Stadium Construction Team Picked

Do not taunt hungry stadium.

Surprising absolutely no one, deputy city manager Brent Sjoberg announced today that the city has chosen PCL Construction to lead the development of our new stadium.

Sjoberg provided no drawings or details of what the winning design will look like. All he could confirm was that the new design will not look like the concept image above. So purge that picture from your mind because it’s outdated. It’s so 2013.

And whatever you do don’t stick your finger in that stadium because I hear it’s angry about becoming a stadium-passé .

Sjoberg said that the city is still working towards contract and financial close with PCL and that won’t be completed until May. At that time stadium designs will be revealed and details of the deal will be made public. He did confirm that the project is still on track to be brought in on time and on budget and said that by “on budget” he means the $278 million cap that was set for the stadium project.

Sjoberg said he expects work on the new stadium to start as soon as possible once the construction season begins.

PCL will be acting as the construction and finance lead on the project. Rounding out their team: HKS Sports &Entertainment will be their lead design engineer and sports architect, B+H Architects will be the architects of record while TD Securities will be their financial advisors.

PCL beat out teams led by Bouygues Construction Graham Community Partners and Clark Builders – Turner Construction. Council delegated selection of the stadium developer to an evaluation group which was chaired by Sjoberg and consisted of representatives from the City of Regina administration, the Roughriders and the Regina Exhibition Association Ltd.

We’ll post more details when they’re available.

Author: Paul Dechene

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11 thoughts on “Stadium Construction Team Picked”

  1. Local realtors were oinking this news yesterday.

    So did the City’s selection team breach confidentiality?

    The losing bid companies have to be questioning whether the process was fair and honest.

  2. It’s interesting that they know the design and features, but are choosing to keep the public in the dark.

    Do they need to get realtor approval on that first, before the people who are paying the bill get to know?

  3. No surprises here.

    So how much tax payer money was pissed away on the concept design above (nice gif btw), which apparently isn’t going to be used?

  4. What happens to all that money they poured into Taylor Field for the Grey Cup? …I hear a flushing sound…

  5. John Q. Public – Actually that graphic WAS used… it was used to fool the public into paying for this whole thing and staying quiet while the debt financing was being crow-barred into place.

    Now that it’s irrevocable, we won’t be needing that fake graphic any more. It has served its purpose.

    Good job little graphic, by standing up to the tyranny of truth and honest representation, you bravely helped local media sell a false premise. Their advertisers will be rich and happy.

  6. Don’t forget there was also that expensive glitzy flying video that was used for the election. It had not other purpose besides public manipulation.

  7. I have so much to say on this, but I’ll leave it for a future blog post ( – suffice it to say, this was predicted long ago. PCL apparently contributed $5,000 (officially) to Mayor Fougere’s campaign. Who knows how much “unofficially” by hanging those ridiculous Chamber banners on their construction sites. Not that there would ever be anything done by our oh so ethical and transparent Mayor or his realtor and developer-friendly councillors.

  8. Oh and as for the lovely image above that is now as useful as any of the millions that’s been spent to date on “consultants”, I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that our current CEO of Tourism Saskatchewan (Good ol’ Patty Fiasco) took an all-expenses paid trip (on our dime of course) to London to ref at the Olympics, and needed some way to make it a write off. Thus, they paid this consultant in London a few hundred grand to draw up this beautiful image of what “could be done” for $278M, flew him out here to spew bullshit to the media, wined and dined him (again on the taxpayer’s dime), and then said “thanks for coming, your services won’t be needed anymore”. Where can I get that kind of sweet gig??

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