Stop! Don’t Flush That Toilet!

We received an announcement from the city today. Apparently, at 4 am this morning there was an electrical fault at the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment facility causing it to shut down. That means your tap is right now drawing water off our reservoirs. The city has also turned on eight wells.

That should keep us going until the problem can be fixed but the city is asking that everybody try to avoid any discretionary water use. They advise us to not do laundry today, avoid the dishwasher and flush as little as possible.

They also point out that both the well and reservoir water is completely safe to drink.

Anyway, problem should be fixed by tomorrow.

Now, I’m feeling pretty guilty because we’ve gone the whole cloth diaper route and this new kid has totally won the Number One Pooper crown. In other words, our washing machine has been going constantly all day.

I think I’m going to have to ask Whitworth to not shower and only drink liquor for a couple days just to balance us out.

With that off my chest, I’m now going to attach the full text of the city’s water announcement after the jump because I imagine there are a few of you out there who’ll find it interesting….

Regina, January 6, 2011
Public Service Announcement

Due to an electrical problem at the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant, the City of Regina is asking residents to limit water use at home and at work.

The plant is experiencing an electrical problem, which caused it to shut down at approximately 4:00 a.m. Thursday morning. As a result, the City of Regina is currently being supplied with water from five storage reservoirs in the city. The reservoirs contain enough water to supply the city for approximately 24 hours. The problem has no impact on the safety or quality of the water supply.

The city has also activated 8 wells, which can supply about half of the city’s normal daily water usage at this time of year. The well water is completely safe for consumption, and will be tested regularly.

Staff have identified the problem at the plant and are fixing it. The repairs will take at least a day to complete.

As a result, residents are asked to reduce any discretionary water use until the plant is fixed. Residents should continue to drink and cook with water as normal, but postpone activities such as washing clothes and running dishwashers until the plant is operating again. Avoid flushing the toilet as much as possible. Residents are asked to avoid stock piling water by filling up large containers or bathtubs, as this only increases pressure on the system.

Pense, Grand Coulee and Belle Plaine are also on the Regina water system. Residents of these communities are also asked to reduce water usage.

The City of Regina thanks residents for their cooperation, and will continue to keep residents informed and will provide further updates as information is available.

– 30 –

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Author: Paul Dechene

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5 thoughts on “Stop! Don’t Flush That Toilet!”

  1. This is the nanny-state run amok. Who are they to tell me how to manage my water use? Get government out of my face. Live free or die.

  2. this shower nozzle…”from my cold, wet, dead hand!!!” seriously though, when do government dictates cross the line into fodder for rightwing political campaign polemics?

    this shows can tenuous (and fake) the line is when simple common sense positions are grossly inflated by people who seriously need an opponent, both by the left and right.

  3. brainfart edit:

    this shows …HOW… tenuous (and fake) the line is when simple common sense positions are grossly inflated by people who seriously need an opponent, both by the left and right.

    defining oneself by grossly misrepresenting someone else’s position on something is a mental illness. special interest groups thrive on this.

  4. Too late; I did laundry yesterday, having turned off the radio after breakfast and thus missing the very-late announcement that there was a problem.

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