If you’re starting to feel a little football-intolerant (and I’m not saying you should), you might want to take a break before the big party really begins, and check out Special Ed at the RPL Theatre (conveniently located across the park from the party tent on City Square).

Special Ed looks at the life’s work of filmmaker Ed Ackerman, the Don Quixote of Winnipeg’s North End. From my web-only story:

The film trains a watchful but detached eye on Ackerman’s dilemma; he has returned to Winnipeg to, as he says, finish what he started; an ambitious film project with the National Film Board, and to build an animation studio out of a run-down house that would otherwise be demolished. The trouble is, Ackerman is categorically incapable of finishing anything. A champion procrastinator, he routinely starts projects on monumental scales, only to find himself adrift in the middle of them months and years later, unable to appreciate why everyone around him is so frustrated.

Special Ed screens at the RPL Theatre tonight at 7:00 and tomorrow at 9:00.