31 Days Of Hammer: Fanatic

31-days-of-hammerFanatic or as it’s known in the U.S. Die! Die! My Darling! is a 1965 thriller from screenwriter Richard Matheson based on the novel Nightmare
by Anne Blaisdell.

This wasn’t Matheson’s first work for Hammer. Back in 1957 he adapted his novel I Am Legend into a screenplay for Hammer that at the time was supposed to be directed by Fritz Lang. The British censors rejected the script and Hammer sat on the film until they sold the screenplay to an American associate Robert L. Lippert who had the screenplay reworked and eventual turned it into The Last Man on Earth, which hit screens a year before this movie. Matheson may have been dissatisfied enough that he removed his name from The Last Man on Earth but he was quite happy with Fanatic.
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