Star-Phoenix Editorial Board Bucks Stadium Commentary Position, Actually Challenges Authority

No sooner do I click “publish” on that last entry than a link to the Star-Phoenix‘s editorial on the stadium shows up on my Facebook dashboard. Among the genuinely hard-hitting analysis?

But the timing of this decision coincides with a renewed and aggressive commitment by the government to pennypinching when it comes to cultural supports. The extravagant generosity when it comes to a new stadium in Regina, announced within a year of the last election, raises questions as to whether the government either is making things up as it goes or wasn’t being totally forthright during the election campaign.

Oof. That’s a far cry from the Leader-Post‘s editorial board hoo-rahs. I wonder why that is?

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5 thoughts on “Star-Phoenix Editorial Board Bucks Stadium Commentary Position, Actually Challenges Authority”

  1. This nothing more than the standard agreement held between the ed boards of the Regina L-P and the Sktoon SP. The SP generally takes a slightly less ‘rah rah’ Wall position than does the LP. Lots of examples. This way the major dailies do not look like they are in cahoots with each other despite shared ownership.

  2. It’s not just shared ownership anymore, but shared management as well with Marty Klyne as publisher on both papers. That said, I can’t see any reason why anyone up in Saskatoon’s business would endorse a provincially-backed stadium in Regina.

  3. This wouldn’t somehow be related to the fact Regina has a Football Stadium and Saskatoon doesn’t? :P

  4. Back in the day, they managed to have big concerts in fields not even named after Taylor. Craven comes to mind. It’s not the venue, it’s how you market it.

    Among a lot of people online, the mood is certainly one of forgone conclusion in some, and others are just getting into the fight to change the plan* (*the word “plan” does not imply there ever was an actual plan. Offer void in Saskatoon.)

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