There was a rumour that Django had appeared in over 100 films but only 31 movies have ever been actually verified.

The film that started all this Djangoing around was this 1966 film Django. Franco Nero stars as Django a lone gunfighter who wanders from town to town dragging a coffin behind him. He’s looking for revenge on the man who murdered his wife. When the film became a huge hit there were suddenly a ton of unofficial Django films, sort of like when Bruce Lee died, there was a thousand fake Bruce Lee movies starring Bruce Li, Bruce Le, and many more variations of his name. Some of these Django films were just spaghetti Westerns retitled and dubbed to make it a Django film. Others were unofficial films featuring a character named Django. Some pitted Django against another popular spaghetti Western character, Sartana.

One of the more violent knock-offs was Django Kill… If You Live, Shoot! which starred Tomas Milian as a stranger fighting several factions for gold in a weird town. It’s violent and surreal, a weird combination for a western. There was eventual an official sequel in 1987 called Django 2: il grande ritorno or Django Strikes Again. Nero returned to the role which has Django retired and living as a monk when he finds out that his daughter has been taken by slave traders who are forcing people to work in a silver mine. Naturally he goes and digs up his coffin and his machine gun. It’s ok but by the late ’80s the spaghetti Western was dead.