Sunday Matinee: Seven Psychopaths

Writer / director Martin McDonagh’s follow-up to his brilliant black comedy thriller In Bruges finally has a trailer.

Colin Farrell re-teams with McDonagh and the film co-stars Christopher Walken, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, Abbie Cornish, Olga Kurylenko and Tom Waits who is holding a bunny for some reason.

It looks like another fun black comedy with the plot having to do with the kidnapping of a dog. From there it looks like things get violent. The movie apparently opens in theatres October 12 but In Bruges never came anywhere near this province so I guess we’ll have to see.

Author: Shane Hnetka

Shane Hnetka spends most of his life watching movies and reading comic books, using his vast knowledge of genre culture for evil instead of good.

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