Strange Precipitations

This is going to take some getting used to. I would not want to be answering phones at the City this morning because there’s no doubt construction is making everything about today more stressful. If you haven’t been out yet, be very careful–sidewalks are slippery and dangerous and traffic has been bad.

How are you people doing? Everyone on staff (except me, the guy who lives downtown) was late to work today, but not by much. We’re tuff. Hey, if you’re inspired, e-mail me some snow photos of what it’s like wherever you are. Send them to feedback (at) prairiedogmag (dot) com and I’ll add them to this post this afternoon. Web-sized resolution, please–less than one megabyte.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

12 thoughts on “Strange Precipitations”

  1. Cleared my walks (a combination of chipping and shovelling); cleared out the gutter for drainage and to show the moron drivers where the sidewalk is; started work on the deck; haven’t touched the driveway yet. Things would go faster if I didn’t have to bang the wet snow off the shovel before the next scoop.
    Note to self: NEVER buy a house on a corner lot again.

  2. i walk to work, but made it late, ‘cos of clearing snow at home. slippery crossing roads on the way

  3. BTW, Mr Whitworth, for next year, there should be a Best PD Commenter.

    Barb Saylor got my vote for this year’s non-included category

  4. Jeff: good idea, maybe, but we’ll need more commentators. If we had that category, and if I voted in Best Of Regina (which I don’t), I’d pick her too. I think everyone involved with PD appreciates her contributions. Barb gets it.

    I have been thinking we might need Commentator Of The Month prizes (i.e. bribes) to encourage people to come out and play in the comment field. And a lot of the writers want a Dog Blog bar night that would include you guys. Both will probably happen at some point.

  5. Got to work (on time no less) without seeing an accident! Way to go Regina drivers for finally taking it slow (at least on my particular route)!

    Oh, prizes would help with comments a little bit but some days I really don’t have much to say or time to write something. So it might help with the number, but not the dialogue. Just something I’ve noticed on other blogs.

    Let me know when a drink meet up would happen I would love to attend.

  6. I’d send a snow photo, but I’m too damned tired and blistered to hold the camera up.
    Thanks for the nice comments, folks. I think prizes would be cool, and the drink night (depending on our hectic schedules and Regina Transit) would also be cool.

  7. why not have a poll on how to get more commenters?

    who don’t you comment on PD blog posts?

    * i can’t match wits with Barb Saylor
    * i don’t feel like i have anything to say
    * i’m way smarter than you and your gaggle of posters and commenters, why would i bother?
    * sheesh, waste of time, no-one notices or cares
    * ‘cos i can’t pull out of all those classic put-downs in the way that Whitworth can – Whitworth is the put-down king!
    * i troll occasionally, but it’s not as much fun as the CBC sites – my trolls there rock!

  8. I’m the put-down king??? But I love you guys!

    Your poll suggestion is very very funny.

  9. you might get more posts if you do competitions here instead of doing them all on your facebook page

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