Speaking Of Mobile Food Carts

if music be the food of love, this is fruit


Anyway. If you’re looking for a mobile food cart that doesn’t pawn off deep-fried goodies or tubes of preservative-stuffed meat for your midday fix of food, it turns out that Rick Morrell of Eat Healthy Foods is throwing down with a mobile food cart of his very own.

Morrell will be bringing home made, home grown, wholly organic meals to the plaza. The menu will include peanut curry, chana masala, bison chili and more. The last dish is apparently not chili made by bisons but with bisons. This may seem like a missed opportunity, but I can assure you that bisons can’t make chili worth a damn. It’s those crazy hooves of theirs. Plus they put in tons of hay.

If you need me, I’ll be in the plaza, trying Rick’s food and ramming my stolen SUV into the planters. Crime, man.

Author: Aidan Morgan

Aidan is a very serious man who's saving up for a nice dignified pipe. Then we'll see who's laughing.

8 thoughts on “Speaking Of Mobile Food Carts”

  1. Yes, lacking creativity, to date. Like a Rider tailgate. Good to hear about EHFs, hope he doesn’t charge $13/portion.

  2. #2 SLGA 1nce again prevails. No peelers, No tailgaters at Taylor Field.

    I’m happy to have some more “take out” food options, & that should be the only vehicular traffic on the plaza. They will be there Nov-Feb too?

    Too Bad all 12 that went to the “lottery” didn’t get in. I’m not biased too anyone, I just think that 6 permits are really just underachiving Regina’s potential.

    FYI NYC has 5200 bi-annual licences for food trucks/carts.

  3. My ideal food truck is still the Oahu version, serving up the working man’s “plate lunch,” featuring the scoop of rice, scoop of macaroni salad, teriyaki beef, fried chicken, possibly spam, some type of Polynesian pork, fries, and a whole host of other side choices, all for around $7, or the shrimp trucks popular around the North Coast area. I actually think those harvest prawns right out of these roadside ponds, tho I could be mistaken on that.


    There are also trucks all around DT Toronto that serve fries, frankfurter, and a drink for an average of $6.50. Seems less pricey than Regina retrailers.

  4. Ron, the L-P article on the lottery noted that this was an experimental year, so there may be more permits issued next time around.

  5. @Talbot #2: I hope he charges what he needs to charge so he can afford to do this awesome thing. If that works out to $13 because that covers his costs and gives him a reasonable profit that allows him to continue, I’m okay with it.

  6. I’m a little confused as to why CJME covered a food cart as a point of news, but Eat Healthy Foods is my favourite grocery store in the city so I won’t complain about Rick getting a day in the Sun.

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