sunday-matineeRegina’s Fan Expo is on this weekend for the third year and it looks like it’s going to be busy. Comic books have managed to become dominate in pop culture as movies, TV shows and comic books themselves seem to be everywhere.

It’s not just in North America. In the Philippines a Wonder Woman like character called Darna has a massive following since her first appearance in the 1950’s. She’s had 14 theatrical movies plus three different TV series with a new movie coming soon.

And in Russia which never had comic books the way the rest of the world did (the Soviet Union frowned on them) has a new movie out next year called Zashchitniki or Guardians. It’s about four people who were experimented on during the Soviet era and now have to fight a new bad guy. It doesn’t look too bad for a special effects heavy lower budget Russian film. It looks a lot a like superhero movie.