Summer Concert Announcement To Be Made On Monday

Got a press release from Live Nation today saying that on Monday an announcement will be made about a “major historical concert event” that will be held at Mosaic Stadium in Regina this summer. Premier Brad Wall, Mayor Michael Fougere and Live Nation president Paul Haagenson are all supposed to be in attendance at the press conference which will be held at Mosaic Stadium at 10 a.m.

Anyone want to speculate on who will be performing?

And to close, here’s video of the opening tune from AC DC’s legendary 2009 show at Mosaic Stadium:

Author: Gregory Beatty

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6 thoughts on “Summer Concert Announcement To Be Made On Monday”

  1. I know someone who works, lets just say, in a place that would have knowledge of such an event. Regina, get ready for…

    Hanson! Well, 2/3 of the group anyways. The drummer is an archaeologist now.

  2. Fougere AND Brad Wall? Wow, this must be the biggest concert event public subsidy can buy.

    U2 have an album coming out in 2013. Bieber’s in the midwest early in July.

  3. The Ottawa Citizen says Live Nation has an announcement set for Monday that Paul McCartney will be playing a show in Ottawa in early July so looks like J-Bro may have it right (except for maybe the Prince part).

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