1 SO SAYS THE KILLER OF CARROTS Morrisey, like Glenn Beck and Micheal Coren, is the latest to jump on the Norway massacre bandwagon for his own political ends. He says fast food is worse than murder. Too bad another famous vegetarian, Adolf Hitler, never thought to use that reasoning … (The Telegraph)

2 … SAUCE (OR WHATEVER THE KIDS CALL IT TODAY) FOR THE GANDER Since the exploitation of young women is what made Hugh Hefner a rich man, it’s interesting to see what happens when the shoe — or in this case, the Jimmy Choo with the eight-inch heels — is on the other foot. (KOMO)

3 MAYBE IF HE TAUNTED THEM ON MYSPACE, HE’D STILL BE A FREE MAN A man wanted on domestic violence warrants in upstate New York posted on his Facebook site, ‘come and get me, coppers, I’m in Brooklyn.’ Man, what would Lenny Briscoe have done with the other fifity-eight minutes of that Law And Order episode … (NY Daily News)

4 HEY SEANBOT3000, THIS POST IF FOR YOU Jon Stewart shows how right-wing Christians have been ‘persecuted’ in the wake of the Norwegian shootings. (Gawker)

5 PAUL HILL CREATED A SCHOOL AT THE UNIVERSITY OF REGINA TO PREVENT YOUNG BUSINESS PEOPLE FROM MAKING THESE KIND OF BAD MANAGEMENT DECISIONS Somebody at Harvard Radio’s IT department really, really goofed: they didn’t re-register the domain of their flagship country/sports radio station and now the website domain is for sale. This wouldn’t happen to a company that was dedicated to getting ahead of the technology curve … (Riderfans.com)

6 THE LATEST FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN Of course, Margaret Atwood would make a better mayor of Toronto than the current jackass. So would Ed the Sock. But since he’s not making the offer (at least until the Ford brothers promise to close the Brass Rail strip club), Peggy’s going to have to do. Not that she definitely won’t do a better job … (Facebook).

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN Get bored, type in ‘North West Company’ in Google, and what do you come up with? A 60’s beat group from Vancouver grooving it out on grainy black and white video.

Not a damn fur trader in the bunch. Ripped off, man.