Stink An Issue At Regina Folk Festival

20140812_190202_resizedAbove is a shot of what the main stage area in Victoria Park looks like tonight after the Regina Folk Festival on the weekend.

I hung at the back during the main stage shows but apparently there was a pretty strong stink in that area of the park. I caught a sense of it tonight.  For me, it smelled like vomit.

The park’s northwest quadrant has had standing water in different spots pretty much since spring melt. That’s over five months now. That likely had something to do with it. Things like the heat, storm on Friday, and all the sweaty people dancing and having fun were probably factors too. Don’t know if there were any others.

Whatever the cause(s), it was apparently pretty bad, so hopefully the problem can be remedied before next year’s festival.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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4 thoughts on “Stink An Issue At Regina Folk Festival”

  1. It smelt like feces during the festival, in our opinion. Our guess was that the torrential downpour on friday caused the outhouses to flood, thus leaving the crowd to stand in a pile of shit. This is backed up by the fact that the smell was non existent on friday night.

  2. Putting on my farm kid hat on here…

    Standing water accumulates bacteria, which causes it to stink. The same thing happens in large puddles, sloughs, etc. Even in very nice natural areas of woods, fields and such.
    On Friday night my cousin and I were dancing up by the main stage and it had the (familiar to us) stink of standing water. There had been plenty of standing water in that area off and on this year, hence the smell. Plus there was a good deal of mud.

    Post-festival, going by the park on Lorne (near the area where the port-a-potties used to be) was a different stink. I noticed Monday morning there were campers along there and a strange puddle in the street. My guess is it was port-a-pottie/camper leakage that has caused the most recent stink.

    I think the organizers did a great job. I even heard they had to pump some areas out before Friday night. But it was still quite smelly and muddy. In the future I’d like to see them better maintain that area leading up to the festival to mitigate this. But it could just be that the area is a low spot or one where water accumulates. In that case, it should be built up.

  3. At the tail end of this article in our July 10 issue there’s an interview with a city parks person where she notes that drainage in Victoria Park has deteriorated because of diverse activities that go on there during an average year and that the city is looking at the issue and what needs to be done to improve drainage.

    There’s also an interview with the RFF’s Dayle Schroeder-Hillier talking about the emergency measures protocol that ended up being implemented in advance of the storm on Friday night to help keep every one safe. It was one of the uglier storms I’ve seen and it made for a lot of extra work for the RFF staff and volunteers to get things in order for Saturday and Sunday.

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