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DA: Meow

Good morning! Happy summer! Here’s a few links. 1. AND THEN THERE WERE 12? There’s going to be a provincial byelection, but are the media and government counting the NDP’s Saskatoon-Fairview chickens before...

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DA: The Man Who Planted Trees

Good afternoon! It’s 13°C just before 2:00 on a chilly, rainy yet likable Wednesday afternoon. As we near solstice, we’ve got 16 hours and (almost) 25 minutes of daylight. Sunset tonight is 9:11, sunrise was the...

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DA: We Are The Champions

It’s a beautiful, sunny day in Regina, 21°C with a high of 24 this afternoon. Sunrise was a mind-boggling 4:46 a.m., and it’s staying there until June 21. Sunset tonight is 9:10, total daytime is 16 hours, 23...

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DA: You Cruise, You Lose

Good afternoon comrades, critics and media connoisseurs! It’s a gorgeous afternoon: 19 degrees, sunny as shit, not too windy. I’m not on a patio drinking beer, why? Right: I have a job. An awesome job! An aggregating...

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DA: Scheer Hilarity

Good morning and welcome to the last days of May! We’re looking at a high of 18°C and a low of four, and if you have a rough day and need a patio pint later, good news: it’s going to be a sunny evening. A perfect...

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DA: Fillet Of Father

HI THERE. What’s new? Seriously, what’s new? Let me know in the comments. Hey, it’s only 8°C and the high’s just gonna be 12. I hear there’s a chance of frost tonight. Sunrise today was at 5:07 and...

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DA: Late Afternoon Quickie

It’s been a little too long so here’s a few news links. Glance at ’em on your phone and make a mental note that you’ll look at them later when you don’t have an after-work pint in front of you. This...

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DA: I Made A Stupid Video

Happy Thursday! Too bad it’s not nicer out, HA HA HA HA HA j/k it’s ridiculous: 23°C right now (1:00-ish) and going up to at least 24 this afternoon. Sunrise was 5:27, sunset is 8:23, total daylight is 14 hours, 56...

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