Winnipeg. It was a pretty good month. I was at the old Winnipeg Arena to see Teemu Selanne’s four-goal game on Feb. 28. He set the rookie goal-scoring record two games later. That guy.

2. SPEAKING OF GROUNDHOG DAY Climate change ruins everything.

3. MOURNING THE DEAD Huge turnout at the funeral for the victims of a far-right gun nut terrorist in Quebec.

4. SPEAKING OF GUN NUTS Kevin O’Leary needs to work on his timing. Or maybe he has.

5. TRUDEAU BREAKS A PROMISE No electoral reform for you! Really not sure most Canadians want voting reform so I doubt it’ll hurt him politically. Nevertheless, feel free to call your MP, or maybe just Ralph Goodale, since he’s the ultra-Liberal in this province. Goodale’s Ottawa office’s number is 613-947-1153, and his constituency office is 585-2202. Or if you’d rather just read something snarky to help you fume, check out this Andrew Coyne column.

6. FIGHTING FOR LIFE Ignite The Life tackles the Indigenous youth suicide crisis in a two-day Saskatoon conference.

7. CARMICHAEL OUTREACH RE-ZONING CLEARS A HURDLE One more step before the anti-poverty organization can move to a new location on 12th Ave.

8. BEST OF FOOD & DRINK 2017 Our restaurant scene reader poll is back with way more categories than last year’s version. The write-in round is now open! This is your annual chance to rain some positive public attention on your favourite local (and where appropriate, chain) restaurants. Check it out!

Here’s your Daily* Trump report. *DISCLAIMER: Report is not daily.

T1. TRUMP DUMPS ON A CONSERVATIVE ALLY Given how shitty, anti-environmental and generally racist conservative Australian politicians are, I can’t muster outrage when Donald Trump treats the leader of an allied like crap. That said, turning close friends into enemies is not a recipe for political success. THAT said, Trump probably just boosted the approval ratings of an anti-immigrant world leader, and you have to wonder, just a little bit, if that wasn’t part of the plan. My nickel’s on poor impulse control and ego-driven chaos, but ya never know. What do you guys think?




T5. REUTERS TO REPORTERS: TRUMP’S AN AUTHORITARIAN The news outlet briefs reporters on how to cover the Ugnaught-In-Chief.

T6. DIVORCED, MOLEST-Y CHEATER FINDS JESUS? A super-duper profane president wants to help all the lovely “Christian” churches who attack the poor, vulnerable and oft-discriminated against become even more openly political. Learn more about the Johnson Amendment—which Trump wants to “destroy”—here. I look forward to the Satanic Temple’s inevitable mischievous political jujitsu.

T7. TRUMP THREATENS TO REVOKE BERKELEY UNIVERSITY’S FUNDING AFTER A FAR-RIGHT SPEAKER’S CAMPUS TALK WAS CANCELLED This alleged defence of free speech from the guy who signs gag orders on scientists.

T8. SPEAKING OF CENSORING SCIENTISTS Remember Stephen Harper? He pioneered it. Expect Trump will do the same things, but at higher intensity.

Trump Vs. Everybody

Hiya Regina! It’s-11 with a -16 windchill. It’s supposed to get to -5 this afternoon and sliiide down -8 tonight. The sun came up at 8:41 and it sets at 5:42. Slowly closing in on that 6:00 threshhold! So we lost Mary Tyler Moore yesterday. She was a big deal. You can read more here, here, here, here, here and here. I was a kid when her show was on the air and it was good for my child-brain to have TV that depicted smart, independent women. Wikipedia has a page on her production company, which put out a lot of great shows including one of my all-time favourites, WKRP In Cincinnati. Rest in peace, hero.

1. SAVE CANADIAN MEDIA! A government report recommends lots of things, including a $100 million Journalism and Democracy fund. A.) Yeah, you think? You think maybe there’s no democracy without professional media to keep the public informed? B.) Sounds like groundwork for a slush fund to billionaires who can’t run newspapers, as opposed to funding for journalists and, ahem, SMALL MEDIA OUTLETS THAT HAVE NO STAFF AND WOULD LOVE TO HIRE SOME OF THEIR UNDERPAID FREELANCERS.


3. POTASH PLLLLLBBBBBBBBBBTH PotashCorp made $1.23 billion in 2015. Last year it only made $336 million. Ruh-roh! There go the royalties!

4. JUSTIN REGINA The PM is in town for a quick stop.

5. LIBERAL FRAUDSTER SENTENCED TO PRISON Jacques Corriveau pocketed $7 million in kickbacks from the sponsorship scandal. He’s been sentenced to 10 years in prison. Aww but it’s not fair, he’s ollld, give him a break. Related note: how many of you would trade 10 years in minimum security prison for a million bucks? Thought so.

6. FAST FOOD NATION McDonald’s and A&W launch all-day breakfasts across Canada next month. I’m dooooomed. #McMuffinsAreMyKryptonite

7. YES HE CAM! Probably my favourite player on the Columbus Blue Jackets has been added to the NHL All-Star Game, hooray wait you don’t care

And here’s today’s Trump Dump:

T1. AMERICAN CITIES ARE MAAAD Trump threatened them with funding cuts, now they’re pissed. Trump may learn that enemies are a lot of work. Wonder how much of the U.S. GDP is going to go to lawyers under these Republicans? One half of the country is going to be suing each other while the other half is going to be rioting. What a waste of human time, effort and potential.

T2. MEXICO IS MAAAD No, the country is not going to pay for Trump’s stupid wall. Trump, an idiot, is predictably acting like a child. Mexico’s president, also predictably, just cancelled his U.S. visit.

T3. ONE REPUBLICAN STUDENT ORGANIZATION IMPLICITLY THREATENS PROTESTERS WITH VIOLENCE “If you keep prodding the right you may be unpleasantly surprised what the outcome will be,” say dipshits on the College Republicans at the University of Washington Facebook page. This nonsense after a protester was shot at their idiot event with gay white supremicist (!!!) Milo Yannipoulos. Seems to me universities should disband groups that make threats and get people shot, but America! Fuck yeah! I guess.

T4. CHELSEA MANNING IS A “TRAITOR” Whatever, anyone Trump doesn’t like is going to be a traitor.

Yes It Is! No It Isn’t!

Good morning afternoon Regina! Sunrise was 8:42, sunset is 5:40 and we’re looking at -9 today going down to -14 tonight. It’s -10 with a -16 windchill right now. More here. Seventy years ago today, famous gangster Al Capone died after being weakened by a stroke, pneumonia and a heart attack. Ol’ Scarface was messed up from syphilis, too. Capone was 48 but now he’s just dead, dead, dead. You, on the other hand, are alive. Hooray!

1. ANOTHER HOT ONE The numbers are in and 2016 was, unsurprisingly, the hottest year on record. This is the third year in a row we’ve set a planetary temperature record. This is not normal. Too bad everyone who’s trying to raise the alarm and save civilization has to waste energy fighting Trump on everything now, I guess.

2. FOXES AND HENHOUSES The Saskatchewan government has the wrong ministry inspecting pipelines.

3. SUICIDE PREVENTION PLAN An anonymous donor steps up as Canada keeps shitting the bed on the Indigenous suicide crisis.

4. MEN WHO HATE WOMEN Only scumbags post nude photos of ex-girlfriends online without their permission.

5. HATRED IS A CONSERVATIVE VALUE Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is getting hammered by threats and abuse online. Awful.

6. TRUDEAUPALOOZA 2017 The prime minister will be in Saskatoon today for a town hall.

And now, here’s a Trump round-up. Yeah, there’s so much crap I have to do a Trump round-up. Thanks America. And check out the Guardian cartoon by Martin Rowson.

T1. THAT STUPID WALL Trump’s gonna build it! It’s not gonna work! And Mexico’s not gonna pay for it!

T2. JUST GIVE FRANCE THE STATUE BACK Trump restricts immigration and refugees.

T3. TRUMP GOES AFTER MAKE-BELIEVE VOTER FRAUD There must be voter fraud. How else to explain most Americans voting for Hillary Clinton?

T4. MAKE TORTURE GREAT AGAIN Trumps lays groundwork that could bring it back, yippee.

T5. MAYBE TRUMP CAN HAVE JOURNALISTS TORTURED Six journalists covering Trump protests have been charged with rioting.

T6. KEYSTONE XL IS BACK Trump uses his magic president powers to resurrect the controversial pipeline.


T8. IN A CLUTCH, CALL THE DUTCH That Netherlands steps up to save women from Trump’s cuts to women’s health funding.

T9. IMPEACH THE MOTHERFUCKER ALREADY ITMFA T-shirts, buttons and hats are now available! Proceeds go to Planned Parenthood and other organizations in the Trump resistance.

HOW TO WIN AN ARGUMENT ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE WRONG Do you reject the scientific consensus on climate change but you’re not sure how to argue with people who know more than you? Relax, and let Monty Python show you how a series of contradictions can derail discussion and make people stop saying things you don’t like! Perfect for oil stooge politicians, dipshit rednecks and talk radio jerks.


Daily Aggregation: Playtime

Happy Thursday Regina, how are you? Despite all the war, corruption, suffering and Tumpery going on in the world, the sun still came up today, at 8:54, and it’ll hang around until 5:20. As you might have noticed, it’s not the hottest. As of noon it was -29 and there’s an extreme cold weather warning in effect. It’s supposed to limp up to -27 before dropping to -32 tonight. It will get warmer soon but in the meantime, the -42 windchill means your exposed skin is just a 10-minute drive from Frostbite City. Be careful out there!

1. TAXES GOIN’ UP The City of Regina’s draft budget calls for a 4.18% tax hike, which will probably be watered down before it’s passed, he wrote cynically. Too bad — taxes should be at a level to keep services sustainable, so if this increase is what the city needs, I hope it will go through as is. And yeah, sure, it”ll hit rental property owners. That’s fine; they made their fortunes over more than a decade of boom-time rent hikes. Dechene will live-tweet his reading of the draft budget summary at some point — follow him @PDcityhall for the deets.

2. GOVERNMENT PRIVATIZES 250 JOBS Desperate times call for screwing over fairly-paid workers, according to the Brad Wall government. Oh well, what’s the big deal? It’s just 250 people who will order less food from local restaurants and shop less at local businesses.

3. THE BIG PRESCRIPTION PRESCRIPTION DRUG RIP-OFF Pharmaceutical companies persuade doctors to prescribe expensive drugs over cheaper alternatives and it costs Canada $3 billion a year, says The Fifth Estate.

4. GET IT TOGETHER, GRITS High profile Liberals tweeted links to non-partisan government job ads, which is cool. Unfortunately some of the tweets had Liberal logos. Bad. The government is not a political party.

5. OPPOSITION PARTIES WANT A PER-VOTE SUBSIDY BACK So do I. Who would you rather have pay for our democracy (and yes, it does have to be paid for): rich people and businesses or everyone who votes, equally? “It was the fairest of all the ways in which political parties received public support,” says Elizabeth May. Still think getting rid of the per-vote subsidy was one of Harper’s more evil maneuvers.

6. NEED FOR WEED An armed forces vet is worried about federal plans to cut back the amount of prescription marijuana he and others will be reimbursed for.

7. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMPY TRUMP-TRUMP From Rob Ford’s whining to Stephen Harper’s calculated clampdowns, politicians with things to hide have been undermining the press more and more this young century. Donald Trump, who’s been bashing the media since this fiasco started, just took this nakedly self-serving strategy to a new level by having his staffers cheer him on at the first press conference he’s held in, apparently, six months. It’s ridiculous, inappropriate and dangerous. The Guardian’s Richard Wolfe says this is the beginning of a “shambolic presidency”. The Toronto Stars’ Daniel Dale, who probably thought he was done with this kind of whackjob egomaniac after Rob Ford, has a wrap-up. Best sentence: “It is not clear how well Trump’s scorched-earth transition is working for him.” Meanwhile, The Washington Post, New York Times and other news outlets are following the developing, what, scandal? Crisis? Disaster? A Globe And Mail editorial calls it “the sum of all fears”, after the Tom Clancy book that took its title from a Winston Churchill quote. Finally (because I don’t have all day to rorage for links), we don’t know how much impact Russia really had on the U.S. election, but it seems plausible and maybe likely that Clinton would’ve won if FBI director James Comey hadn’t brought up the Clinton e-mails days before the election. The Justice Department is now investigating. Commentary here.

8. OBAMACARE DEATH WATCH Ugh. Republicans consistently hold the flagrantly immoral position that only Americans who can afford it should get health care. They sabotaged the Clinton health care plan in the ’90s and now they’re going to kill Obama’s health plan. Somebody better mobilize those 20 million people who could lose their insurance.

A BRILLIANT MOVIE IS AT THE RPL TONIGHT The library’s got a free screening of Jaques Tati’s Playtime, a hilarious satire brilliantly disguised as a pointless snooze-fest. There’s nothing else like it, and if you haven’t seen it you should go. It’s at 7. Don’t let the cold win!

Daily Aggregation: The Worst In You

daily-aggregation-21. ABOUT A BUDGET Here’s CBC, the Leader-Post, the Leader-Post againCBC again, CBC’s Stefani Langenegger, the L-P’s Murray Mandryk and Prairie Dog’s Greg Beatty on yesterday’s budget. I’d normally include a link to CJME but Brad Wall’s first post-budget interview was with radio host and former progressive Conservative MP John Gormley and that’s just lame. No link for you, CJME!


3. TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION, ONE YEAR LATER CBC catches up with Murray Sinclair, chair of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, one year after the Commission released its 94 calls to action.

4. CANADIAN PRIDE Yesterday, PM Justin Trudeau raised the LGBTQ pride flag on Parliament Hill for the first time ever. “It hasn’t been easy, it hasn’t been automatic. A lot of people fought for a long time for this day and for the many days that led up to this day to happen,” he said.

5. JOHNSTONE DEFENDS CARBON CAPTURE Hey Paul Dechene, you might be interested in this May 27 Bruce Johnstone column I just noticed — especially after what you wrote earlier this week.

6. BRITISH NEWSPAPER EXPOSE U.S. CITIES’ LEAD-LINED WATER TESTS This is what journalism looks like. Also what a failing country looks like. Also why you shouldn’t trust anyone who complains about “red tape”. Red tape is the stuff that makes sure drinking water gets tested for unsafe levels of lead.

7. CLIMATE CHANGE MAKES WEATHER WACKIER You knew that but here’s an update anyway about facts that only talk show guests and scumbag propagandists argue with.


9. ARE GORILLAS DANGEROUS TO PEOPLE? TL;DR: Potentially, if they’re feeling threatened.

10. SYRIAN REFUGEES HELP ALBERTANS A nice story about people helping people.

anti-abortion propoganda in street box-6-2-201611. ANTI-ABORTION TWITS GET OUTTA MY PROPERTY Look what I found in a Prairie Dog street box this morning! Unfortunately it got torn into little bitty pieces on the way to its photoshoot somehow but I put it back together as best I could.

12. I THOUGHT NEOLIBERALISM SUCKED BEFORE IT WAS COOL TO THINK NEOLIBERALISM SUCKED Business-friendly free trade agreements that export jobs, reckless tax cuts for the wealthy and austerity policies that make people poor and wreck economies suck so very much.

13. SOUNDS LIKE SPIDER-MAN 4 WOULD’VE BEEN GREAT Here are some details of director Sam Raimi’s aborted plans for a Tobey Maguire-led Spider-Man 4 and I love them. The villains would’ve been the Vulture and Mysterio, who would’ve been played by Bruce Campbell — he’d have been a lot of fun in the role. It’s really annoying how Sony shat the bed with Spider-Man 3 (the studio insisted on Venom — a stupid villain) and a way-too-soon reboot. At least Spider-man is in the Marvel movie universe now as a result.

VIDEO: “THE WORST IN YOU” Check out the latest from Andy Shauf, whose new album The Party is out now and getting rave reviews.

Daily Aggregation: Fire, Trump, Jane Jacobs And Sins Of Star Wars

daily-aggregation-21 FORT McMURRAY FIRE The epicenter of Canada’s climate change controversy is in flames thanks to dry, scorching conditions and suicidal trees, and the city of roughly 83,000 people has been emptied in the largest fire evacuation in Alberta history. As I’m typing this, 1,600 buildings have been destroyed, including the Wildrose party leader’s home. The Edmonton Journal has a page rounding up their coverage here, and this timeline seems like a good place to start. The Globe And MailCBCToronto Star and The Guardian also have good reporting, and our old friend Emma Graney, who now works for the Edmonton Journal, is live-tweeting breaking news here. You can help displaced Albertans with a donation to the Red Cross here. Our sympathy to everyone affected by this.

2 LAST NARCISSIST STANDING Looks like Donald Trump is going to be the Republican presidential nominee. Here’s a list of pundits who called this wrong. Special condolences for Nate Silver, who takes a rare tarnishing. And hey, here’s a story about how Trump’s going to lose in November.

3. WHAT’S THE SASK PARTY HIDING? The government demands a ridiculous fee for a CBC Freedom Of Information request. One hundred and eighty-thousand dollars? Yeah, I’m sure that’s reasonable, and not just an attempt to cover up something that looks really, really bad. Says the legal expert quoted in the linked story: “This is the highest cost request that I’ve ever seen. I find the cost request totally over the top and nonsensical. It’s unthinkable to be asking this kind amount.”

4. EARLS SURRENDERS The company reverses its position on Alberta beef, which you can look at as victory over what my friend Kat called a “stupid hipster sticker” or a defeat for anyone who suspects the Alberta beef industry might be a tad entitled. That said, the chairman of Alberta Beef Producers says, “We’ve probably slipped on the social licence. We assumed too much,” so that’s interesting and, to me, pleasing. We’re still gonna do something on this in our next issue. Oh, and if you’re wondering, here’s the actual humane beef standards that started the fuss. Anyway, Sask. farmers are happy.

5. HAPPY 100TH, JANE JACOBS Stories about and tributes to the great champion of livable, loveable modern cities at CBCVox, The Guardian and, in an interesting critical essay, Slate. An of course, we gotta have some from “creative class” booster Richard Florida, don’t we?

6. TROUBLED PRINCE Just before he died, the beloved musician was about to seek help for an addiction to painkillers. More from Slate.

MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU I enjoyed The Force Awakens but it had problems, too. Here’s a fun, and long, CinemaSins accounting of a bunch of ’em.

Daily Aggregation: Trump Trumpets While Cruz Cries

daily-aggregation-21. TRUMP WINS INDIANA Read reports in The Guardian, The Washington Post and the New York Times. Eh, Cruz is more evil. Bernie would wipe the floor with either of these clowns. I could see Clinton shitting the bed, though. That’s worrying.

2. FORT McMURRAY IS BURNING A wildfire has entered the city and evacuations are underway.

3 ALEPPO IS DYING Jesus Christ, horrible.

4. MURRAY MANDRYK HAS A BEEF The Leader-Post’s political writer has a column on the Earl’s “humane beef” policy that’s worth a read. He makes a good point about major problems in the shrimp industry.


Muslim prayer plot6. I PRAY FOR THE STRENGTH TO STAY OFF IDIOT WEBSITES, BUT MY PRAYER IS NEVER ANSWERED Brad Wall wants to keep praying on the job. Meanwhile, some conservative fans are suggesting this anti-prayer petition is a Muslim plot even though it’s clearly an atheist plot. GET YOUR CONSPIRACIES STRAIGHT, CONSERVATIVE PEOPLE. Also, the conservativefans.com comment section is whackadoo.

7. CAT HAZ UR MAIL The Royal Mail threatened to suspend delivering letters to a British couple because they have a very naughty cat. The couple apologized profusely and switched from a door slot to a post box, which the Royal Mail paid for. So civilized! Bella the naughty cat had no comment.

8. THE FOX SAYS, “I HAVE A HANGOVER” Hey, how about Leicester?

Daily Aggregation: Privatization, Layoffs, Deadly Toddlers And Misogynist Albertans

daily-aggregation-21 R.I.P. DIEFENBABY George Dryden, human being and possible son of Saskatchewan-born Prime Minister John F. Diefenbacker, passed away following a terminal illness.

2 BUBBLES NOT POPPED The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office says a misdemeanor domestic violence charge against Trailer Park Boys star Mike Smith has been dropped. Smith and the alleged victim both denied there was any assault.

3 LAYOFFS AT EVRAZ Close to 200 workers will lose their jobs this week because the oil industry is tanking.

4 BCE BUYS MANITOBA TELECOM SYSTEM Seems appropriate timing that this happens now, just as Manitoba’s PCs return to power after more than 16 years in the political wilderness. The Gary Filmon PCs got sent into exile, in part, because they fucking privatized MTS in 1997. Oh, and according to Economy At Work, after he was punted from office Filmon got appointed to the new private company’s board of directors, where he made more than $1.4 million.

5 GUNS MAKE YOU SAFER U.S. children age three and under shoot people every week now.

6 GOODBYE DNTO The long-running CBC radio show hosted by Sook-Yin Lee goes off the air later this month.

7 MISOGYNY, IGNORANCE AND POLITICAL DOUBLE STANDARDS IN HICKSVILLE This one’s just awful.In Alberta, you get a ticket for a “Fuck Harper” sign in your car window but you don’t for calling Premier Rachel Notley a “cunt” on a truck decal.

8 COMMUNISM MEMORIAL GETS A NEW SITE, NEW DESIGN TO FOLLOW The former Harper government’s controversial and sort of crazy Memorial To The Victims Of Communism Thingy will not be built in the inappropriate location Harper wanted it built. It will be built however, so hopefully Conservatives and their supporters won’t whine like a bunch of babies about this.

9 SNAKES ON BELLE PLAINE The Regina musician announces upcoming shows and plays with Sophie, un petit serpent très mignon.

10 COLUMBUS LANDS THE THIRD PICK IN THE 2016 ENTRY DRAFT Good year to move up: the top three 2016 prospects are really good. Toronto will likely draft hyper-elite U.S. star Austin Matthews at first, while Winnipeg (#2) and the #CBJ will probably pick Finnish stars Patrick Laine and Jesse Puljujarvi. Hey, how about a superstar Finnish winger going to Winnipeg? Seems fitting, eh?

11 BATMAN V SUPERMAN WON’T CRACK TOP 10 SUPER-MOVIES* Wahn-wah waaahhhnnn. Well, it wasn’t a very good idea, was it?

*Yeah yeah, it’s still #7 all-time internationally. So I got cute with data sets to get the results I wanted. So what. Climate change deniers have been doing that for decades and people still listen to them…

Daily Aggregation: Happy 4/20!

daily-aggregation-21. HOORAY HOORAY FOR MARIJUANA DAY The Liberals say they’ll present legalization legislation in 2017. Can’t wait to see how the Opposition Conservatives will handle it seeing how half the party is repressed anti-legalization cowards and the other half is libertarian potheads. Also, Beatty wrote a feature on legalization and you should read it.

2. BACK TO WORK The provincial legislature is back in session May 17.

3. NOT IN MY BACKYARD Some residents of the allegedly progressive Cathedral neighbourhood oppose a proposed apartment.

4. BURN BABY BURN Saskatchewan is facing a ferocious wildfire season, cough #globalwarming cough.

5. “PEOPLE DON’T LIKE ME! THEY REALLY, REALLY DON’T LIKE ME!” After a provincial election with record numbers of declined ballots, wildly unpopular human being Greg Selinger is Manitoba’s ex-premier and the NDP’s ex-leader. He was so hated that Manitobans held their noses and elected a weird, Halloween-hating ghoul to be their new PC premier. On the bright side, Wab Kinew is now a member of a provincial legislature! On the hilarious side, at least a few anti-poverty activists think conservatives will do a better job of looking after the poor than the NDP.

6. PEOPLE SURE GET BUTTHURT WHEN SOMEONE POINTS OUT SEXISM Conservative MP Michelle Rempel has a great column on sexism in the National Post. As always, comments are awful.

7. CLOSE BUT NO TROPHY Oh well. Cheers to the Regina Pats for a great season.

8. HAVE YOU VOTED IN BEST OF FOOD? You have a little more than 24 hours to share your opinions on Regina’s best restaurants and such, and become eligible for $500 in awesome food-based prizes. Don’t wanna? Don’t blame ME when McDonald’s wins Best Steakhouse.


NHL Lottery Simulator-April 20Montreal (5% chance at the first pick), Ottawa (2.5%) and Buffalo (6%) all leapfrog  my poor, hopeless Blue Jackets, who fall to 7th overall. The NHL Draft Lottery is April 30. You can play at home here.

ANYTHING ELSE? Umm, there’s a pretty funny Honest Trailer up for Superman Returns. Bryan Singer, it’s your fault Zack Snyder has a job.

“Daily” Aggregation: The Blue Jackets Suck

daily-aggregation-21 SUNRISE VS. SUNSET 5:57 and 7:59 — which means for the first time in 2016 we’ve got more than 14 hours of daylight. That’s all right, huh?

2 LOOKS LIKE A HOT WEEK CBC has decreed it to be so. In less cheerful climate news, the planet is burning alive.

3 ROUGH ROADS FOR WORKSITE SASKATCHEWAN Apparently the trades — viewed by some conservatives as the only legitimate career choice for people who aren’t lawyers, doctors or otherwise properly white-collared — are in trouble. Well, now that we’ve cleverly re-elected a hypercharged Saskatchewan Party majority government, I’m sure we’ll be back in boom times soon.

4 WHO’S TO BLAME? “Steve, the NDP ran a tone-deaf campaign. They got what they earned. If you’re bitter about the result, don’t blame Brad Wall.” Yes, the NDP ran a unsatisfying election campaign and the party’s now-former leader immolated himself in a ridiculous, shouty debate. So what? Hey! Maybe the Sask. Party can blame the NDP’s campaign for the looming downturn! Or there’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; Brad Wall could blame him for anything that goes wrong here! Or hey! The Sask Party could blame the old film industry for being a greedy, grant-sucking, unsustainable mess.  I’m not sure what responsibility our virtually non-existent film industry bears for our economy’s imminent face-plant but bashing the creative sector probably plays well in Swift Current and that’s what matters.

5 ON THE RECORD One of the women who got put on trial for accusing Jian Ghomeshi of assault wants her name known. A heroic decision.

6 ALSO, PEOPLE SURE ARE MEAN TO MONICA LEWINSKI Story here. Annoying. Lewinski’s got nothing to be ashamed of. It’s not like she’s some racist red state xenophobe. That would be something to be afraid of.

7 COULD THE CANADIAN WHEAT BOARD COME BACK? Who knows, but the L-P’s Bruce Johnstone wrote a decent column about the possibility. If nothing else, Johnstone’s column is a good reminder that the Harper Conservatives arguably broke a promise they’d made to farmers to consult them before WCB privatization. I write “arguably” because I personally think that government was a bunch of liars who bamboozled Saskatchewan’s unfortunate farmers.

8 QUEEN CITY IMPROVEMENT BUREAU Paul Dechene and Aidan Morgan have a weekly show on CJTR! They interview everyday Regina VIPs and talk about zoning bylaws and superhero movies. This week: roller derby, parking lots, Zog the time travelling caveman and loneliness in the sub-basement.

9 NHL DRAFT LOTTERY RESULTS In the lead-up to the April 30 NHL draft lottery — a.k.a. the only thing a Columbus Blue Jacket fan can look forward to at this point in the season — I’m running the NHL Draft Lottery Simulator every day. Will my lame, godforesaken team get the first overall pick so they can draft U.S. phenom Austin Matthews and maybe make the playoffs next year? Not today. Today they got leapfrogged by three teams with better records, and will drop to the 7th overall spot. That’s my team!

NHL Lottery Simulator-April 18

Daily Aggregation: Lethal Amounts Of Things

daily-aggregation-21. BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE WINS THE POLARIS PRIZE Awesome! Especially after the awards got a black eye for being too indie-pop/rock hipster-y.

2. THE CONSERVATIVES LIED ABOUT TERRY FOX The party said Terry Fox’s family supported a Conservative political pledge. Not true. But blahblahblah, say the Conservatives.

3. ON THE FREE MARKET, SOCIOPATHS AND DRUG PRICES Ugh. What was that the NDP was saying about national pharmacare? Sounds better by the minute.


5. MANDRYK SLAMS THE OLD STOCK Good column by Murray at the L-P.

6. WHY THE FUCK IS KIM DAVIS STILL EMPLOYED? She gets out of jail and goes right back to fucking around with same-sex couples. Unbelievable.

7. CAPITOL POINTE, NOW WTF?? Maybe? Meanwhile, the heritage Ted Godwin tower we were all promised would be incorporated into the new design was for sale on Kijiji until the media reported on it. Moral of the story: be careful about trusting developers and Regina politicians. They tend to ruin nice things.

8. ALBERTA NDP STANDS UP TO CATHOLIC SCHOOL BOARD Interesting story brewing in Edmonton.

9. NO WE DON’T NEED A LAW No link to a news story, just a heads-up that the religious extremists behind the anti-abortion “We Need A Law” campaign have launched a cross-country tour to raise awareness about how “we need a law” to, for example, force pregnant teens to ask the dad who raped them for permission to have an abortion (they don’t phrase it that way but I wanted to make sure their motives are clear). The LifeTOUR comes to Regina’s Harvest City Church on Oct. 9.

From the press release:

“We want to know, from each individual candidate, where they stand […] Do they care if babies are aborted simply because the father prefers a boy? Do they care if late-term babies, who could live outside the womb, are aborted? Do they care about the second victim when a pregnant woman is murdered?”

Nice try, you purveyors of demented, sexually repressed, manipulative, un-Christian, misinformation and lies. Your goal isn’t banning sex-selective abortion. You oppose access to birth control altogether, regard LGBTQ people as mentally ill and think people with different faiths than you should be barred from our country. All those links, by the way, connect to things written by We Need A Law director (and one-time candidate for the anti-LGBT Christian Heritage PartyMike Schouten, whose strain of anti-choice activism is associated with opposing both premarital sexdivorce and, once again, access to birth control. In other words, mega-extreme.

Don’t fall for the almost-reasonable sounding arguments. They’re just the smiling mask on rabid maniacs.

10. 24 HOURS LATER, HOW’S DAVID CAMERON FEEL ABOUT THE WHOLE PIG’S SEVERED HEAD THING? Sad. But don’t be sad for him. He’s earned this.

VIDEO: A FATAL DOSE OF WATER Want to know how much you need to drink to die? How much chocolate would you need to eat? How much weed would you need to smoke? Watch the video and find out! Via Kottke.


Daily Aggregation: God Save The Queen

daily-aggregation-21. THE UNIVERSITY OF REGINA IS FALLING APART Not good. Quick–someone cut taxes to stimulate the economy so we can afford to maintain public infrastructure.

2. REGINA REFUGEE RALLY Read all about it. Also, Justin Trudeau says Canada can take in more Syrians, Stephen Harper fiddles while Syrians drown, the European commission talks about taking in more refugees and a right-wing Hungarian camerawoman kicks refugee children. If she lived in Canada she’d vote Conservative. That’s what Conservatives attract.

3. DID CLIMATE CHANGE DESTABILIZE SYRIA? Yup. Here’s how in comic form.

4. CALGARIANS BILLED FOR TOXIC GAS STATION SPILL Gross. Ahhh, Capitalism: keep on privatizing those profits and sticking the public with bills.

5. BACK TO STABBY Wasn’t the best first day of school in Toronto as a 19-year-old was stabbed yesterday afternoon. The victim has been arrested. Yes, the victim — that’s not a typo.

6. CONSERVATIVES GET MEAN Murray Mandryk on Conservative heartlessness. Wonder if the Leader-Post will endorse Harper as usual this election?

7. LONG SHE DONE REIGN As of about an hour ago, Queen Elizabeth II is Britain’s longest-ruling monarch at 63 years and seven months, passing Queen Victoria. I’ll always remember the time she took over Canadian airwaves after her son Edward pranked her with a fake newspaper.

Daily Aggregation: Onward To Autumn

daily-aggregation-2Summer was great but now that we’re on the other side of the Labour Day weekend it’s time to get back to overwork (as opposed to just work). Let’s hit it!

1. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU DECREE WISH FOR Heather Mallick makes the case that several Harper  policies have damaged Harper’s election chances. Also, if you just plain enjoy good writing, Mallick’s first sentence is a beaut: “Here’s a tip. If you’re running a hard-right government with a tyrannical sense of mission, don’t pass a law mandating US-style fixed-date elections. For you are Father Time’s plaything. It will bat you like a cat toy.” Read it all here.

2. ANOTHER GODDAMN PARKING LOT Regina breaks its own rules. Downtown Regina is already a surface-lot scarred moonscape but hey! Always room to make bad things worse.

3. WHY WOULD ANYONE VOTE FOR A PARTY THAT RECRUITS IDIOTS LIKE THESE? We’ve all heard about these imbeciles but did you know there’s also a Conservative candidate who skulks around at night in a camouflage jacket, toting a pair of handcuffs and making citizen arrests? Who owns handcuffs? Do you own handcuffs? I don’t own handcuffs. Maybe the guy just has a super-exciting love life. Or maybe he’s Batman, or, um, a serial killer. So many possibilities!


5 BIRTH CONTROL CLINIC ATTACKED BY TERRORISTS More evidence that anti-abortion crusaders have a larger agenda, which includes eliminating birth control. (Remember the time Bill Whatcott wanted to outlaw divorce? It’s not his hideous beliefs that are on the fringe of the anti-abortion movement; it’s his willingness to honestly admit them.)

6. MEME BY ME I was bored on the weekend and made these. Click ’em to embiggen.

Jerry Bance memed-3 Ryan Leef memed-1 Tim Dutaud memed-1






7. CANADA’S LETHAL REFUGEE REPUTATION “Those now putting Canada’s refugee policies under scrutiny will realize that this much else is clear: the Harper government has more than one refugee’s death on its hands.” More here.

8. HOSTAGE SITUATION A Saskatoon man’s parents are being held by Islamic State militants. Great.

TRAILER: THE LOBSTER This looks weird and fun. Can’t wait for it to get here!


Daily Aggregation: Groovy


2. PETER MACKAY IS A QUITTER WHO LIKES TO QUIT Canada’s foremost authority on broken promises, assault weapons and Teh Ladiez announces he’s leaving politics to prepare for a leadership run at after Harper quits  get out of the way of some scandal we don’t yet know about spend time with his family. Well, better them than this country. More here.


4. BC GOVERNMENT ACCUSED OF DELETING E-MAILS ABOUT MISSING AND MURDERED ABORIGINAL WOMEN B.C.’s Information and Privacy Commissioner has launched an investigation. Yeah, yeah it’s yesterday’s news but it’s important. Governments must not do this sort of thing.

5. CONTROVERSIAL SOCCER BOSS IS STILL THE BOSS OF SOCCER Fifa president Sepp Blatter has been re-elected. Read all about it if you like.

6. WHAT THE HELL? What the hell?

“Then they both got out, and that is when, in the course of the physical altercation between them, Mr. Babiak hit him in the head with his hammer,” Sullivan said.

No really, what the hell? This is like a News Quirk.

7. CROC CUDDLES I wouldn’t have thought sleeping with a crocodile is possible but apparently it is.

8. BIG, BEAUTIFUL SNAKE IN A LAKE Someone saw a bullsnake swimming in Lake Diefenbaker. Lucky.

ATTENTION EVIL DEAD FANS A very minimal teaser commercial is out for your favourite upcoming TV series. Enjoy.


Daily Aggregation: Moowah Ha Ha Ha!

daily-aggregation-21. STEPHEN HARPER’S CONSERVATIVES CONTINUE TO ATTACK SCIENTISTS AND SCIENCE “Steve Campana, known for his expertise on everything from great white sharks to porbeagles and Arctic trout, says the atmosphere working for the federal government is toxic.” More here. Saskatchewan voters helped elect this government. Is this what they wanted? A government that hates science?

2. ICYMI: CANADA BREAKS ITS ENVIRONMENTAL PROMISES The Harper Conservative government’s ridiculous greenhouse gas emissions targets might as well be non-existent. The story is from Friday but if the government can do nothing about global warming until 2030, I can link to a story published before a long weekend.

3. CANADA POST LAWSUIT BOLSTERED BY MAYORS A lawsuit charging that ending door-to-door mail delivery is unconstitutional gets some new support from Montreal.

4. WOMAN ATTACKED IN CATHEDRAL Happened on Sunday night. Doubly worrisome after a vicious sexual assault Saturday.

5. HOME INVADED IN GLADMER PARK Four masked assholes demand cash and prizes.

6. SHOES AND HEELS Apparently the Cannes Film Festival is barring women from red carpet screenings unless they’re wearing heels. Sexism!!!

7. HOCKEY THINGS OF INTEREST Canada won the World Hockey Championship and the Edmonton Oilers are apparently going to hire Todd McLellan as their new head coach. Bet this team does some damage next year.

8. HOCKEY THING THAT ACTUALLY MATTERS Washington state passed a law exempting WHL players from labour laws. Four teams in the state were under investigation for labour law violations; this should protect them for the time being. The underpaid, exploited players? Not so much.

A FINE FEATHERED FIEND This parrot has an evil plan and it clearly feels pretty good about that. Via Kottke.

Daily Aggregation: Thisss And That

daily-aggregation-21. RACHEL NOTLEY BANS DESTRUCTION OF ALBERTA GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS Yup. Despite a week of shredding, I bet there’s still gonna be some juicy stuff found.

2. U.S. SPYAPALOOZA TAKES ANOTHER HIT I have zero faith that enough American politicians actually want to reign rein-in the out-of-control NSA — seriously, that country is barely a democracy at this point, what with phone record collection continuing after a court ruled last week that it’s illegal — but still, this is good news.

3. CONSERVATIVES RE-WRITE LAWS TO PROTECT LAW-BREAKING AUTHORITIES Canada’s Conservative government remains awful.

4. QUEBEC SCHOOLS WILL NO LONGER STRIP-SEARCH STUDENTS I have trouble wrapping my head around the fact that Quebec schools have been strip-searching students.

5. MASSIVE LOSS OF BEE COLONIES Two out of every five U.S. honeybee colonies died off over the last year. Not good.

6. MEET THE LAST MALE WHITE RHINO ON THE PLANET He’s beautiful. I hate poachers.

7. WAY TO GO, IRELAND There’s a referendum on same-sex marriage coming up in Ireland, but alas, those who think same-sex couples should have fewer rights than opposite-sex couples say people keep getting mad at them and call them bigots. Boo fucking-hoo. You can support marriage equality in Ireland here.

8. WHERE DID THIS #FHRITP GARBAGE START, ANYWAY? As a YouTube hoax, it turns out. There’s a summary of the “fuck her right in the pussy” harassment incident here, and Gawker (because why not) weighs in here.

9. TEEN TAKES ON DRESS CODE A high school student wearing a summer dress gets suspended, calls B.S.

10. U.S. SNAKE KEEPERS WIN INJUNCTION AGAINST PYTHON BAN A judge listened to facts over “because-I-say-so” arguments. Good. Let’s celebrate with that video of the late, great Julius having a bath.

Daily Aggregation: A Quickie

daily-aggregation-21. REGINA TODAY It’s 27 degrees right now–finally, an actual warm day! Feels weird but I like it. Sunset is 8:25 p.m., sunrise was, wow, 5:27. I’ve got to start getting up earlier.

2. ALBERTA ELECTION It’s happening today. Polls predict an NDP majority. Seems impossible. Read my editorial. Read something by a real writer. In other Alberta election news, the Edmonton Journal ran a credibility-damaging editorial endorsing the Conservatives a few days ago. They took some much-deserved flack from one of their own writers for it, though the position was probably appreciated by the province’s gutless, cowardly and anti-democratic business leaders. In any case, the paper was apparently ordered to run this garbage by its Postmedia overlords. Postmedia will clearly ALWAYS endorse Conservatives regardless of what people want, what’s in the public interest and their general fitness to govern. I feel a little bad for the mean things I’m going to have to write about the Leader-Post in the next federal election, when it endorses a Conservative minority government.

3. STEPHEN HARPER REALLY HATES OMAR KHADR Although I guess we already knew that, so no big surprise today. Personally, I suspect Khadr is a much finer human being than our PM. I guess in Harper’s view that would mean I’m literally siding with terrorists. That’s okay, I’m in good company — by now most Canadians have figured out that Harper’s a bullying, warmongering, science-suppressing, anti-democratic corporate stooge and scandal magnet who puts soldiers lives at risk.

4. WHAT ELSE? Grace Lee Whitney passed away. Yeah, yesterday’s news, but still sad. Farewell, yeoman Rand. Here’s a super-disturbing clip:

5. THAT IT? Yup. Good luck Alberta!