DA: The Force Awakens (After A Copyright Attack)

Daily AggregationHoly Happy Afternoon, Batman! It’s 23°C in Regina! Why am I inside? To over-write a blog post, apparently. Here’s things. Get your reading hat on, some of this stuff is great.

1. MORE JOBS, WAIT. MAYBE NOT Conflicting reports on Saskatchewan’s employment situation.

2. SPITEFUL SASK GOVERNMENT BABIES CAN’T HANDLE CRITICISM, LASH OUT The Opposition NDP 11 MLAs. The governing Sask Party has 51. The Opposition NDP just had its funding cut by $64,00, compared to $130,000 for the government. The Sask Party loses $2,550 for every MLA. The NDP? $5,800. That isn’t just unfair, it’s targeted suppression of a political opponent. Who do these bullies think they are, Putin?

3. MASSIVE SASKATOON POLICE SCANDAL Two cops made fun of crime victim Bronek Hart’s name. Unacceptable! Wait. Bronek? That is kind of a funny-sounding name. Apparently it’s Czech (from “Brotislav”) and means “glorious armor”. Doesn’t sound like Bronek has very thick armor. Well, he was having a bad day. Hopefully the cops will apologize for being idiots and for using an offensive slur, and we can all go back to reading about the end of the world, speaking of…

4. SYRIA: NO MUSHROOM CLOUDS YET SO THAT’S GOOD U.S. President Donald J. Trump gave Russian ally Syria a 59 penis pummeling last night. Here’s the Washington Post’s latest. Not that the regime doesn’t deserve a faceful of missiles, but Assad has been murdering children for a long time and it seems unlikely this will stop that. Besides, it’s not like this will inspire that grandstanding, egomaniacal hypocrite to accept Syrian refugees, which is what he’d do if he actually gave a shit about children.

5. SYRIA: MORE: “World leaders react to strike”, “U.S. Missile Strikes Bring Angry Russian Response”, “Was Trump’s Syria Strike Illegal?”“Trump’s Foreign Policy Is Dangerously Impulsive”,“The Grim Logic Behind Syria’s Chemical Weapons Attack”, “U.S. Tries To Restore Military Back Channel With Russia After Syria Strikes”.

6. SYRIA: TRUDEAU SUPPORTS MISSILES AND REFUGEES Yuuuuuugh. Well he’s in a tough spot. The country he leads is next door to a deranged and heavily armed giant. Still grotesque and nauseating.

7. SYRIA: JEET HEER: THE GENERALS HAVE WON THEIR WAR WITH TRUMP One of our favourite mighty intellectuals throws his brain at Trump’s Syrian adventure.

8. SYRIA: BRIAN WILLIAM’S BEAUTIFUL MISSILES I assume the news anchor was trying to make a darkly poetic analogy contrasting the lights and colours of rockets with the destruction they cause but it didn’t work and bringing Leonard Cohen into it is just shitty. Also I apologize for writing “59 penis pummeling” at the start of this thing. That was horrible.

9. AN OILERS OWNER SEX SCANDAL? Stepping away from conflicts between nuclear powers: so Daryl Katz is being sued. First: don’t threaten the careers of women you’ve propositioned after they’ve turned you down. Second: fuck, just don’t be an entitled rich creep. Third: there are professional sex workers out there happy to take money for companionship. Even from gross, slimy men.

BAD LIP READING: THE FORCE AWAKENS After a ridiculous, and brief, copyright takedown, the latest Bad Lip Reading video is back online. While not as amazing as “Seagulls (Stop It Now)”, it’s still a lot of fun.

DA: Cat Vs. Wigs

Daily AggregationGood morning Regina! Holy snickerdoodle, it’s gonna get up to 16°C today. Don’t know about beer (I have a cold) but that’s patio weather that can’t be missed. The sun was up lonnng before I was awake (6:23 a.m.) and it will set lonnng before I’m asleep (7:39 p.m.) for a total of 13 hours and 16 minutes of vampireless frolic-time. It’s 13°C right now. Onward to news.

1. BEYAK BOUNCED, BUDDIES BITTER A Conservative senator who praised Canada’s residential death camps schools was punted from the Senate’s Aboriginal People’s committee. Fortunately for her, her colleagues have her back, with one calling reporters “parasites” then denying he used the word despite being caught on camera. Think it’s time political parties start disciplining their politicians for blatant lying and media-bashing. Actually, I’m pretty sure the other parties would.

2. NORTH BATTLEFORD BOUSHIE RALLY As Gerald Stanley’s preliminary hearing continues wraps up with the news he’s going to trial, the family of the young man Stanley shot in the head (according to this Globe And Mail story) called for justice. This is a few days after a Regina protest against the Saskatchewan Association Of Rural Municipalities dangerous call for American-style self-defence laws, which get people killed.

3. DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’VE GOT TILL IT’S GONE Saskatchewan firefighters have been asked by their professional association to boycott the 2018 firefighters calendar. Too little money raised.

4. ONLY REPUBLICAN SUPREME COURT PICKS ALLOWED IN AMERICA The Republican-controlled Senate that blocked a Democratic president’s nominee changed the rules to get its own shitty nominee through. Fuckers.

5. DO NOT MOCK GLORIOUS LEADER! There’s two types of people in this world: those who support dictators and those who oppose ’em. Way too many of the former in Russia, which is why crap like this is tolerated. Speaking of Russia, Gwynne Dyer’s latest column is great and you should read it if you haven’t.

6. SPEAKING OF RUSSIAN HOMOPHOBES Genocide in progress in Chechnya.

MORE LIKE HAIR-U Remember the box-loving cat Maru, from, um, the Internet? He’s up to new shenanigans and it’s adorable.

DA: The Harpoonist And The Axe Murderer

Daily AggregationHello Regina friends! It’s a lovely, lovely sunny day outside, 10°C now with a high of 12 mid-afternoon. Sunrise today was at 6:25 and sunset is 7:37 p.m. So, I read the whole Internet for you, and here’s a condensed version for those of you who don’t have my endless free time.

1. KINDERGARTEN CRUNCH Full-day kindergarten and other radical changes are coming as Regina’s public school board tries to cope with slashed provincial funding.

2. LIBRARY LAMENT Provincial cuts to library funding are devastating. This is what we get from a bunch of boom bungling politicians, I guess.

3. PROTESTS FOR COLTEN BOUSHIE CONTINUE The RCMP have scaled back their presence outside North Battlefield’s provincial court after demonstrators called it “intimidating”: “[The RCMP is] protecting who, and from what exactly? That’s not clear to us, especially with the history my family’s had thus far with the RCMP,” Boushie’s cousin told CBC. Good question.

4. “ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT” Canada ranks 10 out of 16 “peer countries” on a Conference Board Of Canada report. Norway, Sweden and Denmark, which a certain nasty ex-Prime Minister dismissed as “northern European welfare states”, rock, as usual. Also, the United States is hilariously disastrous on the Income Inequality chart.

5. WELCOME BACK BRIAN, I GUESS Justin Trudeau’s federal Liberal will gather ’round the cabinet table for a special performance from Canada’s favourite former prime minister, Lyin’ Brian Mulroney. The sad thing is, ol’ “envelopes stuffed with bills” probably has useful insights. Sigh.

6. CELL PHONE SPY DEVICES DISCOVERED AT MONTREAL AIRPORT Who’s responsible? Nobody’s taking responsibility.

7. BANNON BOOTED President Donald Jerkwad Trump has removed his political adviser, former Breitbart boss Steve Bannon, from the National Security Council. Trump’s administration continues to be an unprecedented shambles.

8. WHO GASSED CIVILIANS? Russia and Syria say it was Syrian rebels but pretty much everyone else says it was the Syrian regime. I’ll put my nickel on the latter. If Bashir al Assad had retired to Moscow after the 2011 mass protests the country wouldn’t be rubble and 470,000 people would still be alive. The brutality seems never-ending. Monstrous.

HARPOONISTS AND AXE MURDERERS Are these the sort of people we welcome to this town? Hell yes they are. Show’s tonight at the Exchange. Here’s Beatty’s interview with Axe Murderer Matthew Rogers.  Also, have you guys seen Greg? He hasn’t been in the office in more than a week…

Here’s “Forever Fool” from TH&TAM’s new album Apocalipstik.

DA: Men Without Hats

Daily AggregationGood afternoon Regina! It’s 12°C at 4:12 on a cloudy day and I have a cold. Sunrise was 6:29, sunset is 7:34, the low overnight is -2 and I’m listening to “The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats. News? News!


2. BYELECTON MONDAY Voting is happening; none of it here.

3. BRAD WALL’S POP DROPS He’s still pretty darn popular, though.

4. RUSSIAN SUBWAY EXPLOSION KILLS 11 It was caused by an “unidentified explosive device”.

5. TODAY’S REASON TO HATE GARY BETTMAN NHL players won’t be  in the 2018 Olympics. To be fair, it doesn’t sound like the International Olympic Committee did enough to make this happen. Story here.

6. TRUMP VOTERS: BLIND HOPE AND IRRATIONAL, SELF-DESTRUCTIVE LOYALTY Possibly a small consolation for the millions of Americans who will be harmed by the Donald Trump presidency and Republican House and Senate: the people who voted for him will pay for it too. Not that they’ll stop supporting him.

7. SPEAKING OF TRUMP SUPPORTERS Stephen King has always had insight into American psychologies, so when he writes about his imaginary roundtable with made-up Trump supporters it’s worth reading.

8. EVERYONE LIKES DINOSAURS Looks like the fact that dinosaurs are cool is the one thing conservatives and the rest of us can agree on. As long as they don’t share their dumb opinions on the earth’s age.

WE CAN DANCE! WE CAN DANCE! Everything’s out of control!

DA: Cat Action Massage Japan!

Daily AggregationGood afternoon, Regina! Hope you had a happy last day of March. The sun came up today at 6:36 and will set at 7:29 giving us a glorious 12 hours, 53 minutes of daytime. The high is 8°C, a little disappointing after yesterday but it seemed nice enough to me in the sunshine, anyway, and the low will be  -1. Here’s news.

1. GRANTS-IN-LIEU: PROVINCE LETS SMALLER MUNICIPALITIES OFF THE HOOK After copious backlash, the Sask Party government has sorta backed down, and Estevan, Moose Jaw, Prince Albert and six other municipalities won’t be punched as hard by cuts to Sask Energy and Saskpower grants. But eff Regina and Saskatoon.

2. ALBERTA NEEDS A NEW CRUSH Political columnist Don Braid blasts Brad Wall’s attempt to lure Whitecap Resources to Saskatchewan. Good read.

3. TRUMP CANARY WANTS TA SING Former U.S. National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who, along with President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, had an undisclosed December meeting with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak  wants to tell … stuff? to the the committees investigating Trump coordination with Russians during last fall’s U.S. election. Flynn’s condition? Immunity from prosecution. Sing, you wicked little bird! Sing!

4. TOP U.S. DIPLOMAT: “DON’T LOOK AT MEEEE” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is … weird, and it’s freaking out the State Department.

5. JUST A REMINDER HOW HORRIBLE TRUMP IS Remember how yesterday he sent his slimy V-P to cast a tie-breaking Senate vote that would let backwater states defund Planned Parenthood? Same day he does that he tweets this:

Yeah, the full potential of women to shut up, make babies and only have access to health care if they’re wealthy. Creep.

6. PATS WHACK HITMEN Four straight wins! Cool!

JAPAN, YOU WIN THIS ONE Who wants a cat massage?

DA: Cute, Thirsty Cobra

Daily AggregationHey Regina! It’s a warm, grey March Thursday and the new Prairie Dog is out, hooray! You can read a lot of it online (I recommend this and this). I’ve already read it, so I’m just going to enjoy the 16°C weather and the fact the sun stays up until 7:28 tonight. Here’s the day’s news links, as I randomly picked ’em.

1. DID BRAD WALL BREAK TRADE RULES? Saskatchewan’s premier may have violated the New West Partnership between Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia and Sask, which would be ironic since his government was such a cheerleader for it. Anyway, as you’d guess Wall is unapologetic.

2. SASKATCHEWAN’S EDUCATION MINISTER SAYS THERE ARE TOO MANY LIBRARIES He really did. Maybe it was a slip of the tongue and he meant coyotes?

3. UNIVERSITY OF REGINA GETS A SEXUAL ASSAULT PREVENTION ADMINISTRATOR It’s the first of nine recommendations in the Gender-Based Violence needs assessment report, which you can download from the University’s website here (unless I’m missing something, you can’t read it online, unfortunately).

4. U.S. VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE CASTS TIE-BREAKING VOTE TO ALLOW BACKWATER STATES TO DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD Women will die because of this but Pence calls himself a Christian so it must be okay. In other scumbag news, two men who secretly filmed Planned Parenthood employees then released the edited-to-be- misleading videos were just charged with conspiracy and illegal recording.

5. CALGARY THINK-TANK SAYS LEAVING THE TARSANDS IN THE GROUND INCREASES GHG EMMISSIONS Up is down, black is white, peace is war and Conservative think tank reports aren’t disingenuous shills for fossil fuels.

6. MONTREAL EX-MAYOR SENTENCED TO JAIL One year for corruption.


8. EVERY ONCE IN A BLUE MOON A SNAKE REALLY DOES EAT SOMEONE This link is for the 900 zillion texts, e-mails and messages I’ve received in the past few days about the reticulated python that ate an Indonesian farmer. Yes, for the record, it should be legal to keep retics as pets, although they have specialized requirements and it would be reasonable to require a license. And no, I don’t have one and I’m not getting one. I’m a colubrid guy. Anyway here’s a cute, thirsty king cobra to make everything better.

DA: The Jorge’s Tale

Daily AggregationHalloooo Regina, happy Friday! It’s 4°C and the environment Canada wizards predict a high of 7°. Low tonight is, heyyyyy, 1°—above zero! Sunrise was 6:51 and sunset is 7:18. Here’s some news links.

1. STC FALLOUT: STRANDED WITH CANCER The most compelling reason shutting down the Saskatchewan Transportation Company is stupid and vicious? The 300 rural cancer patients who took STC buses to Regina or Saskatoon are out of luck. #BradBotchedTheBoom

2. LIBRARIES CUT TO RIBBONS The Leader-Post reports most library districts face funding cuts between 50 and 60 per cent. Ugly. #BradBotchedTheBoom

3. TRENT WOTHERSPOON, QP BADASS? The interim NDP leader was kicked out of yesterday’s Question Period because he called the budget deceitful, and he refuses to apologize. #BradBotchedTheBoom


“Sask. Party MLAs, you just raised taxes by nearly a billion bucks a year by gouging kids’ clothes and restaurant meals. You just fired 574 people. You just took away your own voters’ buses — buses used by sick, old, rural people and farmers needing parts. Hell, you won’t even pay for the funerals of those who in their whole life didn’t save enough money to buy their own coffins.”

Good stuff. Mr. Mandryk’s disgust for arrogance has always been one of his best qualities.

5. THE GREAT GRASSLAND SELL-OFF The Sask Party is selling 51 provincial community pastures. says Trevor Harriet:

“Among our large provinces and territories (i.e. excluding the Maritimes), Saskatchewan already leads the nation in the ratio of private land to public. Across Canada, 11% of land is privately owned. In B.C. 7% of land is private. In Alta, 30%. Saskatchewan is at 40% but south of the boreal forest in this province the figure is 80% and rising. In fact, believe it or not, by 1980 24% of all privately held land in Canada was in Saskatchewan[i]—almost all of it in the Prairie Ecozone. And now we are adding more?”

6. NO MORE CANADA SAVINGS BONDS The famous investment bonds won’t be sold anymore and CBC has an excellent and interesting story on it.

7. HOUSE OF COMMONS PASSES ISLAMOPHOBIA MOTION Good. Although I fear places like, say, the comically Islamophobic Facebook page The Republic Of Western Canada might be losing their minds right now…

8. TODAY IN AMERICA DON’T WORK NO MORE “If the bill does not pass Friday, a day after Trump delivered an ultimatum to lawmakers, it would represent multiple failures for the new president and the Republican Congress.” LOL.

THE HANDMAID’S TALE There’s a new trailer for the new Hula adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale. It looks horrifying. On the bright side, if you look closely you might catch a glimpse of Prairie Dog film critic Jorge Castillo, who’s onscreen for about a second in the background of a crowd shot. Yup, really!




DA: Palestinian Steve Irwin

Daily AggregationGood morning, shiny new recession recession friends! Let’s go with the black logo of doom today. Budget horror aside, it’s a nice-looking day today:-1 right now with a high of 7 mid-afternoon and a tolerable -2 low. Sunrise was at 6:53, long before I woke up (not a morning person at the moment!), and it will set at 7:16. Here’s a few headlines!

1. BRAD BOTCHED THE BOOM Well, it turns out all the irritating comparisons the NDP has ever made between the Saskatchewan Party and the fiscally incompetent Devine PCs had some merit. The Saskatchewan Party has botched a decade-long resource boom and now it has to make radical cuts and hurt people. Killing provincial buses? Taking funerals away from poor people? Booting the jobless off welfare (ah, the ol’ “lazy welfare queen” fairy tale; how I’ve missed you!)? Massacring universities? Also, a corporate tax cut at the same time? Really? Yup, Brad botched the boom.

2. LP EDITORIAL ENDORSES BUDGET The national newspaper chain that always endorses conservatives regardless of facts or merit shows its true ideological colours, again. A province in fiscal crisis cannot afford to give businesses the lowest tax rates in Canada. It’s sheer voodoo economics (look the term up, millennials!). Check our blog around lunchtime to see how you can support a different newspaper — Prairie Dog —that doesn’t take the side of the wealthy against the rest of us.

3. LONDON MANIAC WAS BORN IN THE U.K. Details about the 52-year-old Brit who went on a murder rampage yesterday.



6. PARASITIC TWIN WILL BUILD ROBOT EXOSKELETON, MENACE WORLD An Ivory Coast baby had a very complicated operation in Chicago.

PALESTINIAN STEVE IRWIN I love Ozzy Man Reviews AND I love reticulated pythons AND I love snake wrangling videos, so: score!

DA: Filth City

Daily AggregationGood morning, Queen City! It’s -2, high is, heyyy, 7! Sunrise was 6:55, sunset is 7:15 and it’s budget day. Are you excited?

1. IT’S BUDGET DAY, ARE YOU EXCITED? Read the CBC, Leader-Post and CJME.

2. IT’S ALSO FEDERAL BUDGET DAY CBC, Toronto Star, Globe And Mail.

3. THE NATIONAL POST SUCKS I was going to put in a link to a National Post budget preview but the paper just ran an utterly irresponsible (not to mention pompous) column that’s skeptical of human-caused climate change, so to hell with it. The only reason anyone still argues about climate change is money. There’s infinite money to be made in fossil fuels. Gotta keep drilling, which means the petro-stooges and their idiotic, radicalized followers will keep arguing with/discrediting/harassing climate scientists forever. Scientists say last year was the warmest on record, by the way.

4. TERRORIST ATTACK IN LONDON People dead and injured, suspect shot.

5. PREDATORY ONLINE MISOGYNY Thug hacker lectures victim on morality, demands sex video.


Stumbled across the trailer for an upcoming movie today. Looks fun! Seems weirdly familiar, somehow.

DA: The Ultimate Desk Lunch

Daily AggregationHappy non hour, fellow dwellers in this bold new era we call springtime! It’s an unexpectedly cool -7 right now; the high today is -2. The sun rose at 6:58 and it sets tonight at 7:13 f0r 12 hours and 15 minutes of daylight. You want a bunch of links? I’ve found some for you.

1. RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS WERE REALLY BAD: ANGLICANS A Conservative senator who’s sad because no one ever says nice things about residential schools (!!!!!) is corrected on the true horror of Canada’s colonial history.

2. TEACHERS ARE WORRIED ABOUT THE PROVINCIAL BUDGET Well yes, they probably should be. From welshing on contract agreements to hamstringing school boards to cutting back on teacher’s aides to their weird, un-factual obsession with standardized tests, this government has a history of incompetence toward education.

3. CO-OP REFINERY WORKERS REJECT A CONTRACT OFFER THAT CHANGES PENSIONS FOR NEW HIRES I hate it when companies pit their current employees against their future co-workers. Also, who else is sick of this almost 40-year-long era of rolling back wages and benefits (and pretty much everything good about society) for everyone, always, forever? It’s tediously, comically corrupt.

4. AN UNLOVED GLOCKENSPIEL Oh look, it’s another casualty of our downtown’s bungled City Square Plaza (A.K.A. the Hill Towers’ publicly paid-for front lawn). Well, at least it wasn’t demolished.

5. EX-HARPER SPOKESMAN APOLOGIZES FOR LIBELING MUSLIM GROUP Here’s a reminder that Stephen Harper’s government and right-wing media nurtured Islamophobia in this country.


7. TRAVELLING MUSLIM iPAD BAN Another day, another stupid new rule in Trump’s dumb, bigoted America, and oh crap Canada might do this too.

8. CONSISTENCY IS THE HOBGOBLIN OF LITTLE MINDS A conservative hobgoblin says something almost rational (but still dumb) about gun rights and abortion rights and is immediately eaten alive by her shitty political team. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.


10. FINALLY, A USE FOR ABANDONED MISSILE BASES They make great homes for cute giant pythons! (Yes I know invasive Burmese pythons are an ecological calamity. They’re still cute.)

YOUR DESK LUNCH IS PATHETIC Here’s how you make a desk lunch, via Kottke.


DA: Springtime For Donald

Daily AggregationGood afternoon and happy spring! The sun was up at 7:00 this morning and it’s staying up until 7:12 and that’s obviously fantastic for everyone’s psychological well-being. The high today is 1 and the low tonight is who cares, it’s spring! Here’s some slow-aggregated news. Shoulda posted it earlier but who cares, it’s spring!

1. BRAD WALL DISCOVERS RESOURCE REVENUES ARE VOLATILE Saskatchewan’s premier posted a pre-budget video on Facebook this morning. Will the sales tax go up while income taxes drop? Sounds like it. The provincial budget comes down tomorrow.

2. BOB DYLAN IS NOT COMING TO REGINA He is playing Moose Jaw and Saskatoon however.

3. R. WOLFE, CHILD PORNOGRAPHER A Saskatoon man pleads guilty to a megaheinous crime.

4. YOUTUBE CENSORS TEGAN AND SARA? The service’s restricted mode disproportionately filters out LGBTQ content apparently.

5. NO EVIDENCE OBAMA ORDERED TRUMP TOWER BUGGED That claim was nonsense anyway. Trump/Russia scheming, on the other hand

6. “I NEED TO MAKE SURE YOU’RE FROM HERE BEFORE I SERVE YOU” In Huntington Beach, California, a now-fired server demanded proof of citizenship from four Latina customers. Trump Derangement Syndrome strikes again.

7. NO RESPECTABLE REPUBLICANS Here’s a good, angry long read on the connection between movement conservatism and the Trump budget. Given that Canada’s own national Conservative party gives a platform to the viciously dumb ideas of people like Kellie Leitch, it’s a relevant read for this country, too.

8. CHUCK BERRY, BERNIE WRIGHTSON, ROWAN ATKINSON Dead, dead, not dead. Also: genius, genius, genius.

9. COUNTDOWN TO BREXT The United Kingdom will trigger article 50 before the end of this month. Good job, idiots!

10. WHY DO MALE JOURNALISTS ASSUME THE WOMEN THEY INTERVIEW ARE FLIRTING WITH THEM? Well actually (lol) you could take the word “journalist” out of that sentence and it would still be accurate.

11. WHAT IS A SPRING? A hard-hitting Boston Globe investigation reveals all.

SPEAKING OF SPRINGTIME This goes out to our favourite U.S. president ever.


DA: The Eighth Wonder Of The World

Daily AggregationGood morning, Regina! It’s minus-19 at 10:46 with a high of minus-14. Sunrise was 7:22, sunset is 6:55 and I have a pet snake chilling in my hoodie’s hood right now, but what you want is news links, maybe not as wordy as yesterday’s. I hear ya!

1. HEALTH CARE: DEALS, DEALS, DEALS Alberta, Quebec and Ontario sign health care funding agreements with the feds. Saskatchewan signed its deal in January.

2. NO DEAL CAN HELP MARION BRASS The 77-year old woman died during a 31-hour-stay in the Pasqua emergency ward. Can you even imagine?  Totally unacceptable.

3. MLA AND PUBLIC SERVANT PAY FIGHT CONTINUES The NDP and Sask Party are not getting along.

4. SHOULD REGINA BAN SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLACES? This mostly non-smoker (four or five cigars a year, bums weed every once in a blue moon) thinks this is massive overreach. Although I do hate cigarette butt litter. Take the survey here.

5. MORON POT BUST Here’s a long read on yesterday’s ridiculous, waste-of-time-and-money Toronto police-led national weed dispensary raids. Legalize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. BOMBARDIER BOY BAGGED IN BIG BRIBERY BUST Evegeny Pavlov, who works for the Canadian aerospace company possibly best known for its trough-slurping, is being held in Sweden.

7. DOES THE CONVENIENT-FOR-TRUMP WIKILEAK ABOUT THE CIA’S HACKING POWER SERVE RUSSIAN INTERESTS? So we have to choose whether we’re on Team CIA or Team KGB? Wheee, I love 21st century geopolitics. Anyway, something to read and ponder.

8. OLD MASTER, NEW ART New Goya etchings have been found, holy smokes. Goya is one of the all-time greats.

KONG: SKULL ISLAND It’s getting decent reviews and it looks like fun. Gotta love the king!

DA: Goodbye, Travellers Building

Daily AggregationHappy International Women’s Day, Regina! At 10:30 it’s -16 with a -26 windchill. High today is -10, low tonight -21, sun came up at 7:26 and will set at 6:52. On to news!

1. IT’S INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!!! Here’s Prairie Dog’s feature. More? Okay! Women world-wide are being asked to go on strike—here’s the story on CBC and in the The Washington Posta Guardian live-blog, and a quartet of Al Jazeera stories on women in Gaza, South African grandmothers, the world’s female leaders past and present and of course the requisite global overview. Vice has a timely story on climate change and women here, and Vox has a story on U.S. President Womanhater’s resurrection of the women’s health funding ban here. Here in Canada? The Liberal federal government just announced $650 million in international funding for women’s sexual and reproductive health—something, it should be remembered, we’d never get from a Conservative government because Conservatives in 2017 are the party that panders to extremists who want to restrict women’s reproductive rights (hi Brad Trost, how’s the leadership bid coming along?). So if you want to bash Liberals (and we all do sometimes!), maybe bash ’em for not giving us a national child care program (which BTW we’d also never, ever, ever, ever see from 21st-century Canadian Conservatives who, did I mention, pander to extremists?).

2. SASK NDP FIGHTS WANTS DEEPER CUTS TO POLITICAL SALARIES, ALSO, A PLAN THAT ISN’T JUST SLASH-AND-BURN SALARIES. “We don’t want to be a rubber stamp or seen to be helping this government force a wage cut on the people,” says MLA David Forbes.

3. POACHERS KILL A WHITE RHINO IN A FRENCH ZOO Pure evil. Attacks on endangered world heritage wildlife are top-tier crimes and international incidents and, if I were the boss of things, grounds for full-scale war with South-East Asia. I might not be sane on this subject. I’m Chinese criminal court levels of “justice by firing squad” when it comes to rhino poachers.

4. “URGENTLY LOOKING INTO THE MATTER” The big tech companies respond to the big Wikileaks news about the CIA getting into people’s cellphones. Oh! And televisions!

5. A CRUMBLING HERITAGE PROPERTY BURNS Regina’s indifference to its architectural heritage warmed downtown Broad St. last night as the Travellers Building burned. Here’s some history on a once-lovely building that’s been a home for pigeons for years. If this becomes a parking lot I’m going to make it a personal mission to get embarrassing stories  about Regina’s stupidity as a city into national media outlets. Fair warning, Powers-That-Be!


DA: Yoda Lifts A Helicopter

Daily AggregationHow are ya, Regina? As I’m typing this it’s minus-12 and snowing in the Queen City with a high of minus-eight predicted later this afternoon. Barring a supernova or black holes or similar event, you can expect the sun to set at 6:49 p.m. Its day started at 7:31 so that’s a good 11 hours and 18 minutes of work. Tomorrow’s sunrise is at 7:28 but let’s get to the news because that’s what we do in this thing!

1. SASK PARTY THINGS Convicted impaired driver Don McMorris is back in the Sask Party caucus, which he shouldn’t be because he should’ve resigned, and Brad Wall has stopped taking top-up pay which is good because he’s Saskatchewan’s premier, not just the Sask Party leader.

2. CANADIAN WOMEN STILL DON’T EARN AS MUCH AS MEN Story in The Globe And Mail. TL; DR: “Canada’s gender pay disparity is larger than the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development average. Canada has also tumbled down the World Economic Forum’s global gender gap rankings, to 35 th place, from 19th place two years earlier.”


4. THE MAJORITY OF CONSERVATIVES DO NOT BELIEVE IN CLIMATE CHANGE Good read here. Saskatchewanians and Albertans are much more likely to reject facts than other Canadians.

5. “BLAH BLAH BLAH SHARIA LAW BLAH” There were rallies nation-wide Saturday against a parliamentary motion to condemn Islamophobia. The protests were met by counter-protests across Canada. In Regina, Paul Dechene, who was at this thing, tells me the small group of anti-Islamics had their Fox News-style talking points utterly squashed by a cheerful crowd of 50-plus people promoting a message of tolerance, diversity and peace. The L-P story is here. In Saskatoon, Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens protesters were opposed by anti-racism protesters. Here’s stories on rallies in Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary and Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens ground zero, Montreal. Anti-racism demonstrators heavily outnumbered CCCC protesters at all the demonstrations I looked up. Here’s a column on what it all means.

6. SIKH MAN SHOT IN SEATTLE Some poor guy working on his car in his driveway was wounded by a masked gunman who told him to “go back to your own country.” This happens a week after a man of Indian descent was killed by a 50-something white man who allegedly told him to “get out of my country.”

7. TRUMP SIGNS NEW THINLY-VEILED BAN ON MUSLIMS The last one was blocked. Will the new ban stand?


VIDEO: YODA IS REAL, HE’S ON EARTH AND HE’S SCREWING WITH HELICOPTERS It’s the only logical explanation for this video.

DA: The Final Snikt

Daily AggregationHello Regina! It’s minus-1 at 1:40 with a high of plus-two coming our way mid-afternoon. The sun is up until 6:44 this evening (sunrise was 7:35). It’s very sunny out right now and I like it. News!

1. THE NDP WINS ONE Ryan Meili is the new MLA for Saskatoon Meewasin. If he still wants to become leader of the provincial NDP, this was an essential victory. More here.

2. TAKE A NUMBER Donald Trump’s anti-science oil stooges won’t meet with United Nations climate chief Patricia Espinosa, proving once again that they are monsters who don’t care about the future.

3. OPEN SEASON ON WOMEN She was unconscious and mostly naked in a cab and somehow it wasn’t rape? This is a terrible, terrible verdict. Yes, there can be nuances around consent and a drink or two, but there should be no debate on consent and unconsciousness. The entire Canadian justice system just does not get it.

4. SMARTPHONE SNOOPS CBC has a good story on Canada’s border goons checking out visitors’ phones. Talk about pointlessly obnoxious overreach—not to mention making visitors feel unwelcome. I know I wouldn’t take my phone over a border, and the most incriminating thing on it are the eight billion photos of my pets.

5. CHINA FORCES BBC TEAM TO SIGN A CONFESSION Wow. A good reminder that China is not a free country.

6. SOVIET STATES OF AMERICA Some analysis of the Jeff “lied under oath” Sessions incident.

7. VIETNAM NO-SHOW PLAYS NAVY DRESS-UP Donald “Five Deferments” Trump takes a page from the George W. Bush “I skipped the war but I’m still cool” playbook and wears military threads for a tour of a new aircraft carrier. Also, what nincompoops name an aircraft carrier the USS Gerald R. Ford? It’s like they want it to trip over a wave and sink.

8. SECOND THOUGHTS ON OBAMACARE Trump supporters might not want one of the things they specifically voted for—the repeal of Obamacare. Shocking.

9. BATS: A BITTER FAREWELL Every once in a while it’s good to read a venomously bitter column about humanity’s contempt for threatened wildlife. Here’s a great one.

LOGAN The final Hugh Jackman Wolverine movie is now playing. Jorge says it’s great. Here’s the trailer. Looks good to me. Snikt!

DA: Spirited Away

Daily Aggregation

How are ya, Regina? It’s -3 right now on a day with a forecast high of -1. The sun got out of bed before I did today: at 7:49. It’s going to go to bed long before I do, though–it tucks in at 6:32 tonight. And now you know.

1. CHARLIE ANGUS THROWS HIS HAT IN THE RING Well, there’s the next federal NDP leader.

2. AMERICAN BACKLASH As President Trump continues his imbecile jamboree, the heat turns up on the U.S. Republicans who hopped on his bigly bandwagon.

3. REGINA AIR QUALITY: DON’T PANIC Okay. Wait, somebody said we should panic?

4. DEADLY NERVE GAS! A genuine WMD was used to kill North Korean Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il’s half brother.

5. MAN CHARGED FOR WEED DEALING A good reminder not to speed. Also this is dumb. Legalize it, tax it and use the money to fix Brad Wall’s dumb budget problems. In other pot news, the White House is opposed to recreational marijuana and is planning to be an ass about it. Which I assume means siccing the pro-KGB FBI on people of colour who use pot.

6. ISRAEL DENIES VISAS TO HUMAN RIGHTS WORKERS Ugh. At least they didn’t shoot them.

7. JAY AND DAN! JAY AND DAN! Will the sports broadcast legends return to TSN? Officer Bobrovsky awaits an announcement.

MIAZAKI CAN’T STAY RETIRED The world’s greatest animator is going to make another movie. It’s supposed to be out before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. You’ve seen Spirited Away, right?

DA: I Haven’t Seen Lego Batman Yet, Lame

Daily AggregationAnd here we are again, Regina. It’s -2 at the moment on the first day since Sunday, Feb. 12 when it’s not going to get warmer than zero. We all acknowledge that’s not normal for February, right? Anyway, it’s supposed to get up to -1. The sun came up at 7:51 and it sets tonight at 6:30 for total daylight of 10 hours and 36 minutes, which is 3:42 longer than yesterday. Hey, let’s get on with the news.

1. ANOTHER REASON TO NOT SCREW WITH SASKTEL We know it’s likely that any privatization of SaskTel would lead to higher phone bills, lost jobs and permanent loss of government revenue. Add pension problems to that list.

2. THERE’S A NATIONAL FASD CONFERENCE IN TOWN Here’s your chance to learn about the stigma and racism around fetal alcohol syndrome disorder, which doesn’t help anything incidentally. Good read by the Leader-Post’s Ashley Martin.

3. EX-SOLDIERS OF ODIN CO-LEADER BUSTED FOR GUNS Astounding news that no one could’ve seen coming.

4. STANDING ROCK’S GRIM TALLY “At least 1,000 Standing Rock protesters, according to camp medics, have been treated for chemical poisoning, hypothermia, rubber-bullet and “nonlethal” beanbag wounds, and many more serious injuries, all as a direct result of violence from militarized police, who sometimes arrive by the hundreds.” Story here.

5. MARCH OF THE EXOPLANETS NASA found seven more of them, all earth-sized, with three of them in the Goldilocks zone (not too hot, not too cold) for life. Cool.

6. CAN WE NOT MAKE IT LEGAL FOR U.S. CUSTOMS TO DETAIN CANADIANS IN CANADA, MR. TRUDEAU? Seems like a big leap past reasonable “pre-clearance” to me.

7. TRUMP SIGNALS THAT DISCRIMINATING AGAINST TRANS PEOPLE IS OKAY U.S. President Bigotface removes protections for trans students, which will make it easier for repugnant bigots to be shitty to them.

8. CONSERVATIVES OPPRESSING CLIMATE SCIENTISTS Gross. When your friends and relatives trash-talk scientists, make sure you stand up for these heroes of civilization.

9. MASS EXTINCTION: NOT AS UNBELIEVABLY TERRIBLE AS BELIEVED? Life on earth might recover faster than thought after mass extinction events, which by the way we’re currently in and it’s all human-caused (hooray?).

LEGO BATMAN Jorge liked it and the trailers are hilarious so we should all go see it if we haven’t yet.


DA: Snake BFF

Daily AggregationHello Regina! It’s plus-one, the 10th day in a row it’s been above zero. High today is plus-three. Sunrise was 7:53, sunset is 6:28 and that’s all I have to say about that. News!

1. TENSION AT STANDING ROCK Dakota Access Pipeline protesters have been ordered to leave today.

2. NASA’S GOT SOMETHING TO SAY TODAY The U.S. space agency has a big press conference today. Have they discovered markers of life on an exoplanet? Or maybe they’ve just got some cool but not earth-shaking science news they’re puffing up into something more compelling than it is to convince President Bigly and the Congress From Buttland to leave their budget alone.

3. DOG KENNEL CHARGED WITH NEGLIGENCE You’ve probably been trying to forget about the Saskatoon kennel where 14 dogs died of dehydration and heat stroke. Me too, but there’s a new development.

4. TERRIBLE HOSTAGE A man who held a knife to his own neck was tasered and arrested in Regina.

5. THE WALL IS STALLED A month into his presidency, Trump’s stupid thing is tangled up in bureaucracy. Meanwhile, a desperate, man killed himself after his third deportation. Expect more of this as the mean-spirited demagogue turns up the heat on more human beings.

6. BURGER JOINTS SHOULD FEED THEIR STAFF A Vancouver employee fired after a misunderstanding gets a deserved settlement.

7. LEGALIZE EVERYTHING We should consider it.

8. DIRTY, ROTTEN THIEVES STEAL VENOMOUS SNAKES and a cute, pregnant albino boa constrictor. Also, to quibble with the article slightly, no one gets killed by boa constrictors (which are illegal pets here but shouldn’t be), though I guess it’s theoretically remotely possible. It’s less likely than being killed by a pet cat, I can guarantee that. But there’s no way a “200 centimetre” boa is going to hurt anything bigger than a small rabbit.

Here’s a video of a cute snake!

DA: Archer: Dreamland

Daily AggregationGood morning, Regina! Good news: as of today, the sun is finally up before eight a.m. — 7:58 to be precise. Sunset is at 6:27, for 10 hours and 29 minutes of glorious daylight. Temperature is one degree Celcius, and the high is supposed to be plus-two. Here’s some of what’s up in the world.

1. CRAP WATER FOR FIRST NATIONS Canada needs to do better than this.

2. REGINA MIGHT JOIN AN ARTS RESEARCH THINGY The city will join Saskatoon, Winnipeg and others in the The Prairie Partnership for Arts Research, pending council approval.

3. “WALLIDAYS”, HAHAHA The Leader-Post’s Murray Mandryk picks apart the premier’s plan which now has a good nickname.

4. A BUS-EYE VIEW OF DISTRACTED DRIVERS Regina police have a new plan to catch drivers looking at their cell phones. I hope you’re reading this, friend-who-knows-who-you-are.

5. THE PM HEARTS PIPELINES Monkey Beach author Eden Robinson calls out Justin Trudeau for not facing Vancouver’s pipeline wrath.

6. VANCOUVER AQUARIUM: STILL WITH THE BELUGAS Sounds like West Coast Canadians will get another decade of captive cetaceans, despite the mysterious deaths of two whales last year and ongoing criticisms that whales, dolphins and other large, intelligent sea mammals shouldn’t be in captivity, period.



9. YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH RACISM AND TRANSPHOBIA BUT PEDOPHILIA IS STILL TABOO Horrible human Milo Yiannopoulos lost a book deal and has been kicked out of a conservative conference after flippantly suggesting it’s healthy for 13-year-old boys to have relationships with men. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person. Dan Savage has a column on this here.

10. TODAY IN TRUMPLAND President Bigly problematically bashes the media, might appoint a climate change skeptic as his science advisor, and seems to have helped protect America from British teachers. Fortunately there’s a browser extension that replaces photos of Trump with pictures of kittens. I just tried it out. Works all right!

ARCHER: DREAMLAND Holy shitsnacks! This looks fun.

DA: Adorable Banana Bat

Daily AggregationHappy afternoon, Regina! it’s -13 with a, yuck, -24 windchill and a s-8 tonight. Sunrise was 8:18 sunset is 6:06. News!

1. TRUDEAU MEETS TRUMP Poor Justin. I’d suggest buttering up President Margarine and saving stuff like trade and immigration bans for meetings with politicians and bureaucrats whoaren’t deranged wannabe strongmen.

2. CITIES VS. THE PROVINCE Saskatchewan’s Urban municipalities have questions for Premier Impending Austerity.

3. DON’T FRICKIN’ SELL SASKTEL Our conservative premier is talking about selling off a valuable publicly owned Saskatchewan asset again. When Manitoba’s conservatives privatized MTS it wiped out jobs, made CEOS richer, raised everyone’s phone bills and cost the province money, so hopefully nobody will fall for this “good deal” nonsense.


5. THE GREEN AND WHITE STAND ACCUSED! Did the Roughriders hold a workout with a player whose rights are held by Hamilton? They say nope.

6. SASK DESIGNER WINS PRIZE FOR BUTTHOLE BOOK COVER There’s nothing I don’t like about this. Congrats to Duncan Campbell of the University Of Regina Press.

7. TODAY IN TRUMPTOWN Sessions confirmed, Conway counseled, Donald bashes a nuke treaty with Russia and also vows a dated crackdown on crime probably because he thinks it’s still 1980 when he wasn’t .

8. VIDEO: “CUTE BAT EATS A BANANA” Story checks out.