Stompin’ Tom Dead At 77

Here’s a link to the story on TSN about the death at age 77 of country-folk icon Stompin’ Tom Connors. And to commemorate his passing here’s video from 2007 of Connors performing “Sudbury Saturday Night” at a concert in Hamilton:

Author: Gregory Beatty

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3 thoughts on “Stompin’ Tom Dead At 77”

  1. When one of my sisters was being courted, her beau would take her and a few of my siblings and I along for drives through Wascana Park, cycling through Stompin’ Tom and Johnny Cash on the 8-tracks. By age 8, I could sing along to all their songs.

    One of the most pan-Canadian moments of my life was during a Regina Folk Festival performance when a band from Northern Ontario (The Grievous Angels) broke into a song from a Maritimer (Stompin’ Tom), and all the stubblejumpers went nuts.

    If someone can track down the interview he did with Laurie Brown on CBC a decade or so ago, it’s well worth the listen.

    RIP Tom and thanks.

  2. Wow, what a childhood he had. Bob Dylan coulda only dreamed of being that disadvantaged.

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