Swiss Smackdown

On Thursday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivered a keynote address at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland where he indicated his government would be implementing a “major transformation” of Canada in the coming months.

The measure that grabbed most of the headlines was the proposal to increase the age of eligibility for Old Age Security from 65 to 67  to try to cope with the coming surge of Canadians who will be entering their Golden Years. He also promised to cut government spending to bring the deficit under control, and reform policies in other areas like immigration, energy and science and technology to ensure “economic growth, job creation and prosperity now and for the next generation.”

The PMO Photo Op from that address was kind of boring — it just showed Harper standing in front of a podium gesticulating like he always does — so I decided to go instead with a photo of him chilling afterward with the UK’s Head Honcho David Cameron.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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10 thoughts on “Swiss Smackdown”

  1. “So like, you’re sure this is near-beer? Cuz I wanna look down with beer drinkers – they’re a big part of my constituency. But between you and me, Devin, I never touch the stuff.”

    “Really, Mr. Prime Minister? Well as you can see, I like to chase my fake beer with real white wine.”

    “Oh yeah. What’s even funnier is that I don’t drink coffee, yet get photographed in Tim Hortons all the time, nor do I skate, but I’m a big hockey fan. It’s hilarious. And Canadians drink it right up.”

    “Teach me, Mr. Prime Minister. Teach me the way to a majority government.”

    “Well, grab yourself three national institutions – in your case, I’d say soccer, sorry, football, chips, and lager, and dumb down your campaign enough to appeal to the dumbest voting block out there. Oh, then of course, take two years portraying your rivals as child molesters and nation-haters and you’re in like Flynn. John Baird taught me that one. He learned it in college.”

  2. “So Devin, you put a package of polenta in your pants before photo ops? That’s brilliant. Not my kinda thing, but brilliant nonetheless. I’ll tell MacKay about that one.”

  3. CAMERON: Sir, these ideas you have for transforming your country are absolutely fascinating. Is there anything else? Something you have not told us yet? Something you’re holding back?
    HARPER: Actually, there is. And the makeover of Canada would not be complete without it.
    CAMERON: Go on.
    HARPER: I’m going to divide the city of Thunder Bay into smaller communities called Fort William and Port Arthur.

  4. HARPER: I kid you not, David. It came out to here!!
    CAMERON: The tummy on the department store Santa Claus, you mean?
    HARPER: Yes, of course. What did you think I was talking about?

  5. “Under these slacks, Devin, I’m rocking a pair of sweet Penman’s grey sweatpants. It’s good to be P.M.”

  6. follow

    Don’t you realize how many suckkers are out there? And they are so willing to get F’ed later on too.

  7. Harper: “They’re called Honeycombs, David. It’s a popular breakfast cereal in Canada. Although usually I eat them with milk instead of beer.”

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