Stars and Metric

Metric and openers Stars were in town last night. Take a peak at some photos from the show.

Emily Haines, the female super power behind Metric, plays in Regina.
Guitarist, James Shaw, of Metric preforms in Regina. 
Stars frontman, Torquil Campbell, opens for Metric in Regina.
Keyboard player for Stars, Chris Seligman, preforms.



Author: Kim Jay

Aspiring cat lady - loves live music, food, taking photos and lifesaver mints. Kim's an east-coaster who graduated from the U of R's Journalism program, currently lives in Victoria, BC. Kim is happiest on days when her prairie dog subscription arrives in the snail mail.

6 thoughts on “Stars and Metric”

  1. #2 Describe small please.

    Local “podcaster” djs are more or less clueless, of the music scene in & around here. CBC, Rules on playing local talent, right up there with CJTR.

    The Rolf does try, but they aren;t very consistant with playing any local band.

    Any sask musician with any real talent should leave Sask. You’ll get more fans by going on the road & not playing in Sask.

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