T.V. Heartbreaks To Come

Entertainment Weekly has compiled a list of the fall 2012 T.V. pilots from the five U.S. broadcast networks. So, if having a show you like canceled after one season isn’t enough; if having some great looking shows canned after just two episodes isn’t enough; or if you obviously don’t have a heart to break and don’t get far too attached to the lives of fictional characters, then you can go look at the whole, five-page long list.

In it, you’ll find projects from established cool people who do cool things, like Zachary Levi, Connie Britton, Judy Greer and Scott Foley. There’s also projects from established producers like J.J. Abrams and Supernatural‘s Eric Kripke in addition to fellows like Greg Daniels, who managed to bring Parks and Recreation into this world but who also might be dead inside from having to drag the bloated-and-dying body of the American Office around with him wherever he goes at NBC.

My feeling is that the NBC shows have the most promise, but we’ll see where the episode orders get handed out. For all we know, The Selection, starring Friday Night Lights alum Aimee Teegarden and, based on its premise, seemingly a hair away from carrying the alternate title The CW Presents The Hunger Games: The Show, might be the smash hit of the season.

Of special interest to our offices at the prairie dog — and maybe to our Google presence, if it takes off — is a Fox sitcom called Prairie Dogs. Kal Penn, he of Harold and Kumar and White House fame, has a role. Here’s the logline:

Neil, an uncool cubicle worker, or prairie dog, at one of the coolest companies in the world, is victim to identity theft. When he discovers the thief has created a much more fulfilling, kick ass life with his identity, he engages the charismatic conman to help him reinvent himself.

Obviously, if it goes to series, we’re doing recaps and reviews on the Dog Blog, every week. Get ready to hear “You’re such a Neil” a lot around these parts.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

6 thoughts on “T.V. Heartbreaks To Come”

  1. My T.V. heartbreak came when Fukkin harpo, pulled “Intellegence” from CBC.
    Oh yeah,& when “Batman” was cancelled too.

  2. CBC cancelled “Intelligence”, Ron. Add that to the long list of bonehead moves the broadcaster has made over the years.

  3. Sure CBC cancelled “Intelligence”.

    The new man who hails above all else,

    kinda sunk his teeth into shit he simply, doesn’t understand,and doesn’t care to learn about, including the poor people’s complaints.

    Who’s hand stopped the Trailer Park Boys tax credit? They had their funding cut in the same year as Intelligence.

    Personal agenda steve ? to the hilt

  4. Don’t be so ahistorical, Ron. Whether it be radio or tv, CBC has shot itself in the foot numerous times under numerous governments.

  5. “Intelligence” was cancelled due to either 1) the low ratings not justifying the expense, or 2) that CBC brass wanted to bury it, according to the show’s creator:


    …take your pick.

    “Trailer Park Boys” was brought to an end by show creator Mike Clattenberg, as he thought it had run its course. Entirely his decision.

    Yes, there are internal issues within the CBC, which certainly doesn’t help matters any; Radio 2 is a shadow of its former self, and I have been enjoying Espace Musique in its place, for the most part. However, the lacklustre government support going back through to Mulroney doesn’t help either.

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