You can find out more about this annual lecture, which goes at the University of Regina on Thursday March 31, by visiting the U of R website. The guest-speaker is the MacKenzie Art Gallery’s Head Curator Timothy Long, and the topic of his talk is “Ronald Bloore and the Art of Provocation”.

Bloore was an influential figure in the Regina art community in the 1950s and ’60s as an educator at the old Regina campus on College Ave., director of the MacKenzie from 1958-66 and as a member of the Regina Five who garnered international attention for their abstract expressionist painting in that era.

With all the intellectual and cultural ferment that was going on in Saskatchewan with the Tommy Douglas-led CCF government still going strong, it was definitely an interesting period in our city and province’s history. And Bloore and his colleagues Arthur McKay, Kenneth Lochhead, Ted Godwin and Douglas Morton (all of whom have now passed away) were a huge part of the arts scene at the time.

Long’s talk Thursday night is being held at RIC119 at the University of Regina at 7 p.m.