DA: Meow

Daily AggregationGood morning! Happy summer! Here’s a few links.

1. AND THEN THERE WERE 12? There’s going to be a provincial byelection, but are the media and government counting the NDP’s Saskatoon-Fairview chickens before they hatch?

2. GOING SLOW Regina police made virtually no progress on workplace diversity fro  2015 to 2017.

3. THE SCENE FROM CANADA’S BIGGEST PRIDE EVENT No police floats and Black Lives Matter didn’t stop the parade.

4. RECENTLY IN TRUMPLAND The U.S. Supreme Court says it will hear arguments for President Trump’s Muslim travel ban in the fall, if necessary. In the meantime, the conservative-dominated court ruled parts of the ban can stand. Read the Washington Post story here. Also, the conservative-dominated U.S. Supreme Court ruled that taxpayer-funded playgrounds can NOT be denied to religious schools. Time for the Church Of Satan to get into the education business!

AND NOW I NEED A PET CHEETAH Where is my pet cheetah? I demand a cheetah!

DA: The Man Who Planted Trees

Daily AggregationGood afternoon! It’s 13°C just before 2:00 on a chilly, rainy yet likable Wednesday afternoon. As we near solstice, we’ve got 16 hours and (almost) 25 minutes of daylight. Sunset tonight is 9:11, sunrise was the usual 4:46 a.m. Here’s some news.


THERE ARE SO MANY GUN NUTS IN AMERICA EVEN REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS GET SHOT SOMETIMES A gunman wounded four Republicans in Alexandria, Virginia at a bipartisan charity event. The shooter, predictably, is now dead. Given that the suspect was a Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer, this appears to be a rare case of left leaning would-be killer. Assholes with guns are usually libertarian sociopaths or profoundly unwell young men. Well, now everyone’s deranged. Great. Oh and hey, I hear there’s also there’s a been a mass shooting in San Francisco.

CHANGING PRIDE POLITICS ARE ROOTED IN SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC INEQUALITY That’s what I took away from this excellent article, which talks about ongoing tensions in the LGBTQ* movement over issues like police participation in Pride parades. It focuses on Toronto but these conversations and debates are ongoing everywhere.

FLINT, MICHIGAN WATER CRISIS: HEALTH BOSS CHARGED WITH INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER Story here, and more here. Makes me wonder if someday we’ll see Canadian politicians and public servants charged for First Nations’ chronically shitty drinking water.

MEET YOUR NEW AMALGAMATED HEALTH BOARD Now let’s all Google these individuals and see if there’s any sketchy ideology going on. Also, having just one health board for the whole province is probably a terrible idea.

FROMAGE FIGHT Canada and the EU are arguing over cheese. As a cheese-eater with only moderate concern for Canadian producers whose research is limited to reading this story, I think Europeans have a point.

NAZI BLOGS FUCK OFF An Edmonton keyboard creep has been charged with willful promotion of hatred. Meanwhile,  Alberta’s education minister filed a police complaint over anti-LGTBTQ* flyers. Alberta’s conservative base sure has some winners, doesn’t it? By the way, Saskatchewan did fairly well on that hate crimes report that came out the other day. Sometimes this place is all right. Then again, considering I know someone who suffered a brain injury in a gay bashing, have met people who think “Hitler was right about a lot of things” and have seen a lot of crap on Facebook written by Saskies, it’s pretty clear there’s still a lot of hate and fear here.

HAPPY 30TH, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER Last month was the 30th anniversary of one of my favourite animated films, which incidentally was produced by Radio Canada (suck it, CBC haters). Frederic Back’s adaptation of Jean Giono’s novel L’homme qui plantait des arbres won the 1988 Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. I’m shocked I couldn’t find an anniversary tribute online—arts journalism has really beaten beaten to hell in this country, hasn’t it? Regardless, The Man Who Planted Trees is gentle and lovely, and spring is a wonderful time to watch it — especially in this ominous era of unchecked climate change and rising fascism.

DA: Everybody Swoon For Wotherspoon

Daily AggregationJust a quick one today, let’s go go go

1. EX-INTERIM The NDP’s Trent Wotherspoon has stepped down to contemplate a run for the party’s leadership. Wotherspoon, a teacher in his civilian days, would join a leadership contest that so far includes popular-with-millennials Saskatoon doctor Ryan Meili. More candidates are rumoured to declare in the coming months. Murmur murmur!

2. HATE CRIMES AGAINST MUSLIMS RISE IN 2015 There were 159 police reports of hate crimes against Muslims in 2015, up from 99 the year before. Jews remain the leading target of religious hate crimes, with 178 incidents. Read more here. And yes, Alberta had the biggest increase in hate crimes, unsurprisingly.

3. SESSIONS IS IN SESSION U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee to answer (and not answer) questions about President Trump firing the FBI director. Hard to believe Trump hasn’t even been in office for five months and he’s already got his own Watergate going.


5. TWIN SHOOTS TWIN IN SNAKE CRUELTY MISADVENTURE Two 14 year-old boys in Texas… Texas? Do I even need to continue? Just read the stupid thing here. And next time, Texas, maybe don’t raise your kids to be cruel to harmless (or close-to-harmless) animals.

DA: We Are The Champions

Daily AggregationIt’s a beautiful, sunny day in Regina, 21°C with a high of 24 this afternoon. Sunrise was a mind-boggling 4:46 a.m., and it’s staying there until June 21. Sunset tonight is 9:10, total daytime is 16 hours, 23 minutes.

1. FOUGEMAYOR IS PROUD Regina Mayor Michael Fougere, as reported by CJME’s Lauren Golosky: “…city council and the citizens of Regina very much want to have an inclusive, tolerant understanding community that respects human rights.” Cool.

2. GRIM ANNIVERSARY It’s been one year since the Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando. Forty-nine people plus the asshole were killed and 58 were injured.

3. CANADA PAYS THE MOST FOR COMMON PRESCRIPTION DRUGS Don’t like it? Vote for political parties that promise to fix it, and if they get elected and don’t, complain to your MP then vote for different political parties that don’t leave their slobber on drug company’s genitals. We live in a democracy and we have the ability and moral right to demand good consumer protection rules.

4. SASK PARTY SLAMMED FOR USING PRIVATE E-MAIL Weird. I can’t think of any reason politicians wouldn’t want to use their work e-mail. I mean, how likely is it they have something to hide?



7. AMERICA BAILS AGAIN To no one’s surprise, the United States won’t join the other six G7 countries in a symbolic pledge of support for the Paris climate accord.

8. STUPID TRAVEL BAN BLOCKED AGAIN Good. Trump is a malicious bigot.

9. TRUMP GETS SUED Maryland and the District Of Columbia are suing the president for violating the Constitution, because he hasn’t given up control of his businesses.

10. EMPATHY FOR US DEVILS An awful lot of progressives — including one of my heroes, Thomas Frank — argue that liberals need to spend more time listening to the concerns of Trump voters. Here’s an excellent rebuttal to all that the hand-wringing that by Kathe Pollitt in The Nation:

Who is telling the Tea Partiers and Trump voters to empathize with the rest of us? Why is it all one way? Hochschild’s subjects have plenty of demeaning preconceptions about liberals and blue-staters—that distant land of hippies, feminazis, and freeloaders of all kinds. Nor do they seem to have much interest in climbing the empathy wall, given that they voted for a racist misogynist who wants to throw 11 million people out of the country and ban people from our shores on the basis of religion (as he keeps admitting on Twitter, even as his administration argues in court that Islam has nothing to do with it). Furthermore, they are the ones who won, despite having almost 3 million fewer votes. Thanks to the founding fathers, red-staters have outsize power in both the Senate and the Electoral College, and with great power comes great responsibility. So shouldn’t they be trying to figure out the strange polyglot population they now dominate from their strongholds in the South and Midwest?

I love the idea of empathy being a two-way street. Read Pollitt’s whole brilliant article here.

11. PITTSBURGH REPEATS Man that’s a good team. I guess I can live with them crushing my beloved Blue Jackets in the first round, especially since Regina’s Chris Kunitz is on that squad. Here’s a nice story about my sentimental pick for playoff MVP, Marc-Andre Fleury, here’s a tribute to Nashville’s lovably plucky team, and here’s the best victory song ever. Let’s send it out to everyone, because hey, we’re all champions.

DA: You Cruise, You Lose

Daily AggregationGood afternoon comrades, critics and media connoisseurs! It’s a gorgeous afternoon: 19 degrees, sunny as shit, not too windy. I’m not on a patio drinking beer, why? Right: I have a job. An awesome job! An aggregating job, even! I’d better get to it.

1. BUTT OUT Regina passed a probably overdue smoking ban. I’m not sure about banning smoking in public parks; that’s getting too nanny-statey for even this nanny-state fan. It’ll be nice to see fewer cigarette butts on the ground though, and if this helps people quit smoking that would be great.

2, BIG MEETING ON RAILROAD REDEVELOPMENT THURSDAY NIGHT Good. So is a pedestrian bridge/corridor to Dewdney going to be built? I’m sick of having to walk an extra 20 minutes to get to Iron Beauty, Bushwakker and Durty Nelly’s. Come to think of it, I haven’t been to Durty Nelly’s. Maybe because THERE’S NO EASY WAY TO GET THERE FROM DOWNTOWN EVEN THOUGH IT SHOULD BE A SIX-MINUTE WALK.

3. MINORITY REPORT British Columbia politics are officially fascinating now that the NDP and Greens have agreed to team up. Annoyingly, Christie Clark — whose Liberals got 40 per cent of the vote to the NDP and Greens combined 57 per cent — says she’ll stay on as premier until she loses a confidence vote. Can you imagine how badly right-wingers would freak out if an NDP government pulled a stunt like that? Then again, maybe that’s just the process that needs to be followed and I’m making a big deal out of nothing.

4. NOTLEY’S STILL PUSHING PIPELINES Well, she has to. Albertans don’t believe in climate change and Notley’s a hostage playing the hand she’s been dealt. She can’t be an environmental advocate until Albertans accept that they might need to make a few sacrifices for the future. They might as well; we’re all going to suffer from climate change sooner rather than later. Thanks to Big Oil, the window of opportunity for relatively painless adaption to the inevitable post-carbon future is shut; now it’s about how badly we’re going to get hurt. The sooner we act like adults and take our medicine, which will get more bitter the longer we wait, the better–and that goes triple for Albertans and their fantasy, never-ending fossil fuel economy.

5. COCKTALK That was my other idea for this post’s headline, but I couldn’t decide if it needed a hyphen or if that would spoil the joke. I guess I just liked it because it sounded dirty.

6. THREE-MILE ISLAND IS SHUTTING DOWN Also, Three-Mile Island was still operating? Huh. If you don’t know what I’m talking about because you weren’t alive in 1979 congratulations! You are a desirable demographic to our advertisers.

7. TORONTO ALT-WEEKLY SAYS SCHEER STINKS Perhaps you would be interested in reading this fine article.

8. HOW THE WEST WAS LOST The mighty Jeet Heer has a great column in nthe New Republic on how Trump has destroyed the European-American alliance. Read!

9. SHUT. IT. DOWN Portland’s mayor wants an alt-right demonstration cancelled because the alt-right activates maniacs like the would-be headhunter who killed two people after he caused a racist confrontation. Tangent: right-wing extremism is the kind of “free speech” pro-life, pro-gun, anti-Muslim Conservative leader Andrew Scheer wants to protect on Canadian campuses. Because inciting people to violence is free speech!

10. 16:05:43 The sun rose at 4:53 and will set at 8:59 for a glorious 16 hours, five minutes and 43 seconds of glorious sunlight. Whoop!

RESPECT THE TALK On the last Tuesday of every month, comedian Jayden Pfeifer brings his microphone and smart mouth to Talkies, Regina’s B-movie narration wherein cult classics like Monster Squad, sad piles of failure like Superman IV: The Quest For Peace and nature documentaries like Anaconda get a running commentary. Tonight, Pfeifer and guest heckler Krystal Lewis bring their love, contempt and sarcasm to the 1988 Tom Cruise proto-bro barbuster Cocktail (holy poop, it’s almost 30 years old). The fun starts at 7:00 at the RPL Film Theatre. Admission is free with a donation (cash or cans, cash being better) to the Regina Food Bank. Here’s the trailer.

DA: Scheer Hilarity

Daily AggregationGood morning and welcome to the last days of May! We’re looking at a high of 18°C and a low of four, and if you have a rough day and need a patio pint later, good news: it’s going to be a sunny evening. A perfect match for this fine morning! Speaking of tonight: sunset is at 8:58 p.m., while sunrise was at 4:54. That’s almost 16 hours and four minutes of daylight. Huzzah! Here’s some news. Let’s start with Dimples McDickly’s big victory.

1. LIKE STEPHEN HARPER BUT WITHOUT THE EVIL STRATEGIC CUNNING Regina-Qu’Appelle’s member of Parliament somehow won this weekend’s Conservative party leadership. How about that. The farmers might’ve helped. The Leader-Post’s Barb Pacholik has a fine, Regina-focused piece on his rise while CBC’s Eric Grenier crunches the numbers behind Scheer’s unlikely defeat of front-runner Maxime Bernier. Read more on Scheer here.

What else? Well, if the reality-based world wanted to get upset over something they could point to Scheer’s late 2016 call to shut down CBC news. Bernier said public media puts the government in a “glaring” conflict but I think he was being dishonest. The real reason he wants to shut down CBC news? CBC reporting and analysis is (generally) good, and good reporting causes problems for dishonest politicians. It’s the old Harper playbook: destroy your critics because you can’t win honest debates. It’s why Harper muzzled government scientists and it’s why Conservative MPs so frequently refused interview requests.

Speaking of fact-averse notions: the CBC is a public broadcaster, not a government propaganda outlet. If it was run by the government, CBC would’ve given Stephen Harper an easy ride, right? Spoiler alert: it didn’t.

As for private media, anyone who wants to review how news companies treat their sacred mission of informing the public might want to check this out.

One last thing: radical Christian groups are cheering Scheer’s win. The anti-choice organization We Need A Law even sent me a press release congratulating Scheer:

“We recognize his commitment to consistent values, and appreciate his solid voting record. Scheer voted in favour of bills like Cassie and Molly’s Law and Roxanne’s Law, which show care for pregnant women and pre-born children. Pre-born human rights were highlighted during this campaign in a way they have not been for a long time. It is encouraging to see open discussion around the injustice done to pre-born victims of crime, and awareness raised about the prevalence of sex-selective abortion in some Canadian communities.”

Gross. You never hear social conservative politicians talk about helping the poor. Their religious moralizing is cheap.

2. TRUMP… SHRUG So his son-in-law wanted a secret channel to talk to Russia? How is this not treason? What can you even say. No wonder Europe’s pulling back. Keep alienating your allies America, I guess.

3. THE END OF STC Awful. An essential public service is being trashed and good jobs are being wiped out because #BradBungledTheBoom. Everyone knows that any private company picking up the STC slack will demand and get handouts from the government, right?

4. CANADIAN DOCTORS APPARENTLY THINK MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION WILL HARM TEENS Despite the fact that Canadian teens are already huge potheads even though Marijuana is still illegal. Well, I’m skeptical it’s possible to make a law banning people from smoking weed until they’re 25 so Canada just might have to go the public education campaign/cross your fingers route. I know one pro- legal pot newspaper that would be thrilled to run ads expressing factually supported concerns about marijuana…

5. A GOOSE-STEPPING, NAZI-SALUTING WHITE SUPREMACIST SLAUGHTERED TWO PEOPLE IN PORTLAND ON SATURDAY And mainstream U.S. media treated it like a regular crime, which they wouldn’t do it the killer was Muslim. Double standard much?



8. HOW ABOUT THAT STREET FAIR? The Cathedral Village Arts Festival wrapped up this weekend with glorious sunshine and happy throngs of people, including some scoundrels who broke the rules and brought their pets. I took a few phone photos. Look!

DA: Rest In Peace, Chris Cornell

Daily AggregationGood afternoon, Regina. Ready for the weekend? Me too. Ready to work on Best Of Food anyway. WHEEE. At around 4:15 it’s a lovely 18C, sunny and mildly breezy. Tomorrow sounds great. Sunset tonight is 8:45, sunrise was at 5:04 and today’s total daylight is 15 hours, 40 minutes. Have a few links; one of ’em has a UFO!

1. LIBERAL CARBON TAX INFURIATES PETRO-GROUPIE POLITICIAN Oh COME ON. Climate change is real, action needs to be taken, the Liberals have a plan but Brad Wall hates it? It’s hilarious that an alleged fan of business and markets rejects the market-based response to climate change. Also, in case you’re wondering, the Saskatchewan Environmental Society supports the plan.

2. MEANWHILE GLOBAL WARMING FLOODED HUMANITY’S EMERGENCY SEED RESERVES (BUT THEY’RE OKAY FOR NOW) Kind of makes you think we’re at the point where climate change denial is a literal crime against humanity. I mean, the fucking seed reserves. You’d have to be cracked to think that’s not terrifying.

3. TRANSIT UNION SUES TO SAVE STC Is shutting down a Crown privatization? Government says no. Union says yes. Courts will decide.

4. NO SUPPER FOR YOU One in four Nunavut residents doesn’t get enough food and the situation needs national attention, say far-left hippies at the Conference Board Of Canada. “Canada doesn’t think as a country strategically around food. We don’t have a national food policy. We don’t have a national food strategy,” the report’s co-author told CBC. Well I for one support my tax dollars being invested in a public solution.

5. TRUMP SUCKS AT GAMES Good read here on why the President is terrible at getting things done. Politics might be poker but governing is chess.

6. CANADA’S BEST UFO INCIDENT TURNS 50 Read all about it.

7. CHRIS CORNELL OBITUARIES In The Guardian (plus this column on 10 essential songs), The New York Times, Rolling Stone and a bunch of write-ups in The Stranger, Seattle’s alternative newspaper. I’m not a grunge guy so let’s keep this simple: here’s maybe Soundgarden’s best-known hit, “Black Hole Sun”.

DA: Fillet Of Father

Daily AggregationHI THERE. What’s new? Seriously, what’s new? Let me know in the comments. Hey, it’s only 8°C and the high’s just gonna be 12. I hear there’s a chance of frost tonight. Sunrise today was at 5:07 and sunset is at 8:42 for 15 hours and 35 minutes of cloud-filtered daylight. Have some new links!

1. KEEP ON TRUMPIN’ The most awesomely incompetent U.S. president of anyone living’s lifetime is probably making a lot of money for the Washington Post these days. What can you say about a dipshit president who warned, then fired, the FBI director investigating his administration’s Russian connections and then leaks an allie’s intelligence to Russia? How about “LOL”? Here’s today’s headline, about Republicans struggling to deal with President Trump’s watergate-level shenanigans.

2. STC WORKERS SUE SASK Read all about it.

3. PROVINCE GETS GOING ON CATHOLIC SCHOOL FUNDING DECISION APPEAL Story here. Greg’s working on something on this for this issue, notwithstanding something going wrong (see what I did there?).

4. SENTENCING UPDATE CBC reports on the La Loche and Hannah Leflar sentencing hearings.

5. NEW CONSUMER PROTECTION LAWS? TELL ME MORE The Trudeau government brings in new legislation to prevent a United Airlines-style traveller-pummeling.

6. CHELSEA MANNING IS FREE On the occasion of Chelsea Manning’s release from jail, here’s Glenn Greenwald on the whistle-blower’s cruel abuse by military prison authorities and her blue-sky future.

7. HIGH STAKES FOR BLACK SNAKES Here’s an interesting and depressing conservation story about how attempts to protect beautiful and unique Alabama habitat and wildlife have inspired misinformed landowners to kill snakes and possibly tortoises.

8. McDONALD’S GETS IN TROUBLE FOR AN INOFFENSIVE AD I like this ad. It’s sweet, and all the outrage is frivolous, over-sensitive, classist and just plain lazy McDonald’s-bashing. In short I agree with this writer. Anyway, if we’re talking about offensive ads here’s one worth getting angry about (no, it’s not the Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad; that was so LOL hilariously ill-conceived I can’t get mad at it).

DA: The Saint Of Killers Returns

Daily AggregationHappy noon Regina! It’s 17°C en route to an 18 high (update: it’s 19 at 12:20) and it’s just gorgeous out. Sunrise was 5:10 a.m. and sunset is 8:40 for almost 15 and a half hours of glorious daylight. Have some news links.

1. DAY OF THE HACKERS Beware, Internet humans: there have been shenanigans.

2. HARASSMENT IN JUSTICE Saskatchewan’s Justice ministry produces the most harassment complaints of any ministry, though very few are investigated.


4. CALL IN THE CITIZENS Civilian Review and Complaints Commission chair Ian McPhail says RCMP work culture is broken and needs civilian oversight. I think it’s bad news anytime a police force doesn’t have civilian oversight. Just dangerous, and unsafe for the cops working in dysfunctional workplaces.


6. SEGREGATION AND BLOOD PRESSURE African Americans who live in highly segregated U.S. neighbourhoods have higher blood pressure than African Americans who live in more integrated neighbourhoods, a study says. Gonna go out on a limb and guess segregated neighbourhoods correlate with vulnerable communities and their attendant poverty, underfunded schools, inaccessible health care, poor economic opportunities, etc. etc. etc.

7. A PERFECT DINOSAUR DISASTER The asteroid that wiped out Earth’s all-time coolest animals hit the right place at the right time to unleash maximum devastation.

8. PATS ARE OUT An unforgettable year for Regina’s WHL side ends just short of a championship. Can’t win ’em all.

9. RYAN VS. RYAN One of my favourite hockey players is peeved at Anaheim Ducks pest Ryan Kesler. I miss Ryan Johansen being on the Columbus Blue Jackets. The trade for Seth Jones was great for both teams, but still.

PREACHER PROMO The first season had its moments (a violent, bloody and hilarious fight between Jesse, Cassidy the vampire and three unkillable angels was a laugh-out-loud highlight) but it also wandered pointlessly and treated its characters like plot devices rather than, well, coherent characters. So should we watch season two when it starts June 25? I’m undecided, but the trailer is fun.

DA: Late Afternoon Quickie

Daily AggregationIt’s been a little too long so here’s a few news links. Glance at ’em on your phone and make a mental note that you’ll look at them later when you don’t have an after-work pint in front of you. This is a lie: you and I both know you probably won’t get around to it. But that’s all right; this gave me a chance to say “have a good weekend!” at you. Have a good weekend!

1. WEATHER AND SUN STUFF Oh yeah, I’m supposed to write that sunrise was at 5:14 and sunset is still hours away—8:35 p.m. Total daylight is 15 hours, 21 minutes and we’re still more than a month away from the summer solrice! The high today was supposedly 23°C and right now it’s 22 and ludicrously swell outside..

2. THE HEAD OF THE U.S. CENSUS QUITS Read about it here and enjoy the grim analysis here. Speaking of census fights, readers will remember Stephen Harper’s government going after the Canadian census in 2010. The predictable result: a data disaster.* Politicians who attack the collection of data do so because facts get in the way of their agendas. Never forget that.

*Although I am tickled to live in a country that gets excited when politicians restore the mandatory long-form census.

3. FEMINISTS VS. TRANSGENDER RIGHTS, WTF I’m not sure I should even link to this story, but it exists, so… blah. More on the topic here.

4. ELON MUSK’S SASKATCHEWAN BACKGROUND Mark Melynchuk files some interesting stories for the L-P. This is one of them.


DA: I Made A Stupid Video

Daily AggregationHappy Thursday! Too bad it’s not nicer out, HA HA HA HA HA j/k it’s ridiculous: 23°C right now (1:00-ish) and going up to at least 24 this afternoon. Sunrise was 5:27, sunset is 8:23, total daylight is 14 hours, 56 minutes and I’m not drinking beer on a patio because I have work to do. But it’s FUN work so that’s okay.

1. BYE, BYE GOOD OL’ SGI, DROVE MY CHEVY TO THE LEVEE BUT INSURANCE WAS TOO HIGH Hot on the heels of the Sask Party’s announcement it could sell off almost half of SaskTel — which would cripple the crown and pave the way for full privatization, no matter what Brad Wall claims — the government says private companies want to buy parts of SGI. That said, stories like this don’t help the case to keep insurance public, which has a duty to be more compassionate than private companies.


3. SASKATCHEWAN FIDDLES WITH DISABLED TRANSPORTATION ALLOWANCE Fiddling would be fine but the bottom line is disabled people in care homes will lose $750 million in funding.

4. WOW, THE EDMONTON OILERS GAVE WOMEN’S WASHROOMS TO MEN Garbage. And this from a team whose owner is tangled up in a cash-for-sex lawsuit. Female fans should sue the Oilers, the league and the City Of Edmonton (which put $131 million toward Rogers Place and is the official owner) for sex discrimination. Seriously.


6. SHOULD SIDNEY CROSBY RETIRE? Yup, says Keith Primeau. These concussions are ridiculous.

7. PRINCE PHILIP CLEARS HIS SCHEDULE Queen Elizabeth’s husband is retiring at 95. Also, Queen Elizabeth’s husband is still alive at 95.

HERE’S A STUPID I was bored and made a dumb cell phone video about how Prairie Dog functions. Or is that dysfunctions?

DA: Great Scott, It’s World Press Freedom Day

Daily AggregationGood afternoon Regina. At 3:15 it’s 16°C and gorgeously sunny. Said sun rose this morning at 5:29 and it’ll set at 8:22 this evening. You wanna know about the moon? Moonrise was at 12:39 p.m. today. It’s a little over two-thirds; the full moon is May 10 so you werewolves have another week before you have to lock yourself in a fortified basements with 50 pounds of raw steak and your neighbour’s crappy cat. News!

1. BOOM BUNGLERS AND CROWN KILLERS Well well well, what a frickin’ surprise. After vowing to not sell off crowns without a referendum, Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party government have met with Bell, Rogers and Telus about selling 49 per cent of SaskTel, which will raise everyone’s phone/internet bills, send Saskatchewan profits to telecom shareholders, wipe out good local jobs, cripple the ability of future Sask governments to fund needed programs and, most hilariously, open the door for a lucky MLA or two to land cushy post-political careers on telecom boards of directors like when former Manitoba premier Gary Filmon privatized the Manitoba Telephone System then took a job on its board of directors. Wall and his cronies must think you’re really stupid and you’ll go along with this without a fuss. Prove him wrong. And be funny and peaceful about it because John Gormley doesn’t need you giving him material to smear Sask Party critics with.

2. SASKATOON COURIER WANTS TO TAKE OVER FOR STC So what, we should cheer? This is how privatization and cuts to public services work —the private sector gobbles-up the profitable bits of a dismembered public entity, and the money-losing (but needed) services either aren’t provided any more or governments have to step in after the dust settles and fork over subsidies to the private vultures that grabbed the scraps, just to keep money-losing (but needed) services going. Along the way, good jobs die and big-money investors profit. Personally I’d rather have a few dopey failures like Spudco than the destruction of public services because politicians have ideology (and rich donors). YMMD.

3. HUGE, EXPLODING FIRE AT REGINA’S OLD GM PLANT The heritage building was partly destroyed. One organization affected: REACH (Regina Education and Action on Child Hunger), which operates in the building. Five hundred needy families won’t get their food hampers today.

4. BODY FOUND ON THE RING ROAD Story but not many details here.

5. FBI BOSS IS JUST SICK ABOUT IT James Comey’s admission that the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton’s e-mails put Trump in the White House, but the FBI director would play it the same way again.

6. BIGOTS AGAINST BODIES Turns out it’s legal for U.S. funeral homes to reject LGBTQ people’s corpses. Appalling.

7. HAPPY WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY! Here’s a column on the threat of an apathetic public, a story on persecuted cartoonists and an editorial on the need for Canada to guarantee press freedoms. Want to read more about the state of journalism? Check out Reporters Without Borders. Want to buy hard-working and often unappreciated journalists a present today? Subscribe to an online newspaper. The media can’t exist without you.

You can support Prairie Dog here.

Here’s a classic scene with some of my favourite fictional journalists at one of my favourite fictional newspapers. Happy World Press Freedom Day!

DA: Maudie

Daily AggregationGood morning, it’s become an unexpectedly sunny day: 10°C with a high of 13°C and an overnight low of three. The sun rose today at 5:31 a.m. and it sets tonight at 8:20 p.m., so you can see the world keeps on spinning regardless of what’s happening to us. Comforting, depressing or both? #DeepThoughtz. Here’s news.


2. “IT JUST MAKES YOUR HEAD SPIN” Weed will soon be legal but cops are still busting the people selling it, blah.

3. FREEDOM OF THE PRESS: CANADA IS OUT OF THE TOP 20 COUNTRIES Well this isn’t good at all. Spying on journalists and police interference is unacceptable. The Toronto Star has a peeved editorial here.

4. PLAGIARISM IS THE NEW BLACK Far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen lifted parts of a speech by eliminated Republican candidate François Fillon. She says it was a tribute. Or maybe she’s just a nasty dope who hired plagiarism monkeys for speechwriters?

5. A 12-YEAR OLD WAS BOOTED FROM A CHESS TOURNAMENT FOR WEARING A “TOO SEDUCTIVE ” DRESS Hopefully whoever’s responsible for this creepy, moralizing stupidity is banned from being around children.

6. CROSBY IS CONCUSSED The Hart Trophy nominee is out against the Capitals in game 4 after a nasty Alex Ovechkin slash and a probably-not-malicious-but-devastating cross check by Matt Niskanen. Not good for hockey.

DO YOU LIKE SWEET, QUIRKY ROMANTIC MOVIES ABOUT NOVA SCOTIA ARTISTS? CHECK OUT MAUDIE I caught it last night and it’s a sweetheart of a movie,  based on the life of actual folk artist Maud Lewis. It’s at the (theatre formerly known as the) Galaxy this week. You can read more about Maudie and Lewis here and here. How often do you get to see a biopic about an amazing Canadian artist married to a door-to-door fish salesman? 4/5 Prairie Dogs. See it!

DA: Back Into The Matrix

Daily AggregationGood morning! It’s looking like a drab, grey start to May. That’s all right. It’s 11°C right now. The high today is, well, I guess this is it?, and the low overnight is 2°C. Today’s sunrise was 5:32, sunset is at 8:19 and total daylight time is 14 hours and 46 minutes. Let’s see what’s happening out there…

1. MAY DAY VIOLENCE IN FRANCE The upcoming final round of the French election has emboldened thugs, who are running amok. Here’s more May Day news from around the world.

2. TEXAS PHONE COMPANY PROFITS OFF SASK PRISONERS Ick. Also, couldn’t SaskTel handle this, and keep the, ick, profits, and jobs, in Sask?

3. OIL BOSSES OPPOSE LEGAL WEED Dicks. Come on, no one thinks employees should be allowed to work while blazed just like no one thinks workers should be drunk. But what workers legally do for fun in their off-hours isn’t a company’s business. Oil companies don’t own their workers.

4. WORKPLACE VIOLENCE IS A TOP-FIVE PROBLEM The Workers Compensation Board says it’s the fifth-highest cause of workplace injuries. You can read more here.

5. THE NORTHERN TEACHER EDUCATION PROGRAM ENDS NORTEP is done as its last class graduates in LaRonge. People are sad.

6. WARM WATERS There’s a good chance we’ll get an El Nino event this year. Again. Let’s hear it for hurricanes, blizzards and record temperatures!

7. CAUCASIAN MALE SHOOTS UP SAN DIEGO POOL PARTY “He had his beer in one hand and his gun in the other,” said one witness. One woman was killed. The victims were Black and Hispanic. The shooter was killed by police. The beer wasn’t identified. Theories/guesses in the comments.

8. ALBERTA NDP GOVERNMENT KEEPS TABS ON FOI REQUESTS. Tsk. Wonder if the Sask Party does this? Can’t imagine them not.

9. PATS ARE ROLLING That team is awesome. I’m happy for Pats’ coach and one-time Winnipeg Jets coach John Paddock.

10. “A GAUNTLET OF ENEMIES OF THE IMAGINATION” Music legend Nick Cave says he’s not going to write any more movie scripts because Hollywood is stultifying. I’m still sad his Gladiator 2 idea never saw movie screens. If you’re going to write a sequel to a movie that isn’t built for one, you’ve gotta think outside the box. Way outside.

VIDEO: ONE REASON THE MATRIX WAS REALLY GOOD I enjoyed this video essay on the film’s scene-to-scene transitions. Recommended for fans of the movie and film in general.

DA: B.A.!

Daily AggregationGood afternoon! As I pressed the shiny, green “publish” button on this post it was 14°C. As for the forecast, you probably have an idea what it’s like out at this point, but in case you got out of bed at noon too: in the Second Age, the gnarled oracles of Atalantë foretold today’s high to be, well 14°C I guess, with a -2 low that, fortunately, is long behind us. The sun rose at 5:40 a.m. and we’ll bask in its cloud-filtered luminescence until 8:12 for a total daylight time of 14 hours and 32 minutes. How about some news before weekend beers?

1. SOUNDS LIKE THE SASK PARTY WANTS TO SELL HALF OF SASKTEL What a bunch of duplicitous rats. No offence to rats, which can be lovely animals.

2. KINDA LOOKS LIKE THE NDP WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG, HUH? I mean, this was still a shitty ad campaign–for one thing, the wolf in the picture was cute. Still: they were right. The Sask Party is desroying and privatizing crowns.

3. PROTEST FOR A PREMIER According to a friend who was there, 300 people turned up to  rambunctiously protest Brad Wall’s dinner. My preference is for huge protests, not vandalizey ones. Also: critics like Tammy Roberts have called functions like these cash-for-access events. They have a point.

4. HOPEFULLY IN THIS CASE, CHEATERS WILL PROSPER The Riders sure are good at breaking rules and getting fined.


6. TRUMP PLANS TO TRASH NATIONAL MONUMENTS Of course he does. He’s a fundamentally corrupt and ugly specimen of humanity.

LOOKING FOR A GOOD TIME TONIGHT? I recommend Hamilton musician B.A. Johnston, who’s playing a free show at O’Hanlon’s. Check out Emmet’s interview, in this issue: it’s a hoot.

DA: Requiem For Wolverine

Daily AggregationGood morning friends, foes, family and fans, it’s a beautiful day here in Regina, no, seriously, it is, just look at that photo. How could anyone say that’s not gorgeous? It’s a highly tolerable -1°C right now on track for a sloppy, slippery and soggy 2°C later. If you’re walking, maybe be a little extra cautious crossing streets and if you’re driving, please don’t hit anyone. The sun sets tonight at 8:08 p.m. after a 14 hour, 22 minute run that started at 5:45 a.m. She’s back at it tomorrow at 5:43 a.m. but that’s a tale for another day and I won’t be the one telling it because after this I’m vanishing into production on Thursday’s edition of Prairie Dog. Well, after one more mid-afternoon blog post that is. Hey, here’s some news.

1. EUROBANKERS BEFORE FASCISTS, I GUESS France’s presidential reality show is down to its two finalists: the tax-cutting, regulation-loosening business-boostering “but he’s a centrist!” finance dude, and Madame Mussolini. On May 7, will find out whether neoliberal Eurostooge Emmanuel Macron or anti-immigrant Trump fan Marine Le Pen will be president. Wheeeeeeeee.

2. SASKATOON MARCHES FOR SCIENCE I liked Mark Bigland-Pritchard’s call for scientifically literate journalists, which seems like an opportunity to remind everyone they can support our scientifically literate stories (such as this one) by subscribing to Prairie Dog. The more support we get, the more we can do. Simple as that. As for the big Washington march: here’s a wrap-up, here’s a short essay on science’s politics problem and here’s another story because I like things that come in threes, especially when the third thing is Bill Nye.

3. WELL GUESS WHAT, TAKING FUNERALS AWAY FROM POOR PEOPLE IS CRUMMY An antipoverty advocate attempts to explain an issue of basic morality to a province that doesn’t always grasp the difference between right and wrong.

4. FREE LAND The Saskatchewan government fought hard to keep its payment from CP for land secret, and, well, I guess now we know why.

5. UNHAPPY DAY Happy Days star Erin Moran has passed away at 56. :(

FAREWELL TO HUGH The hilarious goofballs at How It Should’ve Ended made a surprisingly touching short about Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine (good movie, bye the way). If you’re seen Logan, check this out. If you haven’t, well, go see it, and THEN watch this.

DA: Batman And Superman Walk Into A Coffee Shop

Daily AggregationHellooo Regina! It’s gorgeous out there! It’s sunny at 14°C rocketing toward 17 this afternoon. Enjoy it now if you can because the weekend’s weather sounds lame (actually this might be the last awesome day for a week). Sunset is at 8:03 p.m. and sunrise WAS at 5:51. One of these days I’ll get to the office early and enjoy a nice sunrise. NEWS!

1. IF YOU CAN’T WIN A FAIR FIGHT, CHANGE THE RULES The Saskatchewan government is getting yelled at for its sketchy-ass plan to preemptively block lawsuits from Sask municipalities.

2. COMPLICATED LEGAL BATTLE COULD BOOT NON-CATHOLIC KIDS FROM CATHOLIC SCHOOLS, MAYBE? I don’t fully understand this (gotta do more reading because I don’t get the motivation for the original complaint, which looks to me like someone going to court to nuke their own funding, which seems weird) but I think it causes trouble for everyone?

3. DAY IN COURT Marc and Jodie Emery were the targets of grandstanding police raids that probably launched to scare pot businesses and activists away from their livelihoods and cause. The raids were a stupid waste of policing resources given the utter wrongheadedness of pot prohibition. It’s not the Emerys’ fault Canada has dysfunctional, irrational recreational drug laws. This kind of crap reduces public confidence in police* (which, I I were a cop, I would be livid about) as well as the Federal Liberals’ legalization legislation. Anyway the two were in court today. Hope the charges are tossed into the waste bin they belong in

*A Toronto police spokesman said the Emerys were “endangering the public”. That’s rich. You know what endangers Toronto? Cops killing black Torontonians.

4. FRANCE PONDERS A FASCIST The French start a two-part presidential election this weekend. Hopefully they won’t send the far-right xenophobe to the final round. There’s probably a decent chance after this week’s shootings. Meanwhile the Conservative candidate sounds like a total douche, the otherwise interesting far-left candidate is too anti-Europe and pro-Russia for my tastes and the socialist who wants to bring in universal basic income has been kneecapped by his party’s past failures. Well, it’ll be interesting anyway.

5. IT’S NOT EASY TO PISS OFF HAWAII BUT THIS IDJIT DID IT U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is apparently a pompous, entitled goof.

6. THE X-FILES IS COMING BACK Fox has ordered a 10-episode 11th season. Hope it’s better than the last one. #Scullyforever

7. WESTJET VS. LABRADOODLE You won’t believe what happened next!


SUPES AND BATS ARGUE ABOUT TRAILERS How It Should Have Ended posted a new Super Cafe video. Is it lame that I love these? I don’t care.

DA: Why Weed Is Illegal

Daily AggregationHappy 4/20! It’s 9°C, with a high of 14 around five O’clock. You have until 8:01 to wander around without worrying about vampires; after that the sun’s down and you take your chances. Sunrise was at 5:53; I hope all of our vampire readers were safely tucked in by then. News? News!

1. SASK PARTY SUPPORT DROPS This is a surprise? Wait until the cuts really hit.

2. A GOOD DEATH CBC has a story about the peaceful death of a husband with terminal cancer who opted for euthanasia. No dry eyes at this desk.

3. A BREXIT MULLGAN? The European Union parliament’s president said if Brits tuef the Tories, they could become unBrexited. Hmmm.

4. A PARDON: SOMETHING YOU EARN OR SOMETHING YOU BUY? People with criminal records who are eligible for pardons usually don’t have $631 lying around. They’re spending that money on their kids, or rent, or food, or prescriptions. A high price for pardons is fundamentally misguided and I’m glad the Liberals are looking into fixing the mess Stephen Harper and his gang of sociopathic goons created.

5. TORONTO LGBTQ COPS DEMAND CITY PULL PRIDE FUNDING I can see their point. I can also see how chronically racist policing pisses people off so much that they organize to punt uniformed cops and their parade floats out of Pride.


7. IT’S 4/20! Happy “Pot Is Still Illegal But Not For Much Longer” day. Looking for some stuff to read? Start with Beatty’s feature in the current ‘Dog, then check out Now’s interview with pot activist Jodie Emery. The Georgia Straight has a report that tears into the Liberal’s legalization plans, and the Toronto Star has a story on the origins of 4/20. Pro-weed alt-weekly The Stranger has tons of stuff to read, including this article on the history of Washington state’s trail-blazing cannabis regulations and this David Schmader piece on vaginal pot suppositories that has awesome sentences like “the sun is rising in my uterus”.

Let’s wrap this up with Adam Ruins Everything’s reality check on marijuana. See you tomorrow!

DA: Marathon Hero Kathrine Switzer Is Still Running

Daily AggregationGood morning, fellow Reginans! I’m back from a short trip to tropical Winnipeg, Manitoba, a Prairie city that’s a mere 573 kilometre drive from our fair town. Things I saw there include: the crumbling new stadium, a bunny, my dad, people who are enraged by provincial PC government plans to close half the city’s emergency rooms (!!!) and the Bridge Drive-In, Canada’s most awesome ice cream stand. I haven’t paid attention to the news in a week. How are things going? Really? Uh oh.

1. STALKED IN REGINA Local women share their awful experiences.

2. BIG COUNCIL MEETING TONIGHT The topic: city budget 2.0. Paul Dechene wrote a thing earlier. Go read it.

3. POT LEGALIZATION: YOU’LL ALWAYS HAVE YOUR CONVICTIONS Marijuana should never have been illegal but the federal liberals have no plans for amnesties in their pot legalization legislation.

4. UNSTABLE, WARMONGERING, THERMONUCLEAR DICK-MEASURING TWITS South Korea is reacting badly to American threats about nuclear weapon tests.

5. CONTINENTAL-SCALE REARRANGEMENT Global warming made a Canadian river disappear almost overnight (well, four nights). Can you imagine living by river that suddenly vanishes? What if you were a farmer, or a vacation lodge owner? What if the river fed a drinking water supply? Scary stuff.

6. BRITISH PM CALLS SNAP ELECTION, WON’T DO TV DEBATES The BBC has “five things you need to know”.


8. ONE BEAVER TO RULE THE COWS 150 cattle followed a beaver around. Weird.

HEY!!!!! SUPPORT ALTERNATIVE MEDIA!!!!! For all its mediocre NHL teams, refitted libraries and delicious Goog Specials, one thing Winnipeg doesn’t have? A free alternative newspaper like Prairie Dog. In fact, most Canadian cities outside of Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax don’t have an alt paper. Even supposedly urbane Calgary lost its alt a couple of years ago. It’s true that some people (mostly conservatives) might suggest the era of these papers has ended, but ya know, judging from the state of Saskatchewan, Canada and world (see above), I humbly suggest it’s a good idea to support a newspaper like ours that supports supposedly “outdated” (or so conservative types would have you believe) concepts like unions, public ownership, health care, abortion access, etc. You can learn more here.

EQUALITY IS A MARATHON The Boston Marathon used to be dude-only. It’s hard to imagine, but it’s true: it was only 50 years ago that a woman first ran it (and it was another five years before they were officially allowed to enter). Here’s a short video about this hero, featuring pics of the deranged nobody who tried to stop her.