In the words of Pierre Trudeau, Alberta’s deputy premier has been called worse things by better people.

OTTAWA — Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, after repeatedly refusing to apologize Tuesday in the House of Commons for calling Alberta’s deputy premier Tom Lukaszuk an “asshole,” phoned the Alberta minister after question period to say he’s sorry for the insult.

His apology came after a raucous session of question period where opposition MPs blasted the federal immigration minister for his comment contained in an email last week.

Kenney’s remarks were “so offensive that the rules of this House prevent me from repeating them,” Alberta’s sole New Democrat MP, Linda Duncan, said during question period.

“Given that his reprehensible comments are now public, will the minister of citizenship and immigration take this opportunity to apologize to Mr. Lukaszuk?”

That’s right, folks. That’s your government at work.

By the way, this guy was in town yesterday. I wonder why the Leader-Post didn’t ask him what he’s doing for Pride Week.

That would have been more of a news story than what Tom did announce.