Speak Up For Electoral Boundary Reform

The mighty Greg Beatty has reported on this before (as has the also mighty Katherine Norton) but a federal commission has suggested a rearrangement of Saskatchewan’s wonky electoral boundaries. And their suggestions for Regina are pretty significant. You can see the proposed layout above.

And the deadline to have your chance to have a say about this new configuration — whether that’s yay or nay or here’s a third way — is fast approaching.

Hearings will be held in Regina starting at 10 am on Monday, September 17 and on Friday, September 21 at the Ramada.

You can inform the commission that you want to make a presentation by e-mailing saskatchewan@rfed-rcf.ca. You can also submit written submissions this way if you can’t make it out to the hearings because you have “a job” or something that’s getting in the way.

You can also fill out a Public Hearings Notice Form online at the commission’s website.

The drop-dead deadline is September 3. But getting something in sooner is better.

Presentations should be 10 minutes long or shorter. And I’m told that presenters aren’t going to be interrogated or forced to defend their positions. So that’s good. Because getting interrogated sucks.

I’ve also heard that Conservative Party supporters are organizing a significant opposition to the proposed new boundaries. So, if you think boundary reform is important for Saskatchewan (I do, btw) and don’t want to see a repeat of the schlmozzle in 2002 then it’s vital you contribute to these hearings!

Author: Paul Dechene

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6 thoughts on “Speak Up For Electoral Boundary Reform”

  1. Hey! You’re trying to get my goat there, Sean, aren’t you? Well, good work, sir. Goat gotten. Enjoy him. He’s an ornery goat. He will eat your Conservative Party supporting sneakers.

  2. Why is the whoever party member from MJLCL, responsible for the “transportation hub”, w/of rville?

    It even sez Regina,on the white area.

    R-L has 0 rural connection , which is wrong. The hub is 50%? of R-L employment, and use 100% of Dewdeny Ave.
    Build a community near the hub,( no housung in Pense either it seems), and extend the electoral boundary to suit.

  3. What’re you getting at re: the Global Transportation Hub, Ron? (Which I keep mistyping as the Global Transportation Hug.) I’m not sure I follow.

  4. So, will the commission back down again if Saskatchewan Conservatives inundate them with jackass rationale for why urban-rural ridings “work”? Because they don’t, they’re stupid, they’re a freak of nature, and the only reason Lukiwskiites want to protect them is because it helps the Cons protect their artificially-generated political hegemony in Saskatchewan. They’re such little sucky baby infants when it comes to this, and Lukiwski the littlest of the little suckie suck babies.

  5. 4. The GTH is in the WHITE AREA marked REGINA w of the CoR Boundary. It’s in between Dewdeny ave & ( ever famous never yet paved 13th ave. w of Sandra.S. drive ).

    The GTH should be the responsibility of a Regina MP, not a MJ-LV-L MP.
    You musn’t live in Westside Rtown.

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