Stephen LaRose’s Top Thix, Courtesy Then Denthisth’s Office (Will Rethsume Normal Spellingth When Theh Freezing Abates)

1 SO SAYS THE KILLER OF CARROTS Morrisey, like Glenn Beck and Micheal Coren, is the latest to jump on the Norway massacre bandwagon for his own political ends. He says fast food is worse than murder. Too bad another famous vegetarian, Adolf Hitler, never thought to use that reasoning … (The Telegraph)

2 … SAUCE (OR WHATEVER THE KIDS CALL IT TODAY) FOR THE GANDER Since the exploitation of young women is what made Hugh Hefner a rich man, it’s interesting to see what happens when the shoe — or in this case, the Jimmy Choo with the eight-inch heels — is on the other foot. (KOMO)

3 MAYBE IF HE TAUNTED THEM ON MYSPACE, HE’D STILL BE A FREE MAN A man wanted on domestic violence warrants in upstate New York posted on his Facebook site, ‘come and get me, coppers, I’m in Brooklyn.’ Man, what would Lenny Briscoe have done with the other fifity-eight minutes of that Law And Order episode … (NY Daily News)

4 HEY SEANBOT3000, THIS POST IF FOR YOU Jon Stewart shows how right-wing Christians have been ‘persecuted’ in the wake of the Norwegian shootings. (Gawker)

5 PAUL HILL CREATED A SCHOOL AT THE UNIVERSITY OF REGINA TO PREVENT YOUNG BUSINESS PEOPLE FROM MAKING THESE KIND OF BAD MANAGEMENT DECISIONS Somebody at Harvard Radio’s IT department really, really goofed: they didn’t re-register the domain of their flagship country/sports radio station and now the website domain is for sale. This wouldn’t happen to a company that was dedicated to getting ahead of the technology curve … (

6 THE LATEST FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN Of course, Margaret Atwood would make a better mayor of Toronto than the current jackass. So would Ed the Sock. But since he’s not making the offer (at least until the Ford brothers promise to close the Brass Rail strip club), Peggy’s going to have to do. Not that she definitely won’t do a better job … (Facebook).

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN Get bored, type in ‘North West Company’ in Google, and what do you come up with? A 60’s beat group from Vancouver grooving it out on grainy black and white video.

Not a damn fur trader in the bunch. Ripped off, man.

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

10 thoughts on “Stephen LaRose’s Top Thix, Courtesy Then Denthisth’s Office (Will Rethsume Normal Spellingth When Theh Freezing Abates)”

  1. Turkey wings in sassy sauce! Touche.

    The one thing that stood out was that all the clips were from Fox News which is known more for their over-the-top liberal opinion bashing than actual news. There were no other mainstream media sources in his presentation.

    However, if Seanbot had time and extra strength batteries to put together all the media clips that tried to connect christianity and conservatism with recent atrocities in Canadian media(Breivik and Jared Loughner,) I’d still be picking up steam after 18 hours worth of footage.

    Somewhere, some media mogul is getting paid to create intentionally dividing news stories, than sits back and laughs his ass off watching us destroy one another.

  2. it’s too bad, seanbot, because frankly the most reference i’ve seen to breivik being a christian is that he identifies himself as such, on his facebook. would you be willing to also put together a show-reel of all the commentary that suggested that the bombing was al qaeda in origin, or has that dark blip of a moment before its true purpose was revealed gone off yr radar?

    almost all of the media on the left and in the centre has chosen instead to focus on the dude’s cold, calculating methodology, the regressive and deeply racist & classist ideologies motivating the attacks, and the astonishingly level, humane, and hopeful response of the norwegian government and its people. it’d be nice if the right would focus less on the fact that he called himself a christian a couple of times and people repeated it, and if they would focus more instead on the fact that their response has been cowardly, afraid to call the crime an atrocity and afraid to out breivik as a racist.

    conservative media outlets aren’t in the game of taking responsibility when they say or do something awful. you can see it playing out in the news international debacle and you can see it in the fact that fox hasn’t forced glenn beck to apologize for suggesting that the murdered teenagers were attending something like a “hitler youth” rally. you can see it in the fact that in the months after the giffords shooting and in the immediate aftermath of this shooting none of their rhetoric has changed.

    this shooting has a lot in common with jared lee loughner’s shooting of giffords, and i guarantee you’ll see it now. what’s extremely telling is that the people responsible for spreading the kind of horrific rhetoric that types like breivik are going to latch onto more and more are willing to distance themselves from breivik’s actions, but are unwilling to engage in any introspection or reflection on their beliefs and are thus unwilling to distance themselves from actually going out and saying the things that are going to keep getting innocent people killed for the supposed crime of believing that, you know, maybe a brown guy won’t make a bad neighbour.

    sorry seanbot. i’ve got friends in norway, and i’ve spoken to them about this. i’m not close to the issue but i have a good enough idea of what it is and that ain’t it.

  3. sorry – meant to say i guarantee you’ll see it soon. i’m an okay writer but i’m not THAT good.

  4. First off, JC, I want to say how sorry I am for what your friends are going through in Norway. I cannot fathom what’s going on in that nation’s psyche right now, and the last thing I want is for my clunky comments to detract from that.

    Honestly, any al qaeda reference from the media to this atrocity never pinged on my radar once.

    What did paint my radar red, was how quick the Media seized on qualifying Brevik with the Christian label so ferociously. In fact, in the following few days, you couldn’t hear Breviks name with out Christian being in the same sentence. Just like Sarah Palin being so tied to Jared Loughner in stories, that it’s hard to believe she wasn’t beside him with a couple of glocks in her clutch, blasting.

    Only after the smoke cleared, and the media took their pound of flesh, did the labels christian and the name Sarah Palin drop away from the mass murderer.

    I posit to you, that this is intentional to further agendas and score political points. And, that should sicken you as it does me, that there are Human Buzzards anticipating and exploiting tragedies and immediately spinning them into a ditch to smear a group or an individual that they do not ideologically like.

    Normally, I’d rather lay back in the cut and enjoy my Prairie Dog than comment and get into fights. But, I will take a beating (online or any other) to defend the integrity of Jesus Christ and my faith. To identify Brevik as a follower of Christ, even for a nanosecond, repels every fibre of my being.

  5. seanbot – that’s good to hear, because breivik does self-identify as a christian. that’s as good an impetus as any for people of christian faith all over the world to do like norway has done and prove they’re better than this atrocity, and the only way to do that is to try and embody the most difficult of christian ideals: those of compassion and empathy. lashing out isn’t going to change anything for the better, but caring for those who are afflicted and turning the other cheek towards those who afflict you just might.

  6. Thanks for the link, Emmet. Shouldn’t you post this on the main page and share some insights(kind of like what you used to do before the aftermath of the general election, and when you weren’t completely unhinged?)

    Or is the main page reserved for “creeping plant Jesus,” Nascar Preacher, crazy Jesus Camp lady and the foliage report?

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