It’s always sad to see someone pass away. Cliff Robertson was an Oscar winning acting who died Saturday September 10, 2011 at the age of 88. He had a long and distinguished career but the really sad thing is that all people will currently remember him for is playing Uncle Ben in Spider-Man.

His career took off when John F. Kennedy picked him to play a younger JFK in the biographical war film PT 109 (1963). From there Robertson won an Oscar for best actor for the 1968 film Charly, a movie adaptation of the novel Flowers for Algernon.

In the 1970’s he starred in Philip Kaufman’s The Great Northern Minnesota Raid about a Jesse James and Cole Younger bank robbery and in Brian De Palma’s early thriller Obsession. Later in his career he was mostly featured in co-starring roles. His last role was in Spider-Man. I can’t help but wonder if that’s what will happen to Martin Sheen now that he’s taking on the role of Uncle Ben in the new rebooted movie. 108 acting roles only the most recent is remembered for the late Cliff Robertson.


PT 109

Underworld U.S.A.

The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid