There are three kinds of people: 1.) indifferent to snakes 2.) scared of/hate snakes 3.) love the smiling, slithery funsters. Guess which I am. Here’s what Sunday looks like if you’re me and fooling around with the new camera.

More photos after the jump. Apologies to the poor snake-phobics, but sometimes a guy’s gotta fly his freak flag. My freak flag has snakes. Friendly, friendly snakes.

The snakes are pets. The red, white and black snake is Scoodles, a Sinaloan milk snake who’s probably a little over a year old. He/she/it is small — about eight inches long, and very very scoodly (hence name). The grey snake is Mittens, a female anerythristic corn snake with no red pigment and greatly reduced yellow pigment, which corn snakes generally have). Mittens is around 12 years old. The albino snake is Fred and he’s 15. Fred’s a California king snake. The orangey-grey-rust snake is Priscilla, a 14-year-old lady corn snake. Mittens, Fred and Priscilla are all somewhere between three and four feet long.

They don’t bite, aren’t poisonous, were all hatched in captivity and they’re all tame and  can be played with  (although speedy Scoodles is inclined to scoodle). They all eat poor mice, which are purchased frozen and thawed when it’s din-dins.