A few weeks back I sent in a Freedom Of Information request for some documents related to the redesign of the library’s central branch.

Yesterday, the Regina Public Library board informed me they wouldn’t be releasing anything, saying,

“In the coming months, the Regina Public Library Board will undertake the next phase of its consultation process and more information about the project will be available at that time.”

Phew. Well, that’s a relief. Because, of course, this promise of public consultations to start some vague number of months in the future is surely different from all the other times over the past two years when the RPL Board has responded to my polite, non-FOI-Act-invoking requests for information about the central branch with a, “Call back in a couple months.”


Seriously, RPL Board? You think this is going to placate me? You think I will shrug my shoulders and walk away like some mook?

You think this letter will be the end of our little dance?

Oh, I’m just getting started, RPL Board.

Unless of course you actually release some substantial information about the central branch to the public. And if you actually start that public consultation process you’ve been promising. And if it’s a real consultation and not just you seeking a stamp of approval from us proles.

You do all that, then I’ll shut right up. No more phone calls. No more letters. (You think you won’t. But you’ll miss me.)

Honestly, I’d much rather be playing with my kids.