As you may have read in brief in our Local Music issue, Regina act Library Voices have a new album coming out. Today, they made the details official: their second full-length, Summer of Lust, is coming out August 23 on Nevado Records. Preceding that will be a seven inch for “Generation Handclap,” a single they premiered today on CBC Radio 3. (You can see a live version in the video above.)

Exclaim! has all the relevant press release details over here, including a track listing. (If any of the Voices wanna send over the lyrics to “Regina, I Don’t Want to Fight,” I’d gladly post them here to really see if you’re in a fighting mood or not. Or, you know, people could wait for the record and all. That’s also an option.)

The band has a June 11 show at the Exchange, followed by some tour dates before returning to the Queen City for the Regina Folk Festival. Go to their website for more details.