Superman is going commando. From Dark Horizons:

Today some blurry set photos have emerged confirming that this is indeed the case with Henry Cavill spotted walking around in the suit and the red panties are no longer there. I’m just waiting for the inevitable tabloid story of behind-the-scenes headaches over the shape of the crotch – something that has happened with practically every superhero film over the past decade.

Hey, why just change the suit? Why not make Superman a half-machine wizard? Also I think it would be cool if Superman was bald and had a drinking problem to be “gritty”.

Whatever. I know what Superman’s costume looks like and that’s a pale, watered-down imitation of it. When you’re making a traditional, blockbuster Superman movie, Superman’s got to have his traditional red, white and yellows complete with the Calvin Kleins on the outside. Want to mix it up? Use the retro Fleisher logo with the black background. Want to do something different? Make a radically different and original movie. Of course that would be a real risk, not a fake one.

You can turn Batman’s outfit into an urban soldier military thing, you can put the X-Men in leather, and once and only once and only in the in the 1980s you can give Spider-Man a black suit made of aliens.┬áThis bungled Superman costume design is the kind of dumb, completely arbitrary change you get when the overpaid idiots calling the shots ┬áhave no brains, talent or taste.

Some low-Q Hollywood cokehead probably figured the shorts were the reason the last movie tanked, not the underdeveloped script, Lois Lane miscasting, that ridiculous, pointless boyfriend and overall general boringness. At least Superman Returns was an honest failure. Then again if Bryan Singer hadn’t bungled Superman Returns I wouldn’t be looking at shiny super no-pants here.

This makes me hate everything so very, very much.