If you are going to make a first person shaky camera movie, you might as well do it right. Jaume BalaguerĂ³ and Paco Plaza, the makers of the first [Rec] movie are back with a sequel that takes place seconds after the first film ended.

The first film was a Spanish horror movie where a TV crew followed a fire department for an evening. One of the calls was to an apartment building where the group quickly discover an infected group of people who displayed the running zombie syndrome. It was an excellent film and was quickly and unnecessarily remade in America as Quarantine.

[Rec]2 follows a group of SWAT police into the building who are there to help a doctor control the outbreak. The film continues with some of the plot revelations at the end of the first film and expands on them. In order to work in the first person camera view, all the members of the police have cameras on their helmets, giving viewers several different points of view. The film doesn’t really add anything new to the genre but it’s well made and it just about gave me a heart attack a couple of times. There are already plans for a third and fourth film but I think the filmmakers might be pushing their luck. It goes without saying that the Americans have made a sequel to their remake Quarantine but it has nothing to do with this film. And it also goes without saying that Quarantine 2: The Terminal is complete crap.