Student Station Shut Down

CKLN-FM, Ryerson University’s student radio station, has been shut down by the CRTC.

The whole decision is posted here. Some highlights:

Prior to March 2009, CKLN-FM went through a series of staff level disputes, questions over the management of the station’s funds, the dismissal of staff, the dismissal of volunteers, and the “election” of competing “boards of directors.” In response to this infighting between factions of individuals with interests in CKLN-FM, the Palin Foundation locked out of the station’s studio premises all those purporting to be elected members of a board of directors for CKLN Radio, as well as station volunteers and staff. Consequently, in March 2009, the licensee ceased the station’s normal programming and day-to-day operations.

During the lockout period, in the place of regular community radio programming produced primarily by volunteers, a pre-recorded jazz program with incidental spoken word programming, set by a programmer to run on a loop before the doors were locked, was broadcast (intermittently due to transmitter problems).

For example, on 7 July 2010, a volunteer programmer fed the online stream of a radio station based in Seattle, Washington as a substitute for a jazz program when the host did not show up.

The licensee also acknowledged ongoing problems in the area of content standards, including the use of offensive language during daytime hours. Although the licensee adopted a policy on only one of the problematic words that it aired, this policy was adopted on the day before replies to interventions were due on 15 November 2010.

For example, in response to a complaint received by Mr. Sid Whittaker, an email was sent by one member of the “working board” stating that he wanted to meet with Mr. Whittaker to “try to put out ‘fires’ that [they] believe [he] may be starting with the CRTC” and that he hoped “[Sid Whittaker] will find the guts” to meet with them.

You can still go to the station’s website for information on an open station manager position and a general meeting they were holding on Jan. 31. Last time I checked, only one person noticed over on their Facebook page.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

2 thoughts on “Student Station Shut Down”

  1. This is the first salvo on the war on free speech and all student radio stations.

    You know CRTC vice-chairman the zionist Leonard Katz was behind this.

    In a previous hearing in May he was critical of CKLN for announcing Israeli Apartheid Week events.

    Katz is one of the biggest pro-Israel lobbyists in Canada and needs to be fired from the CRTC.

    Unfortunately we have Harper in power but when Jack Layton and the NDP become the government we need to make sure the first thing is done is to fire Katz and all the other zionist appointees from their positions of power.

  2. I am not sure what shutting down a university radio station that was in complete disarray and had negligible student participation has to do with freedom of speech or Zionism. Also Jack Layton and/or the NDP will probably never form government.

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