King of the Royal Mounted was a popular comic strip that was started in 1935 and ran until 1955. It was created by Stephen Slesinger but it carried the byline of Zane Grey that Slesinger had licensed from Grey. Grey did co-write some of the original strips and later Grey’s son Romer collaborated with Slesinger on the stories.

The series followed the adventures of Dave King of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The comic first graced the silver screen in 1936 in the film King of the Royal Mounted where King fought an evil lawyer over a mine. In 1940 Republic Pictures made this 12 chapter serial starring Allan Lane as Sergeant Dave King. The film is set in contemporary 1940 where Canada is involved with the war in Europe. A new mineral is discovered called Compound X and the bad guys want it to help them win the war. It’s up to Sergeant King to save the day.

The movie is pure propaganda but it’s fun. It was so popular it was re-edited into a feature film, The Yukon Patrol. And a sequel was made in 1942, King of the Mounties with Allan Lane reprising his role and continuing the good fight against the evil Axis powers.