Stay Classy, Stephen Harper Appointee!

Patrick Brazeau, one time leader of something called the Congress of Aboriginal People, and whom Stephen Harper appointed to the Senate, called Canadian Press reporter Jennifer Ditchburn the B-word during a Twitter exchange yesterday. This came after Ditchburn did a story about Brazeau’s attendance record.

More on it here, and here.

Poor Jennifer. She probably feels like someone who’s had to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent. I think her next story should be: ‘why are so many Harper appointees raving assholes?’

And when you watch this clip, imagine Bruce McCulloch is Brazeau, Stephen Harper is Kevin, and Jennifer Ditchburn is Angelo Mosca:

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

7 thoughts on “Stay Classy, Stephen Harper Appointee!”

  1. I loved that Kids in the Hall segment. Perhaps one of their most comical moments.
    But it doesn’t apply to this case.

    So, Mr. Patrick Brazeau feels like he’s being misreported by her and takes her to task for that. While I believe he’s right in defending himself, he did go about it the wrong way with an angry idiotic response. Now it’s coming back to bite him.

    Too bad Jennifer Ditchburn didn’t accurately report what he told her.

  2. No fan of Ditchburn and her lefty leaning friends but Brazeau is 100% wrong.I voted CPC; wonder how many lefty loons would say that if it was a Liberal senator and a reporter from Sun News

  3. What misreporting? She gave the data – and Senator Brazeau has the worst attendance in the Senate. She tried several times to reach him for comment and he couldn’t be bothered to get back to her.

    The Senate of Canada is a festering pustule on the arse end of Candian democracy. To be the most feckless Senator is quite the dubious “accomplishment.”

  4. While agreeing with Malcolm about the Senate as it now exists and operates, I have to add that some senators have done good work over the years. One of several reasons that the Senate has a bad rep, however, is the behaviour of some appointees, who love the prestige but cavil at the work, and who demonstrate contempt for the taxpayer by doing the bare minimum, if that.

  5. #6 You’re 100% right.

    The Lying Liar harpo,figgured it was easier to just appoint at will, then set up his promised EEE version.

  6. #3 – Malcolm+. Yes, she did her job reporting about who had the worst attendance record in the Senate, which is Senator Brazeau.

    And yes, I agree with you the Canadian Senate has a stereotypical negative reputation.

    The problem about her misreporting is how she doesn’t explain why he has such a low attendance. When people read about him low attendance, they think he’s just another lazy irresponsible senator wasting taxpayer’s money.

    When he reacted to her in a distasteful stupid way, he was angry with her reporting that affects his reputation. He said it was on personal matters and he’s not obligated to reveal what those personal matters to any reporter.

    So, I agree with her reporting the facts, just not the way she portrayed him.

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