sunday-matineeThe Criterion Collection has just released one of the greatest movies of all time on Blu-ray Ladri di biciclette, aka The Bicycle Thief or as it’s more commonly known as know Bicycle Thieves.

This brilliant movie from director Vittorio De Sica is set after WWII in Italy and follows a father (Lamberto Maggiorani) and his young son (Enzo Staiola) as they desperately search the city for the father’s bicycle which has been stolen and that he needs for his job or else he loses that job.

Bicycle ThievesThe movie is a masterpiece of Italian neorealism (a film style that was started in 1945 and helped make movies more realistic, a lot of movies were pretty stagy at the time).

The film has over the years won tons of acclaim and awards. The new Blu-ray looks fantastic and I could try and explain the film more but this American re-release trailer does a better job than I could ever do.