4 thoughts on “Something To Drive Monday Away”

  1. Clearly he needs to go back in time to butcher the butcher who butchered his hair. I wonder why he needs a plus-1?

  2. Well, the past sounds like a pretty dangerous place. Maybe he’s thinking about visiting a dinosaur-heavy era. Or that time when there were ninjas everywhere. On ergot.

  3. Aidan, the worst way to avoid Monday is to go back in time, when you will revisit it a la “Groundhog Day”. What we need is something to skip ahead a day.

    If you go back in time with this guy and he pays you, on what year’s tax form do you have to claim the income?

  4. Embarrassed to admit this, but I saw that ad (sans mullet headshot) on Leno’s “Headlines” when I was a kid… about 15 years ago.


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